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Hyderabad - Sikkim - Hyderabad


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Started on 22ndOct to 4thNov 2018.


DAY 1: HYDERABAD to SRIKAKULAM (Total Distance covered 732 kms)

Started early in the morning by 5 AM, drove the regular from Hyderabad to Vizag like always. Nothing much to mention about these routes as I was just riding and riding on these good roads all the way till Srikakulam with no effect of Titli (Cyclone).


Reached Srikakulam by 6:30 PM and took a lodge for the night stay for 800 bucks.

DAY 2 : SRIKAKULAM to KHARAGPUR (Total Distance covered 652 kms)

Started early in the morning by 5 AM, crossed 5 kms after Srikakulam and saw what 'Titli' caused over there.

Most of the paddy crops have dried out because of no power as all the electrical poles have fallen down. People were laying new electrical network at some places by erecting new poles. This connecting poles continued till Barhampur.


This was no leisure ride until I reached NERM (my destination at Sikkim) so was just riding. Couldn't capture much pictures this day as I was very lazy in-between. Reached Kharagpur by 7 PM.

A right from the 'Y' junction goes to Kolkata and left goes to Kharagpur. I made a mistake by choosing left road by taking shortcut and took a lodge on Kolkata – Mumbai Highway for 800 bucks (600 for lodge + 100 for AC + 100 for bike parking inside hotel). Had a quick dinner and slept.

DAY 3: KHARAGPUR to RAIGUNJ (Total Distance covered 532 kms)

Started early in the morning by 5:15 AM, took the shortcut road imagining that I missed this last time during my Bhutan drive but this is hell, huge truck traffic on a 2 lane road and don’t ask me if people understand any traffic rules here, 10000+ pit stops (speed breakers 20% and human breakers 80%).


Even Mr. Venkatachalam from Madras Bulls aged about 70 (A cancer survivor who is an inspiration for us to go long rides) clearly mentioned not to touch Rampurhanth and I planned accordingly but finally I ended up at Rampurhanth.


Lesson learnt : If u take any shortcut, you pray for an off road which would be a better one compared to this worst road filled with only pot holes which are huge in size where one can easily make somersaults. I have survived from many of them.


Big salute to the Local state bus drivers who are constantly at 50-60 kmph on that roads. They are the only inspiration to ride orelse I could have halted. Saw 2-3 somersaults by people in this route while they recovered quickly and started riding, understood that its their daily routine and I somehow crossed it with great relief, Thinking of how I missed all this, I remembered how I took another route for Bhutan Trip and this one I crossed in the night while returning.


After Rampurhanth its 4 lane National Highway but people drive and ride on wrong routes as it is their birth right.


Initially it was very irritating but later, I got acquainted to it.

Even these roads have got pot holes but managed riding at 80-100 kmph.

If u miss even one from your sight, you will definitely end up visiting a hospital nearby. Luckily, I missed the small ones but survived and said 'lets rest'. No more riding as it's already 5 PM.


Raigunj is the place name on the Highway. You can get nothing to eat or stay. Took the road into the town, got a hotel for 600 bucks A/C, thinking why I Invested 4k - 7k per night stay when I was on Bhutan Trip.


It's Lakshmi Pooja on that day. I received prasadam in huge quantity and authentic Bengali food.

Had fun with 2 greydens which the hotel owner owns (black and brown). I tried to negotiate on the puppies but he was not willing to give.


I had one at my home (brown) and she is 10 yrs old. Time for a new one. Next to my room, I met with a famous Bengali writer. Don’t remember her name aged about 50-60, asked me to listen to her story, told I don’t have any knowledge on Bengali language, she said its written in Hindi first time for stage play.


As it was just 6:30 PM and I had nothing to do, I agreed to it and 5 more have joined me. It was really good, the way she narrates the story is better than the actual reading of it. It's quiet similar to our telugu movie “AA Naluguru”, very emotional movie. Said the same to her and she is going to watch it on 'Youtube'.

