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Sukhad Yatra, A mobile app for Highway users


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  • This mobile App is for the National Highway Commuters of India, who wish to cross through a National Toll road in a pre-informed manner.
  • The App also prevents frauds by way of overcharging by a Toll Plaza as it informs the user about the fee applicable.
  • While on move, users can know the places of interest & Route to theses places if he/she wishes.
  • The App tells real time waiting time at a plaza as at a particular time.
  • Once the user crosses a plaza, he/she can also give feedback of his experience through the toll plaza.



Key features
1. Nearby toll Plazas

2. Toll Plazas en-route

3. Fast-Tag

4. Know your highway

5. Report an issue

6. Report summery (issue tracker)

7. Near by (Hotels, hospitals, ATM  and Fuel)

Will give more details once I use the app.
Overall app is impressive. 


Adding few screen shots.


Home screen




Near by works only on GPS, we cannot slect the place manually.









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  • 3 weeks later...

The Government of India had launched many applications, but  SukhadYatra is the first of its kind, which helps the highway users to locate restaurants, fuel stations, hospitals that are close by. The move will empower commuters and alongside a toll-free number is also launched i.e., 1033, which will double the safety of the highway travelers.

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21 hours ago, nhai said:

1033, which will double the safety of the highway travelers.


Agree on it. 
One of the main issue on our highways is communication.
When something goes bad, most of us don't have a clue where to report.
Hope this move helps in solving the issues in a positive way.

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