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Hyderabad to Hampi drive meet - Report


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Hyderabad To Hampi Exploration Drive Meet - Report


Start point - Gachibowli (ORR)

End point - Clarks Inn, Hampi 

Start time - 05:30 a.m.

Total Distance - ~ 420 kms

Objective - To explore the city of ruins.




1) Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 

2) Volks Wagen Ameo

3) Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

4) Ford Ecosport

5) Hyundai Creta

6) Toyota Innova

7) Jeep Compass


Road Condition:


Hyderabad to Hampi: 
4-lane and road condition is excellent, Kurnool bridge is finally completed. 

Route 1:
Gachibowli --> Mahbubhnagar --> Raichur --> Sindhanur --> Gangavati --> Hampi (370 kms)

Gachibowli - Mahbubnagar --------------> Excellent road

Mahbubnagar - Raichur - Sindhanur ---------------> Road construction work in progress, Mix of Good and bad roads, Too many speed bumps.

Sindhanur - Gangavathi - Hampi ---------------------> Excellent 2 lane road, few bad patches.



Route 2:

Gachibowli --> Mahbubnagar --> Kurnool --> Kodumur --> Ballari --> Hampi (420 kms)

Gachibowli - Mahbubnagar - Kurnool ---------------> Excellent road condition (Bangalore highway)

Kurnool - Kodumur - Ballari ---------------> Good roads with a few bad roads (patches). 80 % of Good roads.

Ballari - Hampi ----------------> Mix of Good and Bad roads. Roads after crossing the Ballari town are bad.


Both the routes have almost the same drive time and so we chose the route which was longer having the same drive time.


Route Taken:

Hyderabad (Gachibowli) --> Mahbubnagar --> Kurnool --> Kodumur --> Ballari --> Hampi 


Places covered:

1) Virupaksha Temple

2) Vithala Temple Complex

3) Hampi group of monuments

4) Monkey Temple

5) Elephant stable

6) Vijaya Vittala Temple

7) Tungabadra river

8) Ugra Narasimha Statue

9) Lotus Mahal

10) Stepped Tank

11) Sanapur Lake

12) Queen's Bath

13) Sashivekalu Ganesha Temple

14) Dasara Dibba

15) Shivlinga

16) Secret Chamber

17) Market Place

18) Badavi Linga


Cover Pic:


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Day -1:


Our first stop where most of the cars have gathered at a common pit stop after crossing Alur to get some clicks





This has been a rare sight of the lush green and yellow fields until we crossed Ballari.





Mr. RajaGopal and Mrs. Sudha were all set to celebrate their 12th Wedding Anniversary in Hampi with the 'India-Drive' family



Photo shoot of the dynamic couple happening in full swing :) 



We have continued our drive further towards Ballari.



The roads change into a single lane road after diverting from the highway towards Hampi.





The roads and sceneries through the villages towards Hampi were beautiful. Had it been cloudy, we would have stopped by for pictures everywhere :D 



Though the sun was shining super bright on us, we still enjoyed the drive through these deserted green fields and empty roads :)






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Before getting close to the Hampi region, we stopped by a Tungabadra high level canal for some pictures. Our cars could reach the edge of the canal.



We have spotted many tractors driving in the canal for a wash as the water levels were low.



This is definitely a Cynosure of the lot :D 



A small bridge connecting the 2 sides of the canal. We have stopped by this place for about 45 mins exploring the place and clicking pictures :) 



A mandatory group picture of the crew



We checked into Clarks Inn hotel in Hampi, Had our lunch and set ourselves out to explore Hampi.

'Mahanavami Dibba' is one of the most important ceremonial structures which rises to a height of 8 meters





These ruins were once a village which had ample raw material for huge massifs of rock sculpted to produce a unique architecture of the numerous temples and shrines scattered around



This place 'Pushkarani' also called the 'Stepped bath' is one ornate tank in Hampi.










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The sun was already set and it was almost getting dark



The place seemed very deserted may be because of a weekday. But, it was all for ourselves which made us explore in leisure





'India-Drive' members exploring the secret chamber







We retired for the day and gathered at our stay for the anniversary celebrations :) 



Few surprises and fun talks, we had called the day off :) 


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Day - 2 : 


Our drive was set to pace after we had our breakfast at the hotel.



