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RTA M-Wallet App. Transport Department of the Govt. of Telangana. No need to carry physical documents of your vehicle


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RTA m-Wallet is a mobile application developed for the Transport Department of the Govt. of Telangana. It allows a person have a one stop digital shop for all the documents issued by the Transport department. Salient features of the app lets one auto-fetch documents, share documents, have all the documents on one screen and add multiple vehicles owned by a single person. The documents once downloaded will be saved for future use on the application.


Download link :


Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....mywalet&hl=en




If you want to download directly from play store or IOS app store search for "RTA m-Wallet"



  • Motorist can show the M-Wallet app on their smart phone during the RTA checking.
  • No need to carry physical documents.
  • Multiple vehicles can be added.
  • License and Registration card can be added to the app.
  • On-line digital certificate fetching. Less chances of fraud.
  • Need internet only for the first time. No need of internet once you fetch the Digital Certificate.
  • Auto fetching Insurance details of last updated year .



  • No support for Pollution certificates. (Presently).
  • App is accepted only in Telangana. Need to carry physical documents If you are planning a travel to other state.


How to use the app?


Download and install the "RTA m-Wallet" App.It is around 17 MB.


Step 1

  • Enter Name,Email and Mobile Number.
  • Click on Register.



Step 2

  • OTP is sent to the mobile,enter the OPT
  • click on submit.



Step 3

  • Click on RC to fetch the digital RC. Give the registration number of your vehicle and last 5 digits of your Chassis number.
  • You can find the Chassis number on the back of your RC card.
  • Click on Get.




Step 4

  • Click on driving license to fetch the Digital DL
  • Enter the license number from your Driving license card.
  • Select the RTA from your Driving license card.
  • Click on Get.




All the documents will be fetched automatically once you give the above details and you are good to go.

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Even my insurance details are not updated. It is showing previous year insurance details. Looks like they will take some time update all the accounts. Good effort by Telangana Govt. Hope all the glitches will be resolved in the coming days. If they add pollution certificate it will be a perfect app.

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Good move by the Telangana Govt. Now we don't need to carry documents of all the vehicles we own. It will be more use specially for the people who own multiple vehicles. App is user friendly. I did not face any issue with insurance all the details are fetched perfectly. Nice post But I will carry vehicle documents for some more days. Hope this will put end to useless harassment.

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Thanks for sharing Uday. My document not completely updated, no photo, no signature. showing only my general information and address. Is this for a specific reason...? Please advice.

Looks like App is in the initial stages. May be things will get sorted out in few more days. Try to uninstall and Install the App again. It may solve some of the issues.


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Installed the RTA m-wallet, it is user friendly.

Some issue with IOS and It is all ok, on my Andriod tab.

What happens If the phone has got switched off :search:

Good initiative taken by Telangana Govt. It should get implemented across India because we still need to carry documents if we are planning for a out of state trip.

For the first version App is fine. But there should be lot of improvements on the next versions to make it better without errors.

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Good initiative by Telangana Government.

Anyone had real time experience with app.

Did any one show this app, when they got caught by traffic cops?

Luckily,I did not get that opportunity till now.:fight:

The purpose of the app is to show it during RTA checking. It is like a quick get away without wasting much time.

Though it is always better to keep a hard copy in the vehicle.

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Hyderabad: Carrying vehicle documents and producing them during vehicle inspection will now become a thing of the past with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) bringing amendments to MV Rules for the convenience of vehicle users.

In a bid to offer better enforcement of traffic rules, the maintenance of vehicular documents, including driving licences and e-challans will be done through an information technology portal from October 1.


Accordingly, MoRTH has made amendments in Central Motor Vehicle Rules facilitating implementation of electronic enforcement, maintenance of vehicular documents through information technology portal with effect from October 1 for better monitoring and enforcement of MV Rules.


The Ministry said that the use of IT services and electronic monitoring will result in better enforcement of traffic rules and will lead to ending harassment of drivers. This was required after Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 was passed and published on August 9, 2019, it said.

Following the amendments, details of driving licences, disqualified or revoked by the licensing authority, would be recorded chronologically in the portal and such record would be reflected on a regular basis on the portal. Thus, the record would be maintained electronically and would further help in monitoring the behaviour of a motorist.

“If the details of the documents are found validated through the electronic means by the enforcement officer, then physical forms of such documents will not be demanded for inspection, including in cases where there is an offence made out necessitating seizure of any such documents,” the Ministry said.


Source :


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HI Gowtham,


I don't think RTA M-wallet is valid everywhere. I have experienced the situation twice (while entering Hubballi and Pune), where Police Officers clearly said that Telangana specific portal is not valid there. Luckily, I had physical documents as well.


With regards to the recent announcement by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the digital copies shall be valid from Oct 1st, 2020, but please note that this guidelines also says we need to keep documents either in Digilocker or mParivahan "Drivers can maintain their vehicular documents on Central govt's online portal like Digi-locker or m-parivahan". So in summary, I am not sure if RTA mWallet is still valid all over India.


I just now installed the mParivahan app, and added Driving License and RC details. The app created a virtual DL and RC and also related QR codes 

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