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Tamil Nadu Temples Darshan Ride, Day 1:


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Day1: 16-02-2024

Started from Hyderabad to Nellore, where my Paternal Uncle lives..

He is 98 year old. That was the main reason to plan my trip via Nellore, so that I can meet him and seek his Blessings.

I started at Hyderabad early morning and reached Nellore by 2.00pm with a couple of stops for Tea and strectching..

In the evening visited Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple.

The Ranganayaka Swamy Temple,

also known as the Talpagiri Ranganathaswami Temple or the Ranganayakulu Temple,

is an ancient temple in Nellore.

It dates back to the 7th century CE and was founded by the kings of the Pallava dynasty, who ruled over this region for many centuries. In the 12th century CE, it was renovated and expanded by King Raja Mahendra Varma, who belonged to the Chola dynasty.

There is a beautiful story behind the name “Talpagiri.” It is said that when Lord Sri Maha Vishnu came to Earth, he wanted to rest alongside his wife, Sridevi. He asked the serpent deity, Adisesha, to be his dwelling during their stay on Earth. Adisesha then transformed into a mountain at a special location, which we now call “Talpagiri Kshetram.” The name “Talpa” means the divine bed of Adisesha, which is where Lord Maha Vishnu rests.

According to legend, the great Sage Kashyapa conducted a sacred ceremony called the Poundarika Yagna at this location on the day of Ekadasi. As a result, Lord Maha Vishnu appeared and blessed the sage.

This is why Talpagiri Kshetram is considered a very special and holy place.

The main deity worshipped at the temple is Lord Ranganatha, who is depicted lying on a serpent bed named Anantha.

The Lord Ranganatha vigraha is a beautiful black stone sculpture that measures about 10 feet long. It features the goddess Sridevi sitting on the Lord’s chest, while Lord Brahma sits on a lotus that rises from the Lord’s navel. At the Lord’s feet, you’ll find smaller statues of Sridevi and Bhudevi. In front of the main deity, you’ll see the Utsava murtis, which are festival deities. There’s also a lovely sitting statue of the goddess Sridevi, known as Ranganayaka Devi.

One unique thing about this temple is that the idols face west, towards the Penna River, which is different from most temples where the deity faces east.




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