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Delhi to Kolkata


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Noob on this forum and looking for advise as I am thinking of driving down from Delhi to Kolkata. I have safety concerns about driving through Bihar as heard rumors of carjacking, looting etc happening on normal and regular basis. Please advise if it is so, and if thats the case then how should I plan my drive.

Thank you

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Hey @Roadrunner, Firstly, Welcome on-board.

Ofcourse one must be careful while driving by taking basic security precautions during a long drive.

I have driven extensively in most parts of our country excluding North-East which I am yet to cover. But, I have rarely come across any such carjackers till date and that might be because of extensive planning and drive only during day light hours.

I would rather say any highway when seen deserted are prone to such incidents and they are very much unpredictable to sense risk in this factors. I would like to share a few basic precautions that have to be considered during your long drives especially while commuting through these stretches which you feel are risky. 

  1. Drive during the 'Day Time' as much as possible. I have literally stopped driving by night even on the main highways in India.
  2. Drive in groups / along with other cars. Avoid driving on lonely stretches. Always keep the vehicle behind you and ahead of you in sight.
  3. An out-of-state vehicle is seen as fair game. Keep all vehicle documents up to date.
  4. Never look out for short cuts through small villages enroute to save the mileage and instead choose to stay on the highway even if it falls longer by a few kilometers.
  5. Keep your vehicle mechanically fit at all times. Do NOT stop for any minor repair. Keep a car battery operated air pump. In case of a flat tire, inflate it and carry on and find a safe place to change it.
  6. The Maoists never go out of their way to harm civilians. If you are stopped, co-operate and they usually let you off quite politely. Never claim to be anyone affiliated with the government, police, or army.
  7. If you are driving at night and were attacked with eggs on your car's windshield, do not operate your wiper or spray any water. Eggs mixed with water becomes milky and blocks your vision. You are forced to stop at road side and become victim of robbery. This happens in Delhi/NCR & haryana/UP State highways.
  8. Lastly, do not hesitate to part with a few hundred rupees. I know it sounds negative, but if a small bribe can spare your life/ injury than I think its well worth it. Carry a few hundred rupee notes in your wallet. Do not carry large amounts of cash or display expensive watches or jewelry.

In my experience, whenever I’ve traveled with my family and friends there have been absolutely NO problems. I guess the miscreants are looking for solo travelers and young couples.

So, keep that in mind that you always keep a hockey stick or Baseball bat in your car, just in case. Make sure not to display it. Keeping it under the driver’s seat is ideal.


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 I would love to share a few stretches in the country which I have heard and gathered about which are risky from my various sources.

  1. The stretch of road between Belgaum to Goa - passes through thick jungles and hilly terrain rumored to be infested with Naxals - avoid after dark!
  2. The road from Gaya to Ranchi - Naxal territory. (Other similar stretches are abundant in Chattisgarh and Jharkhand). The roads of Kharagpur on NH6 (approaching Jharkhand and Orissa border) are also bad.
  3. In Jharkhand area people generally do not travel after 5 PM on these roads:-
    1. Giridih to Dhanbad 65Km stretch. Naxal prone and dacoity prone. Many times local dacoits name themselves naxal and rob passengers.
    2. Dhanbad to Tatanagar via Chas, Purulia: Heavily naxal infested area.
    3. Giridih to Kodarma via Jamua. Dacoity prone.
    4. Giridih to Dumri via Parasnath: Heavy naxal infested area.
    5. Ranchi to Tatanagar (Jamshedpur): Heavily naxal infested area.
  4. The highway from Guwahati to Dimapur (Nagaland). Wild animals and criminals. Also the road from Diphu - Lumding - Halflong to Silchar, wild elephants and militant groups are likely to be encountered. (Karbianglong district of South Assam).
  5. Haridwar to Muradnagar (near Delhi) - Upper Ganga canal road. This road runs parallel to Ganga canal. People take this road because this is about 30-40 kms shorter than NH58 and remains quite empty too. People get tempted thinking this but this narrow single lane road is most famous for loot-kill and throw dead bodies into the canal incidents. Though this road is strictly closed after 7 pm in summers and 6 pm in winters but this is not safe even during day time.
  6. NH58 between Meerut to Roorkee. Though it is a national highway but its quite prone to criminal activities, especially in the district Muzaffarnagar. Looting running buses is already quite often, those people enter the buses as passengers, then take them hostage on NH and keep on carrying out the work while bus keeps on running.
  7. NH 72 between Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur. This is one completely broken patch of road and is famous for the incidents of violence, kidnapping, looting, murders etc.
  8. In Andhra Pradesh:-
    1. Pulimentla-Puttaparthi (have been stopped by Naxals myself).
    2. Panyam-Kurnool (police escorts at night).
    3. Gooty-Tadapatri (en route Cudappaha) and Nellore to Cuddapah through Rapur Ghat.
    4. Anantapur - Tadipatri. Avoid post 11 pm. There's a small ghat which is notorious for thieves (it was a naxal controlled pocket).
    5. Khammam district roads beyond Bhadrachalam. Naxal stronghold.
    6. Rajahmundry to Raipur - Parallel Govt. No Roads. You'll stop some 15 times to pay money.
  9. Bahrampur to Krishnangar in West Bengal.
  10. Driving on NH47, between Nagercoil and Trivandrum (Kanyakumari route).