We moved towards the Vithala temple in a usual traditional way we always do :) 





Talarighatta gate welcomed us to the Vittala temple which has the iconic 'Stone Chariot'



You either have to book this electric cabbie or hike for about 1 km to reach the Vithala temple





One gets to spot a lot of ruins such as the market place (ancient) on the way to the temple







As the epicentre of Hampi's attractions, Vittala Temple is the most extravagant architectural showpiece of Hampi


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The major feature in the complex is a chariot of granite whose stone wheels lifted off from the ground are actually capable of revolving around their axles



Perspective view of the iconic 'Stone Chariot'



Vittala temple despite its ruined state represents the highest achievement of the Vijayanagara art.



The guide has been very helpful in detailing every bit of art carved on the stone





A lone gnarled fossil tree in the Vittala Temple courtyard



A customary group picture of the whole crew at the entrance of the Vittala temple



And our drive over the cabbie was set back to the parking lot as we moved out to exit the temple


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We exited the Hampi gate to move to our next stop. (i.e. the elephant stable and Lotus Mahal)









After we had a ball of time during our lunch, we moved towards exploring further of Hampi.

Elephants Stable at the sacred centre of Vijayanagara where each of the 11 elephant pens has a uniquely designed roof. It as well has the living quarters for the elephant riders.





A retired old person doing soap art grabbed our attention near the elephant stable and he was absolutely skilful at what he was doing.





In a span of 5 mins, all the soaps seen in this box were sold out to the members for 100 bucks each.



A final click at the Lotus Mahal before we moved out. We have soon started back into the Hampi town for lunch



Our stage for lunch has been pitched at a famous garden concept based restaurant name 'Green Valley' (exclusive veg restaurant). The price per head was 200 per head for tasty unlimited food.



Post lunch, we moved to see the Ugranarasimha Temple which is a huge monolithic about 6.7m high. All the arms of this Vishnu Dashavtar were broken now.



Badavilinga Temple



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We then started towards the Virupaksha temple



We parked our cars at a designated parking spot and paved our path towards the temple



Virupaksha Temple



Near by the Virupaksha temple, we moved towards the banks of the Tungabadra river for a coracle ride.



The place looks super scenic and we felt lucky to have reached this place during the sunset.



The charges for the Coracle ride were 650 INR per head for an hour ride (11 temples) This seemed pretty much an expensive affair. Note: Life jackets are being given too.



We have bargained with the person and he has accepted to take us on a 30 mins ride for which he charged us 350 bucks per head.





We got set into 2 coracles and the ride was on. The views that we have experienced were magnificent ride through the rocks and abandoned temples.





We looked back at the start point after traveling some distance



Over all, the Coracle ride was great fun especially with a cheerful crew like this.. :D 





I would carry no second thought in saying that Coracle ride is a must try experience if you are in Hampi :) 



'India-drive' once again would like to thank each and every member who have attended this drive and making this meet a grand success. Your support and participation throughout the event has been commendable and well appreciated. Looking forward to see you guys in the next drive meet.



Day - 3 pictures of the Monkey hill trek will be shared by @sree and @Tapahasu :) 


Thanks and Regards

-Team 'India-Drive'

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Looks so much fun :) .. Missed this drive..

Planning to visit Hampi with family this weekend. Thanks for sharing the details on the current road conditions. Very helpful. I will take the route via Kurnool and divert towards Alur. Will share an update if there are any more changes.

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7 hours ago, Ravisankar said:

Hi sagar ! On day 3 at what time you started from hampi ?


Hi @Ravisankar, We have covered the Monkey hill by an early morning trek on day 3 followed by good morning breakfast at our hotel and started by 11 AM. We had taken the same route back and reached Kurnool for Lunch around 2 30 PM. After a short coffee break at Food Pyramid, we have dispersed. We reached home between 7 PM.

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1 hour ago, Ravisankar said:

Thankyou @sagar ?.

I'm planning a 3 day trip to hampi around 13 ,14 and 15.

Thanks for sharing details.



