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One massive journey


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I can tell you about Kanpur to Hyderabad section of your journey:
1. Kanpur to Barhi (NH2):
This road is 4 lane and part of Golden Quadrilateral section of Delhi-Kolkata. However I would divide the journey in three legs:
a. Kanpur- Varanasi (Approx 320Km)
The road is very good however has a lot of traffic. In the evening villagers use the highway as vegetable market which causes of lot of traffic jams. So try to avoid this in evening otherwise you will be stuck in traffic for hours.
b. Varanasi to Aurangabad (Bihar) (Approx 190 Km)
The road in this section is being widened to 6 lanes and hence you will find some poor quality road specially around Sasaram and Dehri on Sone bridge.
c. Aurangabad - Barhi (Approx 120 Km)
The road is just awesome.
Near Barhi, there is no proper indication that you have turn right for Ranchi. So be alert after you crosses Barhi toll plaza and use GPS.
2.Barhi to Jamshedpur:
In this section you will find bad road for initial 10-15 kilometres. After that you have awesome road all the way upto Jamshedpur. There is no by pass at Hazaribagh so crossing it will take around half an hour.
3. Jamshedpur to Bahragora:
Pathetic is too light a word to describe this road. A lot of heavy vehicle passes through this road as it link Jamshedpur to port. Due to heavy vehicle this road gets lot of pot holes.
4. Bahragora to Balasore(Point where you meet Golden Quadrilateral again)
The road is average. At the Orissa border they will ask you to pay road tax which is bit high. Just fight with those idiots and they will let you without tax. This tax is kind of illegal because one is eligible to drive in a state for at least a month without tax.
5. Balasore to Vishakhapatnam
The road is simply superb all the way. However you will have to pass through traffic of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar which is very irritating.
6. Vishakhapatnam to Hyderabad via Vijayawada:
The road is awesome all along but you will have to pass through Vijayawada traffic which will be bit irritating.
Note: Please bear in mind that the road you will be using Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa falls under Naxalite belt. Although these roads are operational throughout 24 hour but it is better to excercise some caution. There may be many beautiful scene all along and may tempt you to go close and enjoy. But while you leave highway just consider the time of day. Its better not to take detour after 6-6:30.

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@saurabhanand Awesome details and information sir. I have done Hyderabad to Puri section and the road is flawless. The drive is going to be really nice as the road conditions between this section is good all the way. The section between Vizag to puri will be the most enjoyable section of the drive as you will be driving all the way on the coastline which is amazing. 

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On 8/19/2017 at 0:09 PM, saurabhanand said:

I can tell you about Kanpur to Hyderabad section of your journey:


Excellent Information.

On 8/18/2017 at 6:50 PM, Ashwin said:
  • Hyderabad
  • End : Pune


Hyderabad to Pune is mix of good and bad roads.
Can you share more details on which vehicle you are driving?

Best route for cars:

Hyderabad --> Kulabargai (Gulbarga) --> Solapur --> Pune





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