Given it a day off and gone to sleep.


DAY 4 : RAIGUNJ to RANGPO (Total Distance covered 232 kms)

Woke up leisurely by 8 AM as today's journey is only 230+ kms.

Started after having very good breakfast (roti with egg burji) around 10:15 AM.

Nice roads with lot of paddy crops, as usual wrong route riding and driving by locals. Reached Siliguri by 1 PM and had lunch.

Wanted to check for nitrogen filling station for my bike as I use only nitrogen all the time, I wasted an hour to find it, finally when I found one nitrogen filling station its not getting filled as my bike tyres has puncture free liquid inside. To my horror, he removed the existing one and tried to fill in normal air.


Luckily front one succeeded but back tyre did not happen and only option left was to mix air. Was scared if it would cause any tyre ka pin problem.


Praying to God to not have any serious incident because of it, reached Rangpo by 4:30 PM. Transit camp was arranged by the organisers in cricket ground. Venue was small and not suitable for a crowd more than 400. Over this, organisers (idiots only for this else they are very good) announced on Facebook about this place has an events, all most 60-70% of NERM riders landed here all night as people were coming from seven states and all around India.


No sleep almost, met with Bhutan Dragon Motorcycle club. Being solo and spending some quality time with them made me to ride along with them till the NERM event finish.

I think I finished around 8-10 bottles of local beer 700 ml that night and it’s my highest count till date.

Hardly I slept for 2-3 hrs.


DAY 5: RANGPO to RAVANGLA via Namchi (venue NERM2018) (Total Distance covered 72 kms)

Woke up leisurely by 9 AM as we slept around 4 - 5 AM last night and by that time most of the riders left the venue.


No way to make it quick for refreshments as organisers expected 200-300, but they got 700+ very few wash rooms and they already in very bad condition.


To get relieved from all these nonsense, I wanted to have a coffee and while coming to the venue saw some restaurants and went to one of them. Washrooms are neat and tidy, relieving from the tension, I sipped a nice coffee and informed fellow riders of Bhutan by that time they reached there huge crowd lined up for washroom. LOL think in a very good hotel people standing in que for washrooms, missed the pics.


We moved onto the next one and everyone relaxed and moved towards NERM18 actual venue at Ravangla, we took the longer road and its very scenic and beautiful tarmac, almost everyone made it as race, except a 10 kms off roading  even that was nice, reached namchi a place famous for its TEA gardens and flavor of TEA grows there.


Open Road Wanderers, Sikkim who’s conducting a small event for gratitude for one of their founder member who passed away recently on an accident.


Welcome drinks are their local whisky specially served on pot cups, and mementos given to those coming far ends as solo riders.


After all these had lunch at local restaurant at namchi, here starts with Thupka, Momo’s, noodles and beef/ pork items, very few for vegetarian, Had chicken noodles and egg burji, all Bhutanese enjoying pork and beef….the way they ate made me lured to try but controlled.


Strange thing in Sikkim is that you won’t get water bottles anywhere, in case u want to drink water u have to opt for hot water i.e available in hotels, rest of the time u can choose soft/ hot drinks.


People are throwing water bottles everywhere so Sikkim government banned it, as it endangers the rare species left. As I said roads are very good and everyone wants to test his capability of riding skills, saw many fell down but they were happy to understand their limitations.


We met with Mr.Naidu from Bangalore He is also 65+ and riding solo from Siliguri, He joined us, as the BDMC were 10 ppl riding, 10th NERM and 10yrs of establishment celebrated with a cake 10 on it at the venue.


Finally reached NERM venue and its my first NERM excited. Wanted to go for “Burnout” (backtyre burnout) done the formalities for entry got the goodies and bag.


Everyone doing vroom ---vroom--- inside the venue went for a round of the venue, understood most of riders have already occupied best places, and instead of doing burnout we rushed for finding place to pitch the tents. Luckily got a good place opposite to Dinning.

