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Hyderabad to Bali - This blue is not Monday Blues


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I guess 2017 has been one of the most significant years for me! I vowed to travel every month and look for places I have never been before and ended up driving, flying more than once to a place unexplored earlier. It was very fascinating for me to see Bali for past few months  and finally in August after been refused by all my friends to fly this year, I booked a seat for myself and fly all the way to Indonesia in Diwali. When there is no one, plan one for yourself! 


The trip was small and sweet but glamorous enough for creating awesome memories and experiences to share with everyone. I am ready to fly again…. Not because I am crazy but because I found the province worth visiting again!


My flight was from Hyderabad to Kuala Lumpur – 4 Hours with a layover of 2 hours at LCC Airport and three hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, Indonesia. The much controversy of whether we need transit visa at Malaysia…was finally resolved. If your connecting airline is leaving from the same airport, you just need to go through security twice and no visa is required. Incase your airports are different in Malaysia… you better have transit visa applied. Otherwise you need to pay a good amount of money for airport transfer and Transit Visa in Malaysia.  My flight from LCC KLAI2 was decent enough. The airport has plenty of stores to scan and do window shopping, taste Malaysian cuisines and use free net, Wi-Fi and make calls, chat up with people etc.  If you flight is in the morning between Malaysia and Bali… I bet you will love the blue and green ocean with island floating like lotus leaves and petals from the sky high above on the ocean below.




Immigration is the easiest part of travelling to Bali. All you need return ticket to the resident country, place you will stay in Bali and that’s it! No visa… required. You get stamped and you are in Bali. The airport is cute and nice! The immigration queue is big but it moves like wind…. Quick and fast.  The Green channel has snipper dog going through your bag till you get it scanned and exit the airport. We had cab booked for the day. The transfer to airport was very easy.  The airport is at Denpasar. From Denpasar we headed to Kuta. It took just 25 minutes for us!


Pictures on our way to Grand Inna


Bali believes in rich Hindu Culture. 


Kuta is the place to be!

The place is known for parties, shopping, sea beach, night life, food and cafes. My residence was at Grand Inna Kuta. I recommend everyone, try this hotel out. On the left you have the biggest shopping mall facing the sea and on the right and back, lanes with café, pubs and restaurants. The local stores increase the charm of the place. Happy hours and free Wi Fi everywhere make the place easy to walk and learn more about the location. The hotel has its own happening private beach! Grab a seat next to the beach restaurant and enjoy the breeze, jump in one of the pools to kill the heat or swim and drink or just walk to the beach, sit and sip a drink under palm trees. Plenty of footfalls from Australia, France and Germany! It goes without saying, everyone walk and sit in the beach around sun rise and sunset with families and special ones to enjoy the breeze and the scenic beauty.


The color of the sea is deep blue and super clean! The waves are huge and froth are so white on the white sand… you will love to dip your legs in the sand at night and wash the feet in the water.  The food at the Hotel was also quite good. We have tried quite a few cafes and restaurants locally. It’s worth eating and drinking at happy hours. The hotel also serve free complimentary breakfast which is a good spread next to the pool. 











The room at the hotel was sea facing as well. There are two wings with four levels. One wing connects you to the garden and a big pool with Indonesian feelings. The other wing connects you to the garden beach and pool with modern look and feel. Both have its own charm. All you need is to select a room of your choice and preference. The attitude of every attendant at the hotel makes you feel humbled. The smile and the way they communicate, address and delight you every other way is quite impressive.


For phone connection, you can take a sim card which has a lot of options. I used 3G connectivity for outside Wi-Fi zone and WhatsApp. The network was pretty strong across all over Bali expect for few remote places. Just after the lunch, we headed towards a city trip by a cab.  You can go for Blue bird taxi radio cab or you can book a cab on few hour basis. My target was to drive over Mandara Toll Bridge. It is five years old now. It connects you to all the island and area of Bali. For four wheelers, the cost of one side is 12,000 IDR and connects you to three important destinations – Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Sanur.











Day 1

The first night was at Jimbaran. 

