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Apple IphoneX vs Road trips


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When it goes on sale in India on November 3, the iPhone X will cost Rs 89,000 for the 64GB version. The top-end variant with 256GB is going to cost Rs 102,000. In other words, this is one expensive phones, although you can say that the iPhone has always been expensive.


So the top end Iphone costs about 100k  :o
I am apple user, love their products.

Currently, I am using Iphone 6.

I have been waiting for Iphone 8/X from the past 6 months.

I have watch numerous videos of  launch event and initial reviews in YouTube.
After seeing the price tag(not that I cannot afford), first question popped up in my mind, Is there a need for upgrade?
I'm a power user, I hate to use gadgets that lack quality or slow. 

My requirements from a mobile phone.

  • Take pictures/Selfies
  • Communicate with your loved ones, over social media and calls
  • Browse internet/Watch videos


My POA (Plan Of Action)


Total Budget : 100k
Booked IPhone 7 yesterday, Price : 40k
Money remaining : 60k


With the remaining 60K I have planned three drives.

Drive 1

Month : October

Place : Hyderabad to Kodaikanal 

Budget : 20k (I'm still bachelor, I can carpool with few friends)

Drive 2
Month : December
Place : Hyderabad to Goa
Budget : 20k

Drive 3
Month : Jannuary
Place : Hyderabad to Western ghats (Karnataka)

Budget : 20k

How will you guys spend 60K on a road trip, Is there any better plan, would love to hear it from you guys.


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