Started quickly pitching tents and occupied the places by rounding it up with bikes, proved very much comfortable later.


Bhutan riders are carrying a backup vehicle with them and stuff too, even they are carrying logs for campfire, sitting and centre table made with logs and Endura tyre.


Overall, I made good friends in the trip.

They took good care of me, Steve from UK is also a fellow rider of Bhutan married to a Bhutanese girl.


Everyone got refreshed quickly and left to see the venue and stalls, Venue is exactly a plain area in the middle of a jungle. Somehow they made it, plenty of wash rooms they made but with bamboo sheets, not good for city lovers. Venue was properly set with good bands listed over the days passing, grabbed a bottle of beer for everyone and settled some place near the venue.


 First time pitched a tent in my life, Felt happy doing that in a perfect way.

Night temperatures going down to -5, I was carrying the military sleeping bag even that doesn’t given me any warmth, used the blanket on top of it. Called home, chatted with wife and elder one who’s touring USA at the same time.


Signals here in grace of god anytime u get 4g+ and next second u won’t get any G, this really gives a lot of trouble as ppl at home take it in a wrong way as they were getting the rings and we don’t even hear one. Very strange network. Overall this day passed with many good travel memories. People arrived very late and sleep was not that proper, slept around 1-2 AM


DAY 6: Venue NERM2018 (Total Distance covered 0 kms),

Woke up very lately by 10 AM, as here sun rises by 5 AM, no breakfast was left as the time is fixed between 7:30 to 9 AM, My Bhutanese frnds 2 of them couldn’t adjust in Tents so they took a hotel near by 5 kms. Everyone went there for breakfast.


The two staying in hotel arranged an authentic Bhutanese breakfast, starting with butter tea, even in my last trip to Bhutan I didn’t tried it, very nice but its salted, ppl talked about Shimla mirchi, but Sikkim mirch looks like cherry and its spicy to the peak, tasted one and its very spicy never ate that spicy ones before, I used to have a green chilli on regular meals, but this one effected directly on next days morning, the curries they ordered is all of beef and pork.


I ordered egg burji, and had atleast 3 butter tea, chit chatted on Bhutanese culture and recent elections one in that is the brother of a Bhutanese minister. Everyone is nice with plenty of jokes and we reached the venue after lunch, exploring the stalls and find out that there is no tyres shop, luckily I survived, by any chance if I done burnout on that day, I might be in a big soup as there were no tyre shops near by 30-40 kms. Generally in rider events tyre stalls will be a common one. It's just a routine now drink and drink till 1 am and watch some events slow and fast racing, log lift racing, arm wrestling etc.


Participated in log lift racing and came 3rd coz am 40 and not a health freak, The one who came 1st is very young and from Nagaland. The Log race is very short and sweet.


Understood the importance of maintaining the health, but still don’t follow. I am not much into music and don't know the band names. All were like wow and I said the same. Drunk too much today literally 50% ppl were out of their limits, met with Hyderabadi riders sushanth from Highway nawabs and sandeep from adventure addicts.

Don’t know what to write as I had no idea what happened from 8 PM to 1 AM.


DAY 7: Venue NERM2018 to Mangan (Total Distance covered 120 kms)

It's Day 3 in NERM18, wakeup same as 10 AM and got ready by 11 AM. Saw the BDMC ppl getting ready to ride back to Bhutan. They just casually said I drank too much yesterday and we were already discussed about going back to Bhutan and blablabla.


I don’t even remember one more guy from Bhutan has reached yesterday night only and that fellow met with an accident near Rangpo, and we all went to pick him up.. funny that I don’t have any of it in my mind until someone told me about this the next morning.


