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Hyderabad -> Kuravi (Mahabubabad) Road condition


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Hi All,


We are planning a roadtrip to Kuravi this weekend and expect some guidance on the road condition to Kuravi (Mahabubabad, Warangal).


There are two routes shown in google maps, one via Suryapet (my preference as I recently did till Suryapet) and another from Jangaon. Both the routes will be intersecting at Maripeda Bungalow. 


Wanted to know if anyone did this route recently so that they can update on the road conditions. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ranger,


Thanks! I just completed the drive over the week end and I did it via Suryapet and it was indeed a good decision but I would suggest people to not use it in the night driving after crossing Suryapet we need to travel 15-17 km's from really an isolated place where in you'll cross a few villages except that 15-17 kms, the roads are very nice and its all highways so didn't faced any problem. Couldn't take pics as it was really dark, we crossed it between 7-8 and it was pitch dark.


While returning I came via Warangal enroute Laknavaram and the road is undergoing 4 lane expansion work filled with all pot holes and patch works. I would suggest people to avoid this route if there is an alternate route to Warangal and again after Warangal the roads are really good(:):photo:). Till Yadagirigutta from ORR the road is absolute beauty post which the roads remind us of Hyderabad city roads :P:P  

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