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Hyderabad to Lepakshi, Madhavaraya temple Visit


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We got our new car in Aug 2018, decided to go for a long drive during dasara holidays.

So we planned for a 3 day trip to Anantapur, lepakshi and madhavaraya temple gorantla.



Distance : 366 KM

Travel time 6 hours approx

Started on Sunday afternoon around 1:30 PM,

we took the NH44 towards jadcherla, karnool. Reached around 7:30 to Anantapur with tea break and dinner break nearby Anantapur (Hotel Mayura) .


We stayed at Hotel Serena as we saw some good reviews about the place, and its close proximity to NH.

Hotel was good as we expected. 


Day: 2

Distance: 255 KM

We began our journey to Lepakshi temple around 8 am after had a delicious breakfast filled with yummy idlis and hot wadas at Ramaiah Idly Centre,

which seems to be famous food joint known especially for Idlis in Anantapur. Reached Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi around 10 PM.


Temple is maintained so clean and neatly, found parking place near by the entrance.

Around 2 hours we spent in the temple admiring the marvellous sculptures of Vijayanagara architecture.

Being the holidays season temple had good amount of visitors, though we had a pleasant darshan.


Temple has a small garden and washroom facilities. This is a must visit temple if you like visiting historical places filled with beautiful sculptures and grand architecture. Few pictures take using my mobile. hope you like them.









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After the Lepakshi temple we went to see the Lepakshi Nandi which is a monolithic sculpture.

Couldn't take pictures of the Nandi as it was very hot and the sunlight is exactly above our head.


We went to Gagan Mahal Penukonda (known as the Palace Of Krishnadevaraya) Unfortunately we couldn't go inside as the building was closed.


we saw another historical monument called Timmarusu Jail nearby.

Afterwards we started our journey towards Anantapur.


Took some 2 hour rest then went to ISKCON Temple Anantapur in the evening to see the beautiful krishna temple which is nicely decorated in the evening lights. entrance of Lepakshi, Penukonda & ISKCON Temple respectively. 









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Day 3  Anantapur To Dharmavaram, Madhavaraya Temple Penukonda and back to Hyderabad.

Distance :560 KM


Started around 7 AM to Sri Lakshmi Chennakesava Swamy Temple, Dharmavaram which is around 44 KM from Anantapur.


Morning drive was very pleasant. Reached the temple 7:45 AM, Had a peaceful darshan and spent some peaceful moments at the temple. Though its an old temple its been renovated and maintained well.

Had breakfast in Dharmavaram town and headed towards Gorantla to see another gem of Vijayanagara architecture. Quite small temple filled with beautiful sculptures and carvings.

Though we felt the temple could be maintained well and poojas could be performed regularly to maintain the divinity of the place.


We couldn't find any temple staff or security nearby.

After spending some quiet moments around the temple we left to anantapur reached in the afternoon to hotel...took an hour rest and and started our return journey to Hyderabad.


Return journey to Hyderabad was fantastic and a memorable experience as it was drizzling and occasional thunderstorms, by the time we crossed Kurnool, rain started nicely. Enjoyed the return trip with nice climate, was big relief to the Anantapur heat :)








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On 10/22/2018 at 11:54 PM, karthik said:

Fantastic pictures.
And your Swift in red looks great!


Thanks Kartik :)


On 10/23/2018 at 12:05 AM, vivek said:

Lovely report rkamal.. beautiful pictures and nice information .. your swift looks stunning as well ?


Hi Vivek, thank you so much!


23 hours ago, Ranger said:

Nice pictures and Information.

Thank you for sharing. Featuring it on the main page. 



How is the over all road condition from Hyderabad to Lepakshi? 


Thank you so much, glad to be part of such a wonderful travel group.

I go regularly on such road trips. Was too lazy to compile and write-up in the past.

But, of late i saw so much information from India-drive and couple other travel blogs which helped me tremendously, to plan and travel to such unknown beautiful places.

By the way road condition is excellent all the way to Lepakshi. one can easily maintain 80-100 speed on the highways.


23 hours ago, uday said:

Congrats for the new Swift.

Brilliant report.

Swift is a perfect combination for City+Highway commute. 


Is it petrol or diesel?
Overall mileage?


Thanks Uday...Its petrol version. overall mileage 17-18 with a/c. 

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4 hours ago, driveking said:

I'm planning this trip with my family. 

How much does the hotel cost?


Three days is good enough for this trip?
i'm considering to take my grand parents along with us. 


Any tips from your end?



1800 INR for Double room A/C. But the hotel don't have good restaurants nearby. Avoid visiting penukonda in the afternoon.. Food options are good at  Hillpark, Hotel 97,  Blue moon highway food court & Hotel Mayura on the highway.   On the return journey you may visit Beechupally Anjaneya temple if you have time. 3 days is sufficient for this trip. all the best.

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