It would be great others add up more to this list. Can be helpful for all the roadtrippers :) 

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A better way to answer would be - Simply don’t travel after dark. It’s not just about India, it applies anywhere else. Especially in Asia, where roads are in poor conditions and are usually the main mode of transport. Always be on guard when travelling at night. Especially if you’re travelling through the middle states of India.

Absolutely avoid travelling after dark by road in India - especially in UP, MP, Bihar, Jharkhand. Also be careful in Haryana and some areas of West Bengal and Assam. Generally sticking to national highways in the day time should be safe for you.

All the above is as per my experience.. :) 

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I am really thankful to all for giving prompt reply regarding my query, It is going to be my first out of city drive hence wanted to be sure. Will update about my experience soon as I should be driving along with another person who is going to drive his car as well. Found this forum to be really helpful and will ask for more queries.

Thank you

Happy Traveling 


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On ‎9‎/‎22‎/‎2018 at 5:10 PM, Roadrunner said:

I am really thankful to all for giving prompt reply regarding my query, It is going to be my first out of city drive hence wanted to be sure. Will update about my experience soon as I should be driving along with another person who is going to drive his car as well. Found this forum to be really helpful and will ask for more queries.

Thank you

Happy Traveling 



Glad that it is being helpful to you.. Please do share your details and updates after you finish the trip... Can help the other members who would be taking the same route in the future :) 

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5year back ,I did Ranchi - Varanasi by road. U will get good stretch of road on NH 2.Good scenery in JH. No need to worry in day driving.U will get less priced fuel in JH than UP,BR,WB.

Every point by Sagar is very apt and true.Very useful information by Sagar, kudos.

But I want to share an incident happened to my relatives, 3 year back on Ranchi-Patna trip,near Hazaribag.

This information is important if u r traveling in JH/Bihar-UP border area.


Actually what happened on that day a boy ,around 10 year old, suddenly ran on the highway and get hit by our car. Although our driver was cautiously driving with optimal speed of 80 kmph ,so proper braking happened,but due to momentum of car the boy get hit by bonnet and fell at some distance.Our relative's,being a good Samaritan, stopped the car and went to the boy.By that time whole village people came and encircled the car.Our relatives took the boy to near civil hospital and all diagnostic including CT brain was done.By Gods grace , everything came normal.Boy got minor scratches ,so everything done to him and medication also given.

Then comes the true face of his father.He started demanding for 10k rupees.My relatives denied his demand.Then villagers started threatening that they ll burn the car.So at that time my relative paid them 10k.And then they moved on from the spot.After covering 10-15km my relatives stopped for some breakfast at dhaba.They discussed the incident with dhaba manager .He then revealed that this type of incident is on rise on these highways esp GT road.He told that those village people knowingly send there children to ran on highway on seeing some car,because they have army of children but nothing to eat.By that way they are doing extortion.If a child dies then pay 1lakh or face the mob wrath+police.

After that incident I told them to file FIR,but they avoid to face police.Its there decision,I never pressed them.

*BTW the MORAL  of above story is that-

-Always drive your car in  optimal , controllable speed on Highways esp in UP/BR/JH area.Once u cross Varanasi on NH2,u ll see the crowding on sides of this NH by villagers/gypsies,after every 10-15km.

-If in case u struck in such hit n run case,don't indulge in arguments.Simply give the money and avoid the mob.

-And always call/inform the police after escaping from spot safely.

Good luck.Keep revving 


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