It is a place filled with beach restaurants. The night with start filled sky, beautiful sea and songs around, you feel good enough to sit and leisurely have your dinner looking at the sea. The beach is clean and also have waves high enough! The sunset is beautiful. Sea food is super cheap and very tasty! Local people come and sing awesome songs for you at your table. You can turn back and see the local dance performance as well. After dinner, we returned back to the hotel. In the mist of light and darkness, it was very beautiful and relaxing to sit in the beach and hear the waves till you feel you are ready to sleep.











Day 2


The next day sunrise was so beautiful from the room, it automatically recharge your legs to step out of your cozy bed and walk to the beach! After the heavy breakfast, we headed for a walk around the shore! It’s pristine and beautiful! The place has so much to explore and so much to view the sea from different spots and restaurants and clean rock beds. Around 11 AM, we had our cab picked up to Banur for water sports! Nusa Dua and Jimbaran are two places known for water sports. The island do have many other places too but we selected Nusa Dua side. Mind you, you will have many agents conducting different water sports. We did snorkeling for one hour- it was an awesome experience, sea walk, Turtle Island to see the ways government is protecting the sea life and other creatures.  Turtle Island has a small sanctuary. You can see turtles ages between few months to 400 years. They also have owl, parrots, macaw, and snakes. The sail was in glass bottom boat! The exploration was beautiful.

After water sports, we returned back to our Kuta beach and spend watching the sunset.









The night was to explore more of Kuta and visit number one pub –Sky garden. It ranks 88th in the world ranking and worth going if you are planning for great music, fireworks, laser show and world DJs... The crowd is quite good and decent! Try your lucky early for unlimited drink and buffet which can save your money in eating and drinking. 3000 people at one place with great screen and music, has its own charm. The street remains crowded till early morning! So there is no fear of walking back to the hotel or looking for a cab to another location.









Day 3

Today was the day for us to check out of Kuta and move to Nusa Dua.  Unlike Kuta, Nusa Dua has serene beach with all boutique hotels and resorts and spa. This place is primarily for people looking for water sports, tranquility, and peace. The beach has rich corals and water life. Every resort has its own shore and water sports arranged.  One our way to Nusa Dua... we did visit one of the high end boutique resort for coffee and spa.


The walking area is high above the edge of the sea. The scenic beauty is breathe taking. The spa, infinity pool and Jacuzzi are all under the open sky facing the breath taking sea and hills. The glass boundary makes you feel to just close your eyes and enjoy relaxing for hours. The tranquility of the place is so so high, I bet you won’t feel like stepping out immediately.IMG_1657_HEIC.jpg.25d4080da00e0a1f99f9242bf2f3fe3b.jpg












Our Hotel was great enough to provide us free complimentary snacks and high tea every day during our stay. We also had few other complimentary services like spa and breakfast. At late afternoon, we decided to visit Uluwatu! Its 21 kms from Nusa Dua. Uluwatu has coffee plantation on both sides, amazing view from the Uluwatu temple on the sea. The place is big and have many visitors from across the globe to enjoy the sunset and local dance inside the temple next to the sea after the sunset.  The ocean beauty is unparalleled coupled with the sunset. I have never seen, so many people at one place and still there is silence, peace, serenity across the place.










The local dance is very enriching. They play the story of Ramayana in two episodes. The first episodes bring the essence of Indonesian culture. The second episode is just hilarious! The performers, the artists go all across the open studio and pull up audience in different funny activities and performance. The beauty is when they address different countries and audience cheers up together for each country.










The day was over and it was our turn to visit coffee plantation. I have never been to a coffee plantation before. Though it was dark, it was an experience to walk down the alley in the plantation and taste over 15 varieties of coffee free of cost! The taste of every coffee is so unique and nice, if I had all the store and money, I would have buy all of them. It was not a bad expense. I bought few varieties of coffee worth tasting and drinking everyday.





One of the observations worth mentioning – Balinese follow traffic rules and queue. Just before the monsoon, Government has been very proactive in building up the roads and repair the pending work. Traffic is so smooth even in small lanes on hill region, everyone is patient, follow lanes and queue. I didn’t hear honking or experience potholes! We headed towards Jimbaran for some shopping and it was fantastic to experience the local handmade or manufactured items.


