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Tamil Nadu Temples Darshan Ride, Day 2:


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Temple Darshan Ride Diaries:

Day 2... 17-02-2024


Started early from Nellore..

It took me about 5 hours to reach Kanchipuram...

after reaching and freshenend up, engaged an Auto to visit temples..

in the morning session visited Sri Kamakshi AmmanTemple & Ekambareswarar Temple..

All temples open around 5 & 6 am in the morning and closed down at 12 noon and open again at 4 pm again in the evening.

in the evening once again engaged the same Auto and visited Sri Varada Raja Perumal Temple & Kailasanathar Temple..

I shall give the details for each of these temples seperately..




Synonymous with spirituality, serenity and silk, the temple town of Kanchipuram, in Tamil Nadu, is dotted with ancient temples that are architectural marvels and a visual treat for the eyes. Situated on the banks of River Vegavathi. This historical city once had a 1,000 temples, of which only 126 (108 Shaiva and 18 Vaishnava) now remain. Its rich legacy has been the endowment of the Pallava dynasty, which made the region its capital between the 6th and 7th centuries, and lavished upon it architectural gems that are a fine example of Dravidian styles. While the temple trail makes for an entrancing experience, the renowned Kanjeevaram sarees crafted in the city are truly awe-inspiring. Premium sarees made with superior-quality silk, these are known for their lustre, weight and gold zari work that make the wearer look graceful.

Historical Overview:

The city was at one time the capital of the Pallavas (4th to 9th centuries CE). Kanchipuram fell to King Pulakesin II (r. 610-642 CE) in the 7th century CE when this powerful Early Western Calukya ruler defeated Harsa of Kanauj. Falling again into Pallava hands it was recaptured by the Calukya ruler Vikramaditya II (r. 733-746 CE) and a contemporary inscription at the site records this victory.

Kanchi was also the home of the famous 6th century CE poet Bharavi who wrote the Kiratarjuniya and the famous 11th to 12th century CE Hindu philosopher Ramanuja.

Still today an important religious centre, the site has over 120 temples and is also noted for its production of fine silk saris.

Main Temples to visit..

Kailasanathar Temple

Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple

Sri Kamakshi Temple

Ekambareswar Temple





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