I felt very sad as they are planning to leave after lunch at 1 PM, missed their company what to do now for entire day as its getting bored because of only drinking and meeting with different riders, meanwhile yesterday night I was so famous that people put all their club stickers and pins to my jacket, feel very proud and ashamed at the same time. Asked the Bhutan Riders did I do anything wrong they were like its fun nothing wrong, everyone is buying beer for drinking and u r buying it for spilling on people, they think I purchased around 10-15 beers for just spilling. LOL


The time came to split up and I don’t want it. I said I will send them off till the Buddha point and drove with my shorts and T shirt with Helmet nothing else people watching me this Idiot wearing nothing as Temp is around 5-10 deg.

Send off with some clicks and back to venue this time I feel cold, really enjoyed the Good company of the Bhutan Riders.


Meanwhile I got a call from Mr.Inder from Adventure addicts to know about my where abouts, I told him will start early in the morning and join them at Zero Point or Lachung.


But couldn’t wait that long as its getting boring and boring without company, started packing the tent and luggage it took me almost 1:30 mins.


Started by 3 PM from Ravangala to Mangan distance is 120 kms thought of it covering by 3-4 hrs, but it took me 6 hrs. The Sikkim Chief Minister came to inaugurate the Buddha point on the same day full traffic restrictions so took the shortcut road to reach Mangan, It’s a horrible mistake entire stretch of it is bad 45 kms took me 2:30 hrs, water passages and blah blah made me nightmare as my bike tyres grip is totally gone above that riding alone for the first time feeling bored and afraid but previous fall at chennai (Hyd-Kanyakumari-Hyd) made me strong,


Slowly and steadily reached the Mangan it was almost 9 pm. By that time everyone fell asleep, luckily I got a lodge exactly on the main road and Mangan is the place where u get the last petrol station.


Earlier Mr.Sateesh from Bangalore met me at Base camp of NERM and he is from one of the Oldest Bike club AIZWAL THUNDERS and he had given me the idea of not getting permits from Gangtok instead get it from Mangan.


On weekends u will get permissions directly from Police station, regular days u will get from District officer. I want to try my luck at police station because of Sunday and their simple answer is not here, go tomorrow morning by 10 am at DM office.


I am going to lose one more day and I can’t afford it, checked with lodge guy he said jugaad karoonga, as he never tried before called few frnds and got the answer, there is a clerk who has readymade papers signed by DM, need to fill details, lot of relief but I have to go to him by 8 AM only.


Said to Myself Good Night. But my son kept calling from USA for saying first his money was stolen, then next call he was not picked up from hotel and he is alone rest of the guys went to airport for visiting Niagara Falls, Meanwhile my wife took care of it calling and giving left to right to his principal and tour organizer. Matter settled but no proper sleep from last 5 days.

DAY 8: Mangan to Zero Point to Lachung (Total Distance covered 150 kms)

Woke up by 6 AM, finished breakfast by 7 AM and want to visit the clerk bit early in case he is ready to do the permit will save 1 hr.


Luckily all formalities done by 7:30 including 6 sets of Xerox of permits, where we need to submit at check posts in and out as this place borders to China. Kept 50% of luggage at Mangan same lodge told him while returning I will collect and he happily agreed.


Started after filling petrol to the brim, expected 20 litres will be good enough for 360 kms ride as TB350 gives 30km mileage and it has 18 litres tank capacity.


Here starts the bum bum bumchik…. no roads, good roads, steep roads, roads with water, mud, travel cars and trucks. Ladakh is far better at some points, riding lone and keeping puncture seen in mind was very bad still no chance to retire in the middle… gone gone goa …. no way I can contact anybody as airtel only network here works not even BSNL.


Reached Lachung and tried to reach the Adventure addicts team whom I am suppose to join today but nowhere I could reach.

Taking GOD’s name started ahead for an hour, I couldn't even seen a single vehicle going up all are coming down.


Everyone who travels these roads make a halt at Lachung and then drive/ride to Zero Point, after an hour I met with some ppl having bike issue as Himalayan bike clutch wire gone, and brothers from seven sisters helping it.