A 3 day trip would be pretty decent to cover up most of the places around Hampi. Always welcome to know more details anytime. :)

Have a safe n wonderful drive. Do update us back on your experience once you get done with your trip.

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Wonderful trip and detailed report @sagar.   I had joined the group on 8th december when the group was at Hampi. Missed the team event. It was a three years wait and now I am going to this place on 5th Jan, 2019. 


I will be traveling with My aunt (Mother's younger sister) who can not walk much. Please let me know whether all the places can be approached in the car or we have to do lot of walking. 

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On ‎12‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 10:21 PM, Shekar said:

Wonderful trip and detailed report @sagar.   I had joined the group on 8th december when the group was at Hampi. Missed the team event. It was a three years wait and now I am going to this place on 5th Jan, 2019. 


I will be traveling with My aunt (Mother's younger sister) who can not walk much. Please let me know whether all the places can be approached in the car or we have to do lot of walking. 


Hi @Shekar, Good to know your travel plan to Hampi this coming weekend. There is definitely a lot of walking involved to do to visit these places. But good thing is that, atleast 2 to 3 places will be bound together at one place :) 


1) Virupaksha Temple                  (200 meters to 400 meters of walking is involved from the Parking lot to the temple based on the crowd as there are multiple parking points around this temple) 

2) Vithala Temple Complex         (You can hire an electric cabbie from the car parking to the temple compound at rupees 20/- per head) 

3) Hampi group of monuments  (This group of temples or monuments rest on the Hemkunta hill. They are many in number scattered all over the hill. This is around the Vithala Temple complex compound. Sunset point over here is a famous point)

4) Monkey Temple                        (Rests on the other side of the Tungabadra river in Hampi which involves about 1300 - 1400 steps to climb up the hill. Early morning visit around 6 AM would be the best time to do this) 

5) Ugra Narasimha Statue               

6) Badavi Linga                              (Ugra Narasimha and Badavi Linga doesn't involve much walking as they lie side by side and you can park your car just beside the temples)

7) Tungabadra river                       (Coracle ride in the Tungabadra is a fun ride and a well recommended. Involves about 400 meters walk from the parking area to the banks of the river. This place is about half kilometre from the Vittala Temple)

8) Elephant stable  

9) Lotus Mahal                               (Lotus Mahal and Elephant stable lay in the same compound. A 200 meter walk from parking spot)

10) Market Place                           (Market place of the ancient times is seen almost at every major temple)

11) Underground Shiva Temple

12) Sashivekalu Ganesha Temple (This is close by the Hemakunta Hill)

13)  Queen's Bath

14) Dasara Dibba

15) Secret Chamber

16) Stepped Tank                            ( Queen's bath, Mahanavami Dibba or Dasara Dibba, Secret Chamber and Stepped Tank or Well rest around the same compound which involves quite a bit of walking to cover up all of these.)


I hope, all the above information would help you plan and explore the place at your comfort.

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Excellent pictures @sagar

Very nicely composed.
Will add few pictures from my mobile as soon as i get some time.


It was a wonderful trip.
Had a great time.
Would like to thank each and every member of the team for your contribution in making this drive memorable and fun.

Coracle ride was a great experience.

People on the first Coracle - I guess that was the highest ever noise in the history of Hampi. (Cave)?

Tripathi has been a great inspiration.

Sticking on to the speed limits (80 kmph) and making steady progress.
He reached most of the regroup points with in ~5 minutes of timeline.


Compass team - 
Coordination was very helpful.(Roger, over and out)


Ameo team - 
You guys are an inspiration for the couples.


Innova team - 
You guys were super fun.
Zero language barrier. ?


Ertiga team - 
Thank you for taking the lead and coordinating with guide.


EcoSport team
104 memories ?

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  • 7 months later...
On ‎8‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 12:32 AM, Aravind said:

Hi ,


Me and my friends are planing to visit Hampi next weekend . Can any one let me know the current status of the raichur road condition  


This road is still in a bad state due to road works .. I would recommend you to do Hyderabad --> Kurnool --> Alur --> Bellari --> Hampi which is the best option.

Weather in Hampi during this season can be experienced best :) 

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