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Hyderbad to Tirupati road trip


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Dear All,


Apologies for the late reply. I finally completed the trip and it was a great experience. 

I visited the below locations in span of 6 days and drove 2400 kms.

  • Nallamala Jungle camp
  • Horsley hills
  • Chennakesava temple Sompalam
  • Kadiri Narsimha swamy temple
  • Talakona waterfalls
  • Tirupathi
  • Srikalahasti 



Hyderabad to Nallamala Jungle Camp

My planned route is Banglore highway i.e

Hyderabad ---> Jadcharla--->Kurnool-->Nandyal--->Nallamala Jungle Camp Pacherla


Excellent road conditions. I started my journey at 6:30 am from Hydearabad and reachd Nallama Jungle camp by 10:45 am , with a break in Kurnool for breakfast.  

For 4000 Rs  ( you will get cottage, breakfast,Lunch & Dinner at Nallamala Pacherla) , beware of Monkeys. Safari tour was adventurous but hardly we spot any wild life.


Day -2&3

Nallamall Jungle camp to Horsley Hills

Planned route Nallamala Jungle Camp --->Rayachoti---> Horsley Hills (1-day break)


Roads are very good until Rayachoti. From there to Horsley hills it was pathetic , they are laying new roads and the present condition was worst. Please avoid this road by all means.


Horsley hills is a pretty good place to chill down and relax. The weather is pleasant always.

Here we had spend two days exploring Horsley hills and neary by places. 

Chennakesava Temple at Sompalayam is a ancient forgotten temple with unbelievable architecture one should go and watch. 

We also visite Kadiri Narsimha swamy temple on the way.


Day 4

Halt at Tirupati (enroute Talakona Waterfalls)

Planned route Horsley Hills--> Talakona waterfalls --> Tirupati


Roads are pretty good with speed bumps at some places .


Day 5

Tirupati darshan


Return Journey


Day 6

Tirupati NAM expressway  Tirupati--->Srikalahasti-->Nellore-->Kavali-->Ongole-->Nalgonda-->Hyderabad.


While coming we took Nellore Kavali NAM express towards  Hyderabad. The road condition is Ok with so many toll gates  and some huge repairs in between. Somehow I feel and suggest to take Kurnool route to Tirupathi which is really good.


Attaching few photos from my tour , please have a look.







































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19 hours ago, sahil said:

How much they charge for safari at pacherla?


if you book accommodation, it is included . I mean for 4000 rupees you will get everything (food for morning ,afternoon and evening ) and also Safari

If you want to go individually , then it is 1000 per head as per the info I got. 


Vehicle goes to some extent. But you still need to walk for 1.5 kms 

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23 hours ago, varunc said:

Verna in black looks fantastic!


Agree on it. 


Good information, people are unusually stick to NAM expressway instead of Jadcherla route.

This is first time I heard Jadcherla is better. 


Did they lay new roads on this section?
During our drive, it is single lane at many areas. 

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Hello Srikrishna,


Thank you very much for sharing your travel experiences. 


1. As asked by SPG , I also would like to know if the 4 lane has been completed  between KADAPA and KURNOOL ? When I was travelling in this stretch (Chennai to Hyderabad)  in 2014 , the 4 lane work was going on with lots of diversion. That time the initial 70 to 80km after KADAPA was complete 4 lane.

2. The road from KADAPA to TIRUPATI is single lane excellent highway or it is also now 4 lane? 

2. It would have been very nice if you add  some caption to each  picture for everyone's quick understanding.

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