To my luck these are the people from Adventure addicts, temperature is freezing and u cant remove your gloves, some how handshakes over as I am meeting them first time and things r not in a welcome mood.


Small chit chat and they said its going to take some time u go ahead if Hemu from Chennai if he has confident to ride further we will catch u else will meet at Lachung.


After some thought decided to move ahead as my role is nothing there, seeing an incident like this straight away fills your mind with all negative thoughts adding to this no one riding up and no one riding/driving down.


Only thing believed is upside GOD, downside Indian Military they going to take care of me, travelled further and further slowly started facing black ice, temperature definitely -5 to -8 in between.


The plain point where all the traveling ppl hire gloves, jackets on rent basis due to extreme temp all were closed. Alone at this point I need to decide to continue or retreat, Got a small voice from inside “ch…t..e aage chal, iske liye tho eitna door aaya” agreed to and started forward its same like Rohtang pass at Manali where u have 2 lane and 4 lane roads available but here road with boulders and black ice on top of it will be no comparison except the mountain view.


Rode all the way to the point with 2 bike falls as black ice wont allow brakes and my 350cc bike doesn’t give enough power to cruise.


I am seeing further roads are available not dared to go, returned back to Lachung met with Adventure addicts as Lachung has BSNL network, they too have to vacate the room as per their Itenary because of bike problem want to make night halt here itself but hotel room is full and we need to search for a new and people mastered in it from adventure addicts.


Booked Royal Lachung Hotel for 4000 bucks 2 rooms (3+2). Proper introductions and then started chatting along with old Monk (no introduction for any biker) as flows. Thinking today I am going to have a proper sleep, same story son calls in midnight or early morning. Somehow I got a feeling I slept well, as I got good company again.


DAY 9: Lachung to Thangu valley (Total Distance covered 85 kms)

Discussed last night and again discussed in the morning about how to deal with Himalayan Bike clutch temporarily fixed but rider not confident, I told in case he feels not comfortable we exchange bikes or he is going to be pillion to me as others doesn’t have experience of riding pillion in those roads still undecided.


Woke up by 8 AM, got ready by 9:30 AM after heavy breakfast, finally we decided to go to lachen and think about it further at lunch time whether to stay at lachen or thangu valley and riding or pillion.


One more guy as I mentioned earlier Mr.Sandeep (45+) and his wife are travelling ahead of us will give us a clue to ride further the Himalayan bike.


We met them at lunch and he says its far better than Nepal roads just go ahead and finish it.


Thangu valley checkpost opens only after 7:30 AM and this final checkpost closes by 10 AM for entering towards gurudongmar lake.


Decided to stay at Thangu valley and here stay options are very less, only homestays. Booked one before hand reaching thangu valley, after reaching there we find out no electric network laid down its only for Military, No room warmers, no power think about morning shit.


The lady who runs home stay also runs hotel mostly momo’s, omletes, noodles and tea. Room is ok but very cold. Same old monk stories in dinner, later went to bed using phone torches on.


DAY 10: Thangu valley to Gurudongmar to Mangan (Total Distance covered 160 kms)

Night same food and early morning breakfast was also the same. Survived that night with all the clothes on, but the morning OOOh water is frozen to ice and everyone in the hotel is rushing to washrooms and findout its frozen…LOL has to experience these things face to face.


Everyone got some hot water from the landlady for refreshments.

After this all stunts at room we saw lot black ice infront of the hotel, with lot of falls from 7:30 AM to 9 AM. Even 2 of our guys have fallen down.


This road is worse than Zero point for a stretch of 10 kms rest is tarmac.

Got checked with the final police checkpoint at Thangu valley and headed further and u can see many military stations with tanks and boforce guns lined up facing hills, reached the military checkpost where gopro’s and professional cameras are not allowed officially but u can take them unnoticed in case get caught u will lose it mobiles r allowed.


