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Hyderabad ORR vantage point, Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple


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Distance : 60 kilometers (from Gachibowli)


Location : Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple

GPS : https://goo.gl/maps/vjQrN58LkBP2



On Sunday afternoon @Omik initiated a quick drive(photograpy) along with me @varunc @Saran @Ravi and @Kashyap


As usual Ravi was busy and dropped out in the last minute.

So this time we decided to go in a single car. Easy to park and stop.
So we squezed into Varun's EcoSport.

We started at 3 PM and reached the destination by 4:30 PM, including few breaks en-route.


Route details :

You should take Bongloor exit and drive along the service road.
It is a 2 kilometer up hill drive, once we divert from the service road.
You can see the arch at the entrance.


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After spending an hour, we drove down and started exploring the places around the service road.


ORR tunnels


We decided to leave the road and take the trails.


A small detour took us on this beautiful path.


Sunset time


Golden hour according to Omkar




Last picture for the day


Saran and Omkar, waiting for your pictures.

Thank you.

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