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Distance :~ 220 Kilometers

Drive time : ~4 hours

Road : 2 lane average.

Food joints : Available only under first 50 kilometers, after that it is tough to find a proper place for families.

Accommodation : Heritage Inn (one of the best and economical hotel in Gulbarga)


Best Route:

Hyderabad --> Chevella --> Manneguda (take left ) --> Pargi --> Sedam --> Gulbarga


Hyderabad to Manneguda : Road condition is very bad. Need to be careful due to many unexpected potholes.

Manneguda to Pargi : Road condition is improved and you will enjoy the drive on the twisty roads.

Pargi to Gulbarga : Toll road. Road condition is excellent. Arrow straight roads. Toll price is 70/- INR.


Places to visit :

  • Gulbarga Fort

On the first week of this month. We planned to visit a friend's marriage at Gulbarga which was a two day plan, Start on Sunday afternoon and return back by Monday evening. Obvious and convenient choice is by road.


Gulbarga fort worth a visit for Hyderabad travelers?

My answer is a definite "NO".

Gulbarga has nothing much to offer. Fort is very poorly maintained and temperatures are very high during the summer.

Let the pictures do the talking.

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We started on a Sunday afternoon when the traffic was less. The road condition was average for the first 50 kilometers. We had a lunch break at Green lands dhaba, which has decent ambiance. Food tasted better than we expected.


Post lunch break, we diverted from Vikarabad highway to Parigi. Road condition got better and we increased our speed. The last 80 kilometers of journey was on a 2-lane toll road which is very neatly maintained and the roads are arrow straight.


Civic poses with 'india-drive'


Toll road = 70/-


Last picture for the day. We reached Gulbarga by evening and checked into the Heritage Inn hotel which was pre booked.


Next day as the marriage got over, we had an hour of free time. With no 2nd thought in mind we visited the famous Gulbarga fort.


​Fort is very poorly maintained :angry:. There is no entrance or parking fee. View of Jamma Masjid from the top of the fort.


Empty parking lot. We are the only visitors in the entire fort area. We did not even find a single person around.



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Old artillery guns on the top of the fort.



Some more pictures on the top of the fort.



Temperature was soaring high in Gulbarga. Strictly avoid this place during summer.



We took some rest under these tombs and started back to the Parking.



Ruins at the fort



Stair way at the entrance of the fort.



Best view of the fort.




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Poorly maintained roads inside the fort area



Main entrance of the fort.



View of the fort walls from the outside.



We reached the hotel, Packed our stuff and Started back to Hyderabad.



When we were lazily cruising back after a heavy disappointment at the fort, we found two peacocks crossing the road which got back a little charm on faces..



We took a small break and Started back after the peacocks left.



We reached Hyderabad by 9PM.



Visit Gulbarga fort, If you have covered all the other weekend getaways around Hyderabad.:fight:



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Read about Gulbarga fort on many Hyderabad weekend getaways blogs.

Thank you for the first hand information.

sagar said:
Nice post shammy.. The fort looks even better during the spring.. You must have hit the place during the wrong season.. Bhongiri fort should be next on your list for some fort fun which is much closer to Hyderabad :)

Bhongiri fort is lot better compared to Gulbarga fort(from pictures). Best time to visit is after monsoon.

In terms of architecture our Golconda fort looks lot better.

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