Last 10 kms road was very beautiful and scenic lot of photo shoots will go on in case u r a photo lover. Reached Gurudongmar lake, small diversion from main road to the right clearly mentioned with sign boards, small uphill and there u go the Frozen lake of Gurudongmar.


Photos and Photos crazy people trying to touch the holy water. Huge crowd, good memories and one more strike off from my travel diaries.


Same road return journey with lot of pics didn’t go to kalapathar as others have permits for Nathula pass and I don’t have it, need to rush to Gangtok for it, talked to some brokers but no one assures me of same day permit need to wait for 1 more day. I decided to go further to mangan collect luggage and move to gangtok on same day. As it's already 2 PM here at thangu valley, informed fellow riders about my situation and left, riding alone in these roads looks different and hard now, but reached mangan by 4:30 PM. Tried my luck with hotel guy and he tried to some random people and said sorry by that time its 6 PM, decided to stay back at Mangan and reach Gangtok tomorrow morning early. Plenty of time in hand, had a long chat with wife and son.

DAY 11: Mangan to Gangtok (Total Distance covered 80 kms)

Woke up early by 5 AM and had breakfast ready by 6:30 AM took the long path good roads but very narrow. Those who want to test their driving or riding skills must choose this, by 10 am I reached Gangtok and straight drove to Permit office, collected the permit application copy for Rs 10/- and he told me no aadhar will work here voter ID or passport copy, wasted another 30 mins for getting it ready. This office is next to MG market only happening place at Gangtok. You will get all you need here.


After submission, went straight to bank for challan of Rs. 200/-, State Bank of Sikkim this only we have to go and u will find a huge line whos to pay all their challans even I saw a challan for Rs. 10/-.

They can make 2 lanes for this much crowd, still not interested.


After 1 hr in line, got the copy of challan and submitted to permit centre, within a minute they gave me permit and told me to collect the permit the next morning 6 AM.


With some relief went straight to MG market and landed at café coffee day waiting for Adventure addicts people.


By 2 PM got a call with location on whatsapp say good bye to café coffee day as one of my best travel companion for Coffee and food (smoked grill chicken) reached them.

Here google shows wrong path somehow locals will definitely helps u all the time. Reached hotel and checked in room, one of the fellow of Adventure addicts came and said imagine how much could I have booked this hotel I said maybe 3000 bucks he said only 600 bucks.


Ooh gr8 I said as I was already going through this website online for finding the location,


This guy is little typical lost his sony DSLR on the ride, Fellow guys has reminded him of not to hang it while riding u may lose, his arrogance has costed him to a near and dear.


He is aged about 50, still behave like a child (reason might be unmarried).


After a little praise to him everyone ordered some snacks and some lunch had a small nap.

Evening everyone got into a party mood, checked some pubs/ bar & restaurants, finalized on one OSM. Weather in the morning was very harsh means 20-25 deg, night weather between 8-15 deg was nice. By 8 PM, we reached there its wrong time as most of the shops will get closed by 10-11 PM without knowing everyone lunged into OSM and order the beers and old monk rum.


By 11 PM one of the bar attender said sir last order as closing time by 11 PM, we realized of going to dinner rushed to the restaurant nearby and begged him for food he agreed to limited menu. Somehow finished dinner and back to MG market. You can’t find people and it looks like we were at cemetery, earlier when we reached it was chaos and now its dead calm, got a taxi Maruthi Omni and here fun begins he riding like a F1 racer, inside everyone thought of its last day but no one speaks.


If someone said to slow down he is pacing more, as we drunk alcohol is taking care of fear. Reached in 15mins same distance took us 1 hr earlier. Back to hotel and same story repeats for me home and USA calls.


DAY 12: Gangtok to Aritar (Total Distance covered 160 kms)

Woke up early by 5 AM as I need to get the police permit as rest of the people have already got permits. Adding to this My bike back tyre lost air thought of puncture, first want to finish permit then look into this puncture.


