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Mumbai to Hyderabad to Srisailam


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I am planning to drive from Mumbai to Srisailam with family. I would be the only driver and so will need night breaks in between. I am confused about the route to take post Solapur. Google map shows 2 routes one via Gulbarga and other via Zaheerabad. Which one is better and a 4 track road with dividers? One friend suggested instead it drive till hubali then to Bellary and then reach Srisailam as the road is good and the total distance might increase only by 150 kms. Please guide. Thanks 

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Follow this post. People traveled on this route very recently - 

They suggested this route --





I suggest Route from Hyderabad to Srisailam. The road is 2 lane but in good state. You can reach in 3 hrs. 

Follow the below route, will help you plan better. You can also visit few places before you reach Srisailam. 




If you have time and would like to visit more places, then you can do round trip.


Like Mumbai --> Pune --> Hyd --> Srisailam.

Srisailam --> Kurnool --> Mantralayam --> Hampi (Near Bellary) --> Hubbali


There are few places you can cover near Bellary like Hampi, Badami, Bijapur etc before heading back to Mumbai.

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22 hours ago, Manan said:

I am planning to drive from Mumbai to Srisailam with family.

Taking the following route
Mumbai --> Pune --> Solapur --> Kalaburgai --> Humnabad --> Zaheerabad --> Hyderabad


Mumbai to Solapur : 4/6-lane toll road
Solapur to Humnabad : 2-lane, road condition good
Humnabad to Hyderabad : 4-lane, toll road, road condition is excellent. 

Halt at Hyderabad 

Hyderabad --> Kalvakurthi --> Munnanur --> Mallapur --> Dhomalapenta --> Srisailam 


Food stopovers 

Avoid other routes shown in google they are not worth it.

Let me know,  If you have any queries. 


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Hi. I have a week's time to cover entire stretch. Last week I was at Hyderabad and enquired from few colleagues here.. they said that they had gone to Mumbai from Hyderabad in a Volvo taking Patancheru Sangareddy Zaheerabad route.. is this the same route which you are talking about ? I saw signs of Mumbai Nagpur on Nehru outer ring road.. and the driver said that straight road goes to Mumbai. How far does this good road continue?

Thanks for your suggestions

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1 hour ago, Manan said:

How far does this good road continue?


Yes it is the same road that goes to Mumbai.

Hyderabad to Humnabad : Road condition is excellent
Humnabad to Solapur : Road is under construction, diversions. Would rate it bad. 
Solapur to Pune : Road condition is excellent

Pune to Mumbai : Expressway, super good. 

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2 hours ago, Som said:

Please share the best route to reach Hyderabad from Mumbai by road.

Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Solapur - Pune - Lonavla - Mumbai

This is the current best route to reach Mumbai ..

Do share your update once you are done with your trip.. 

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