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Hyderabad to araku and borra caves


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Hello friends,

This is my first post in this group and i am very much excited to share my road trip details.

Please excuse me about my English..



Hyderabad to vizag via vijayawada in car. 

Vizag to araku in kirandal passenger train.

Vizag to hyderabad via viajayawada in car. 


Day 1:

Hyderabad to vizag in car.


We are total 5 friends and planned for a road trip since 3 months.

We have decided to share money (we call it advd (evadi money vadey) in telugu?).

So on day one we collected 2000 from each person.


Here is our humble partner in crime.car.jpg.c6b40563e1e8f3054adaf57fbc45eb2e.jpg

 and the journey startsIMG_2726.JPG.5ef531f6a1e5cf064bda1b4077d07af0.JPG

Group picture taken after crossing Rajahmundry!


We finished our lunch at Ravulapalem at one of our friends home and moved on to vizag.


Scenic beauty and excellent roads between Ravulapalem and Vizag. IMG_0921.JPG.1d39c46af1b4c7cf87dcff7430ec077e.JPG



We have reached vizag by 7:30 and decided to spend some time at beach.





We had dinner and local bandi and ate paratas for the night . 


1. total cost: 5000 including breakfast+diesel+dinner.

2. Room cost: 1600 for 24 hours.

3. Distance covered : around 800 Km ( I am the solo driver, I love driving, I avoid passenger seat :) )


Day 2:

Vizag to Araku in kirandul passenger. 


Locals and hotel people suggested that best way to visit araku is experiencing kirandul passnger.

It goes through 25+ tunnels to reach araku. 


Train starts exactly at 6:50AM from vizag and reaches araku at 11AM.

Here are the some pics from train journey.








After reaching Araku,
we decided to visit borra caves. 

Aruku to Borra caves took us 20 to 30 minutes in a bus.IMG_1111.JPG.986903c15c4edbefc5d19d1ce25f65a7.JPG

Pictures of Borra caves






We came back to Vizag in same kirandul passenger in after noon. 


We called it a day and took the rest for the night.


Day 2 details:

Total cost : around 2500 including all food expenses + train tickets + entry tickets at borra caves 

Room cost: 1600 for another 24 hours.



Vizag to Hyderabad in a car


Our return journey was more exciting as slight drizzle is there in through out the journey and most of the roads are empty.

Here are some pics from return journey.IMG_1201.JPG.3d52637837a5c5df42a3fd98770d6850.JPG





We reached home by 9 at night. we drove lazily and stopped more times to enjoy weather.


Day 3:

total cost: 5000 including breakfast+diesel+dinner (as ususal my friends mother took care of our lunch at ravulapalem)


Total expenditure : 15000 including some misc expenditure. We divided this between 5 of us... 3000 per head



1. Please bare with bad image quality. next time we try with better cameras.

2. We travel to enjoy driving and roads and not to see destinations. so, normally we just decide and drive off randomly. 

3. What ever the image size i am uploading it is enlarged in the post. 

4. Please add us into your whats app group. we are very much interested in road trips in cars.



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1 hour ago, Ranger said:

How is the road condition between Rajahmundry and Vizag?

@Ranger Road conditions are good. Some how we enjoy going on a little rough roads. We never observed the road because of beautiful paddy fields and sceneries on the way...


1 hour ago, Ranger said:

Please post you details in the above link.

Thank you for the link

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