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Best Air pump for cars in India


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Now-a-days, tubeless tires have become a standard in most of the cars starting from the entry level. 

Is it really necessary to purchase an 'Air pump'?

Air pump:
I feel it is a must needed accessory for all the cars in any scenario.
Few years ago, a decent air pump used to cost is INR 5000/-
But, now the prices have gone down drastically where in you can buy a good quality air pump under INR 1500/-


Advantages of having an Air pump in your car

  1. No wastage of time when a low tyre pressure is observed. All you need to do is, pump the air and drive to the nearest puncture shop for a quick check.
  2. Most of the modern cars are equipped with a smaller spare tire but, most of them are limited to 80 km/hr speed.
    Reason: To save the Trunk space or Cost cutting
    If you are on the highway, you need to shift back the spare tire again after change.
  3. No need to remove all the luggage from your trunk
  4. You can help your colleagues and neighbors :cooler:
  5. Very helpful in remote areas or night drives or ghat sections.
  6. Will be handy in multiple tire puncture scenarios!
    Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong : Murphy's law


Disadvantages of an Air pump in car

  1. It will eat up  a little of your trunk space (can be negligible at times in bigger boots)
  2. Wont help when the puncture hole when it is too big.
  3. Pressure may not be accurate at times, need to verify again at a nearest tire shop.


Value for money air pumps in the market

  • Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator : URL : ~1350/-
  • Michelin 12264 Digital Micro Tyre Inflator : URL : ~ 2300/- 

Both the above listed products are equally good.



Few tips


  • Always check your air pressure on regular basis. Slow punctures are always a head-ache in tubeless tires which is tough to diagnose.
  • If a particular tire is having less air pressure (compared to other tires) on regular basis, it is always better to check the tire if it has undergone any puncture.
  • Never pump the air when the tires are hot. It is fine for city commute but during a highway drives better to avoid.
  • Low pressure in your tire will cause a tire burst. Many people think the high pressure will cause a tire burst which is so not true.
  • Always use the correct tire pressure suggested by the manufacturer.


During Vikarabad drive, we have observed a tire pressure go down to 18 PSI and it took us around 3 minutes to get back to 33 PSI.

Reducing the excess tire pressure during Srisailam  drive 


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