Straight went to the same place of yesterday and submitted the application and within 2 mins u got ur permission ready, do Xerox of this permit to as it required in multiple times as I haven’t done due to the puncture thing but had a mobile copy which saved me in all the time.


After the permit went back to hotel on the way searched for many puncture shops no one is willing to come to hotel, when I reached hotel my fellow riders pumped some air to it, its air pin gone bad for me, took it back to puncture shop and changed both the pins front and back and had some etc to keep for future needs.


We left very late by 9 am as most of the people by that time will be at changu lake (Tsomongo lake) Luckily due to some military truck fall on the road made us reach quickly as bikes can pass it but not 4 wheelers.


My last trip in May  to this place was full of Ice and now I was expecting more of it but to my surprise no ice at all but freezing winds blowing, hardly we stayed for 30 mins there and moved further to Nathula Pass, Beautiful place fenced with cloth ropes, and land mines, snow fall happened a bit, unbearable cold, fingers r getting numb while riding, parking is bit far away from the Nathula Pass point , few steps one need to take up for touching the India-China Border.


Canteen available with jilebi, samosa, tomato soup and noodles, what else u need at that place every item made by Indian Military was awesome and fresh.


Spent an hour exploring the silk route wall where traders only will be allowed aaar paar only for a month between September 15 to November 15. Sometimes only for a month.


Here u find a police checkpost for entering and leaving, photography is prohibited due to ppl uploading into instagram, facebooks and google. Roads r 2 lane and 4 lane most of the time, moved further crossing many peaks filled with land mines, slowly we reached the explorers paradise Zuluk Valley, had many photosession while riding down.


Our destination was at Orange Valley Green Resort near Aritar, this small stretch of 20 kms is treacherous, we are about to enter this road faced rainfall first time in this entire trip.


I don’t have a rain gear inside all of us waited and ordered for some snacks, after an hour rain went away and my nightmare started as my tyres r not having any grip in mud, thought of skill improvising took the risk and ride started.


The one leading the group took the wrong turn and we landed somewhere, destination was 20kms from the snacks place showing now 24 kms....after thorough inspection we got the resort location right but to reach the road was worst full mud roads.


I was riding at 10-30kms speed everyone is left me first and then waited for me with their cigarette breaks…by 8 pm we gave up and called the resort owner to come and collect us.


He is very nice fellow and biker, he come and shown the proper road to travel, Its very narrow but fully tarmac, slope angles will be more than 40-50.


This resort is booked for 1000bucks/person with food and lodging. Quickly changed as my clothes r wet, and joined the bonfire arranged with drinks and snacks, being as a fellow rider and organizer of bike trips he gifted an old monk bottle.


Ended the day with many memories with good food. No calls as here no signals and Good sleep


DAY13:  Aritar to Siliguri (Total Distance covered 110 kms)

After having a good long sleep yesterday’s night, full battery on but no destinations which I can use it for as its last day for my ride,


I am not riding back to Hyderabad as some emergency at Home,

booked flight for next day early morning as no flights available same day and we started down to siliguri,


Good to bad roads and plenty of truck and 4 wheeler traffic, whatever we had all these ride days is slowly vanishing from my memory because of the traffic and one idiot with Honda active want to race with us,


even after neglecting many times he still begging for it and he doesn’t even have helmet on head,

escaped many crashes as road is not smooth and many hair pin bends with zero visibility at some points, somehow got rid of that idiot,

same feeling when u r riding a bicycle dog comes with u faking it is going to bite.


I left early my fellow riders keeping them back with some speed as I need to transport vehicle back to Hyderabad, contacted safe express people and finalised price for 5600 including packing and delivering at home in Hyderabad.