Day 4

Today was the day to visit –Nusa Lembongan .One of the most popular islands of Bali. Incase you want to visit coral reef and jump from the edge on natural bathtubs in the sea, you can go to Nusa Penida as well. Nusa Lembongan swift boats leave by 9.30 AM. Every day. You need to buy tickets or book before through an agent for your trip. You will be allocated with a time line to return and check out from the island. The arrangements are awesome for passengers. You hold two tickets with you. Upon your check in, you will be given a band to wear all day.


The band colors are different for different people or group. People going for water sports like scuba diving will have band color different from people going on exploring the land of Nusa Lembongan. They collect your footwear before you board the boat. Over the blue sea and high waves as go towards the coral island, your eyes do have the cucumber effect by the beauty! Nusa Lembongan has a lot of places to explore.  Yellow bridge, devil’s tears, dream beach, under house, panoramic view, mango groove boating, kayaking. The day is so engaging and super-fast, you won’t realize its 4 PM and you would love to hold back yourself on the island. The beauty of the coral, sea, waves, oceanic color is so so like a dream …. It brings back a lot of peace and happiness in you.







IMG_2291_HEIC.jpg.2c5f9bc96730b03eb95a2c792744b9f2.jpg The panoramic view is from the top of the mountain which looks like Spain! The blue green Coral Sea – stretched across the white sand with red tiled casa and trees around




The Devil tears spot have massive water blows and waves that can sweep people out in seconds. However nothing stop mankind to sit on the rock beds and shoot the water blow and giant waves and roar of waves every second. It’s like a tub on a swing moving right to left over a pendulum. 




You can befriend quite a few travelers or fellow passengers on this trip either during complimentary breakfast or over lunch or transfer to island. It’s like everyone is in consensus with - how beautiful Bali is –whether you are an Australian, French, German, Malaysian or another Indian.IMG_2576_HEIC.jpg.a0242cf2ca106317ea006ec304ae0afb.jpg



Indonesian people are very friendly and open. They would often greet you on roads and in hotels and shopping outlets. They would often try to impress you with singing a Hindi song or speaking some festivals of India. It’s very common for men to come and flirt with a girl in a very healthy way. Please don’t take offence. They have no bad intention. It’s just a way to appreciate you are beautiful, my lady. Always smile back to someone talking to you or asking you a simple question. Balinese are very close to their roots and religion. They offer food to souls and spirits every day. They often can ask you –Are you Hindu? Don’t get offended. You can simply smile and say yes or just in a friendly way say no. They don’t take the conversation any further even if you say “Yes”.




















I did enjoy the Balinese cuisines. Nusa Goreng rice or noodles is now one of my favorites. They also serve you chicken with peanut butter sauce. Try them out. 

The best season for visiting Bali is June to October. The season after October is very humid and have heavy rainfalls. After April, the location takes time to bring back the beauty till end of May. August and September are two pick seasons with beautiful weather and season around.








Incase you love mountains, you can visit Ubud! It is not only beautiful, its breath taking. The slow life, followed with scenibeauty of rice

terrace farming and facing of the hotels and villas to waterfalls and sea can take your breath away.  If you want to experience volcanic activity, you can go to Batur. They come and pick you up at 1 in the morning and you can walk on the slope till 4.30 in the morning for the beautiful sunrise by 6 AM. You can see the fumes and feel the heat over the hill which brings a kind of a different experience of seeing the volcanic readiness in the hill.




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Beautiful story.
Enjoyed reading it.
Pictures of beach are too good.

So the typical question flashes in my mind:

  • How much does the whole trip cost you?
  • How many days are good enough to explore Bali?
  • Is it advisable to take self drive vehicles in Bali?
  • Climatic conditions are similar to India?
  • Average prices of accommodations?
  • How much does the beach view resorts cost? 


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Beautiful story.
Enjoyed reading it.
Pictures of beach are too good.

So the typical question flashes in my mind:
  • How much does the whole trip cost you?
  • How many days are good enough to explore Bali?
  • Is it advisable to take self drive vehicles in Bali?
  • Climatic conditions are similar to India?
  • Average prices of accommodations?
  • How much does the beach view resorts cost? 

Yes yes yes, pinaki answer these. I shall plan my trip accordingly
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23 hours ago, Ranger said:

So the typical question flashes in my mind:



How much does the beach view resorts cost? 


