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Hyderabad – GottamGotta(Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary) – Ethipothala Falls -  Hyderabad


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Hyderabad – GottamGotta(Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary) – Ethipothala Falls -  Hyderabad



Total Distance Covered: 260+ KMS

Vehicle : Nissan Micra 
Fuel : Petrol

One day Trip, Mumbai Highway

Route expedition Via Google Maps

Visited with family in Aug 2022 with family(Delayed post)

Best time to visit: Right after the rainy season


Started from Hyderabad(Attapur) to GottamGotta(Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary)

Via Ringroad until Patancheruvu. Joined the NH 65 and Visited “Shri Ganesh Devasthanam” temple. People believe that the wishes come true after darshan here.. Most of the people are doing pradakshanas here with a slip in there hands for counting the rounds(108)… As everyone does in Chilkur Balaji temple.

Temple premises are neat and parking facility is also available.





Started Towards gottamgotta after having breakfast at road side truck. It was  a rainy day and weather was cool and cloudy. After getting down from the NH 65 at Zaheerabad, started towards the villages and the views are awesome, as it was rainy season.. muddy road and RED soil 😊


Views are awesome, was not expecting these kind of locations, for the photography definitely recommended.



It was a wonderful experience to visit gottamgotta... which is inside chincholi wildlife sanctuary.
We need to trek down a bit(20min) to visit the pond... the views are excellent.....very scenic...peaceful...adventurous... njoyable.

... with light rain drizzling around.... not crowded...with the help of Google maps reached the place without any issues...

Few people were camping 🏕 down the hill near the lake...

Note: Take food and water along with you... after crossing zaheerabad no proper food is available.






























After Spending good amount of time moved towards Ethipothala falls, which is 30mins from Gottamgotta.

It was a single road and passed through small villages. Google maps working fine till destination 😉

It’s a single road, muddy… we will pass through different types of crops on both the sides.

It was worthy visiting there, beautiful location with water falling from the rocks towards down.

Yes, we have to get down a bit from the parking place through the slippery rocks. Just be careful 😊

Just see the pics down below, am out of words to describe the scenic location….













Note: Availability of food only after reaching the NH65, Better carry food and snacks,


Have a Happy and safe Journey :)


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