Their methods are very raw like they asked me not to come to go down as they can pick up vehicle in mini trucks from town and deliver same and they don’t even have and instruments to load or unload both at siliguri and Hyderabad


All this done by manually lifting by 3-4 ppl.

Luckily nothing happened to my vehicle except the side stand bend, as the people at siliguri has sent bike on side stand to Hyderabad LOL


After dumping vehicle took a battery taxi and reached hotel where fellow riders are already checked in, got refreshed.

Adventure addicts people were hiring bikes from Siliguri for Sikkim trip price ranging from 1400-2000/day depends on the year of the model and number of kms driven. They finished the formalities of giving vehicle back and these people already stayed same place when they landed at siliguri.


Same old Pub walkable distance as hotel is on busy market. Had plenty drinks till the bill reached 8k and walked away for food. Nothing available for dinner had some ice creams.

DAY14:  Siliguri to Hyderabad no riding (Flight)

Having sweet Memories in this travel, met with unknown people become very close friend’s lot of culture sharing and gifts sharing, finally back to Hyderabad, leaving one thing in mind when I am going to complete my Varanasi Trip, missed twice now. Looking forward to this with some fellow ID’s




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Excellent ride.
I have read halfway, yet to complete full log.

This will be a guide to our Sikkim/Bhutan drive.

I will contact you on permits related information.


Please add more pictures.

Those are eye feast:)


Also you can add multiple posts, try to limit to 5-10 pictures per post.

This way you can organise them easily and you can post them slowly. 


Very informative post.

Adding the post to Home page, Thank you for sharing. 

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On 12/5/2018 at 10:57 AM, karthik said:

It was like a guide for us.

We are starting on December 15th (hopefully)


Is it difficult to get permits on own?
Should we go via agents?

Easy to get permits for north sikkim at mangan, but for east sikkim u need to apply one day before. in case u r coming from bhutan to sikkim route  via zuluk u can get permit in single day, agents charge 500/person etc for permits. choice is urs. south and west sikkim doesnt need permits u can freely travel except some places u will enjoy these places too 


3 hours ago, sagar said:

Brilliant post @Tapahasu.. I was enjoying the way you've narrated your travel story throughout.. :) Thanks a lot for sharing. When during the next year are you planning to do the Nepal drive ? Also waiting for a lot of more pictures :D 

Next year May-june planning,

Edited by Tapahasu
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16 hours ago, mayank said:

Excellent information ... Superb post @Tapahasu 

Does Safe Express help in transportation of cars too ? Any more inputs about such vehicle transportation to Hyderabad from Bagdogra or Siliguri ?

You can get all modes of transportation from baghdora to siliguri.....baghdora airport similar secunderabad railway station

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1 hour ago, uday said:

It was great fun reading through you travel story. 


What are the must visit places in Sikkim?

Kalimpong, for kayaking and paragliding

Gangtok for Pubs, permits and shopping

North sikkim - Zero point and Gurudongmar lake

East Sikkim - Changu lake, Nathula Pass, Baba Mandir, Zuluk Valley

West sikkim - dzongrila, singshore bridge and kanchanjenga water falls u can also finish darzeeling and others near by 

south sikkim - Ravangla -buddha point, Temi Tea gardens and Tengdong Hill.

These are the one I visited, you can get many incase u have time....u will definitely need 15 + days to finish


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On ‎12‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 1:12 PM, Tapahasu said:

Kalimpong, for kayaking and paragliding

Gangtok for Pubs, permits and shopping

North sikkim - Zero point and Gurudongmar lake

East Sikkim - Changu lake, Nathula Pass, Baba Mandir, Zuluk Valley

West sikkim - dzongrila, singshore bridge and kanchanjenga water falls u can also finish darzeeling and others near by 

south sikkim - Ravangla -buddha point, Temi Tea gardens and Tengdong Hill.

These are the one I visited, you can get many incase u have time....u will definitely need 15 + days to finish



This is so crisp and perfect.. Super good :)

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