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SCAM ALERT in Hyderabad.


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Sharing information happened with one of our member.

It was at Hafeezpet (below Flyover).


One guy followed me when I was going to office & signalled as of something is wrong with my Activa.

After slowing down, he told me that I had hit him when I was crossing the above region and he has fell down with a child on his bike.


I had outright denied it as I know that road was empty and not even a single vehicle is present in the on coming traffic due to time being 07:10 in the morning.

He said that his people are waiting and I had to go with him to settle the issue.


Sensing something is out of order I denied coming with him.

Suddenly a person came as if to enquire what's the problem(turned out to be the guy from this gang) and took his side.


Then I understood the whole scenario and didn't budge even a bit even though his provocation continued.

Luckily the route is generally taken by my colleagues at that time and came to support.


Understanding that they were outnumbered, they calmly left muttering something in their language.


This is a serious scam. Please be aware. Later I found out that one of my colleague was robbed of Rs 3000/-by the same gang(identified the same bike which he came on) the previous week.



Another incident


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Join our roadtrip WhatsApp group

Sharing my experience which happened around 2015


I was waiting at Tolichowki signal around 9PM,

A young guy in his Active stopped beside my car (Driver's side).


He started looking at my car hood suspiciously.

After few seconds, he knocked on my window to roll down.



Oil is leaking from the hood area.

Pull over else engine will seize.   


I will get it checked. 

He rubbed his hand around my fender lining and showed oil stains.


Pull over


Felt suspicious since there is no check light, Engine is running smooth.

Drove away as soon as single turned green.

We pulled over at a shop with has some lighting and everything looked fine. 

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There are many such incidents which are happening with in the city limits itself which are panicking the people taking certain routes. It is always advisable to carry a dash cam in your car with all the footages of your travel as a proof to escape the situation. There is no point in discussing with these looters over any situation once the incident is sensed to go wrong. Just ignore and move on :) If possible a snap of the culprits which can be produced at the police station could help the future travellers in that route.

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My father lost his mobile a year back,

Two bikers distracted him at a signal. (saying he ran over his feet)


They were able to get away with his mobile, which is in the passenger seat. 

He did not understand till he reached home. 

They are too smart and handled the heist very smoothly. 


We tried to track but it is turned OFF, no luck. 

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Very sad incident. 

He is lucky to have his colleagues backing him up.

But he handled it very well.


I could have given money to get out of the situation. I fear the mob mentality in the country. 

Recent incident at Bidar. 


A 32-year-old software engineer was beaten to death and three others - one of them a Qatar national -- were seriously injured over WhatsApp-driven rumours of child kidnapping in Karnataka's Bidar.


The police said the mob frenzy started after the man from Qatar was seen distributing chocolates to local children. The police have arrested 32 people.


The techie, Mohammad Azam, had gone for a drive on Friday with three others when they were stopped at the roadside. Mr Azam's friend Mohammad Salam, who was from Qatar, was seen handing chocolates to children.

Rumours of child lifting were doing the rounds in the area and seeing the chocolates being handed out, residents of a nearby village, Murki, sent messages on a WhatsApp group.


Soon, a large crowd gathered and started an argument and taking videos. Panicking, the men got into their car and drove away. Some of the villagers chased them on motorcycles, said the police. Some way off, the speeding car hit one of the motorcycles and fell into a culvert.


As the crowd caught up, the men were dragged out of the car and brutally beaten up, said eye witnesses. Hundreds of villagers gathered but none came to their rescue. By the time the police arrived, Mohammad Azam had died. The others were taken to the hospital in Hyderabad.



"They had gone out for a drive. My brother gave chocolates to children. We don't know what their parents thought but several villagers gathered and beat them. How can they think they were kidnappers?" said Mohammad Azam's brother Akram. Appealing to the government to stop mob killings, Akram said, "My brother was a software engineer, father of a 2-year-old. He was just a regular guy".



I heard few incidents like this before hand. 

These things happen across the country. 


One of my colleague has got into a puncture scam recently in Bangalore. 


Being cautious and using common sense is only way to get out of the situations like this..

Always take a video, If you feel something is wrong. 


It will be very helpful as an evidence. 

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Scary situations.

Dash cam definitely helps in these situations. 


Govt. should make dash cam mandatory for the new generation cars.(front and back)

Manufactures can use them as both dash cam and parking aid.  

Win-Win for both user, manufactures and insurance scams. 


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Too Bad,
It is getting worse day by day.

This reminds me of "Thak Thak" gang on Delhi roads. 


Make one golden rule - DO NOT keep ANYTHING valuable on dashboard,

passenger seat or even back seats like laptop bags.


Most of cars , nowdays , have central locking, the moment you unlock  driver lock, all doors are unlocked thus giving such gangs chance to rob.


Few links for those who don't know about the gang....



In one of the cases, the two allegedly fooled a Chandni Chowk jeweller into believing that his tyre was punctured. When he got down to check the car, they allegedly fled with his bag full of jewellery.

These men are running an organised gang known as thak-thak gang. They distract car drivers by either knocking on the car windows, puncturing tyres or in minor accidents. One of the gang members then flee with valuables kept in the car. Juveniles are frequently being used to carry out such thefts.




On July 3, when the police was patrolling in the busy areas of Connaught Place, a person was seen running after three men.


A  police team that was patrolling the area swung into action immediately and overpowered all the three accused after a brief chase and recovered a stolen bag from them, the DCP said.


During interrogation, the trio admitted to have been involved in theft cases. The accused said that they usually come to Delhi and NCR and lift bags from parked vehicles by dropping currency notes of Rs. 10 or 20 to divert the attention of driver or car taker of the parked vehicle to pick up the notes, he added.


These accused targeted only the posh areas, busy markets across Delhi and NCR, Mr Verma said.

The accused also revealed that nearly 40 people in four  gangs have come to Delhi to steal bags from Delhi-NCR region and most of them belong to Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, he added.

All the three accused were arrested multiple times in Delhi for such crime, they said.




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3 hours ago, Manish Sharma said:

Make one golden rule - DO NOT keep ANYTHING valuable on dashboard, passenger seat or even back seats like laptop bags.. 


Most of cars , nowdays , have central locking, the moment you unlock  driver lock, all doors are unlocked thus giving such gangs chance to rob.. 


stay safe !!! 



Thanks a lot for the heads up Maneesh :) 

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Found this content for which all of us should be careful.

My Suggestion: 1) Install a dash cam ASAP 2) If you haven't installed a dash cam & you are confident you dint hit anybody, just dont stop, drive away. at most they can damage your car which can be easily fixed. later on report to nearest PS if you feel.


Any more suggestions or views can be discussed here. Mods are requested to make necessary changes like putting cover photos for the post, creating poll etc, if required.






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True Pralay.. This post has already been posted quite sometime ago with a healthy discussion from all the members. Infact, the postings in the social media and news paper publishments have been initiated from our end to spread an awareness to all the commuters.

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On 11/11/2018 at 9:54 PM, sagar said:

True Pralay.. This post has already been posted quite sometime ago with a healthy discussion from all the members. Infact, the postings in the social media and news paper publishments have been initiated from our end to spread an awareness to all the commuters.


12 hours ago, Ranger said:


Merged the posts. 

Thank you.


Thanks mods.. Actually was on trips in last month so was not able to follow our forum. Suddenly got that msg in a group andd first thought came in my mind is to alert our India Drive members. So shared without checking if similar thread exisits. Sorry for that! My bad.. 

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