If I take the major expenses here you go

Flight Tickets - 27000 INR. Two ways, Airasia. HYD- KLM -KLM -Denpasar, Bali. I heard Etihad also throws cheap flight tickets. I doubt. Those are offers like from Airasia. Travel without luggage. 


Hotel - Plenty of options are there in Bali. I would say, if you go to a good site, you will see almost all the hotels are awesome and rating ranges between 6.5 to 9. Some are expensive ranging between 21, 000 or above and some are as cheap as INR 2000 per night. I selected a hotel costing me INR 4500 per night. 

However it was on sharing between me and my friend. So split the money to half. INR 4500 for four nights - INR 18, 000. So its INR 9000 each. 

Water sports, Island trip,  cab hire - INR 15000 to INR 18000


If you are looking for big resorts, up class and chic -nothing will come less than INR 12,000 or so. If you are lucky you might pay INR 9000 sometimes. Otherwise... good hotel with private beach will cost you close to INR 4000 and above. 


There are entry fee for few shows and activities and toll tax - This might cost you another INR 3000

Food - Unless and Until, you dont want to step out and eat only at your resort - Yes please spend all your money on food and drinks and do nothing. :P  :P:P


The place has so many restaurants, cafes , small outlets - You will never run out of options . Explore the restaurants and try out dishes. Since a lot of Europeans and Australians visit Bali, you will find plenty of dishes from these continents and also have a huge influence of Indian culture as well. Food might cost you around INR 2500 in an upclass restaurants but the same tasty mean is available somewhere between INR 800 to INR 1200 per person at other places. Sometimes you can have three meals a day at these places costing INR 1000 per day. I am not kidding and they are all good and safe. 



Climatic conditions are similar to India?


Weather in Bali is awesome during August to October. Post October its monsoon and the beaches become dirty and very humid. The weather is seriously bright, clean and cool between June to October. Try yourself.. You wont regret! This is the peak season as well, so the cost might go high... stilll if it rains and you are locked down inside, do you think it worth flying this distance? 


Is it advisable to take self drive vehicles in Bali?


I didn't explore the option of driving in Bali. However what it looks like, you can hire a cab, with driver and fuel for 12 hours and pay just a little over INR 2100. He would take you to all the places you want.  Toyota and Infinity are two big giants you can see all over Bali! Whether you want a SUV or you want a small car, you will always get Toyota for sure . Every time I hired a cab for myself I got Toyota Avanza. Roads are pretty good and nice. I would suggest relax yourself and take a driver if you are on a short trip! Incase your plan for the trip is over five days or so you might hire a car for self drive. A lot of days you will not be with your car since you will be away from Bali on a trip to island and water sports. 


How many days are good enough to explore Bali?


4 days in Bali was really short and hectic! A lot of times you will think you have really missed some hot spots like Ubud, Batur, Nusa Penida and few beaches in the east or down south itself though they were that close to you. My plan is to Hit Bali in August 2018 once again but my base will be in Kuta. Probably a day in that Uluwatu! Rest of the time I will be covering all the places I didnt go. 


How much does the whole trip cost you?


Overall I would say, I didnt cross INR 60, 000. Incase even if I did, this was my first trip so I know next time I will save much more.. because Bali offers you to save and give back money you have invested through its nature, beauty and luxury! 

Must try for all friends and couples. 

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Excellent write up[mention=490]pinaki[/mention]. Made me relive memories from my trip to this beautiful place [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]

Varun , You made my day that time itself when we two were chatting and I was in front of sky garden and Bitang house! U hv been a fantastic guide
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How wonderful! 
@Pinaki, you captured best of the views of the Place, Culture, Food, Nature, Weather, and Fun..Enjoyed reading through the write-up, motivated enough to make a plan to visit Bali soon..
Great job buddy! Keep visiting places & Keep writing about experiences that are beautiful & helpful :x 

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How wonderful! 
@Pinaki, you captured best of the views of the Place, Culture, Food, Nature, Weather, and Fun..Enjoyed reading through the write-up, motivated enough to make a plan to visit Bali soon..
Great job buddy! Keep visiting places & Keep writing about experiences that are beautiful & helpful [emoji8] 

Yo yo Maddy ... anytime
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