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Can we sleep in car with AC turned ON


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Hi all.

I went to a remote location where AC is not available.

So I want to use my car AC for whole night.

Can i use my car AC in neutral gear. What are the implications? Can i sleep in my alto 800 with switching on AC for whole night while the car is in idle?


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I slept in my swift for 5 hours in idle (road side), I did not face any issue.

Precautions to take :
1. Keep an eye on the temperature needle. Make sure it stays in the middle.
2. Park the car in open area, exhaust out let is very dangerous, If it sucks into cabin, it can cause death.
3. Close the windows completely and because open windows can suck exhaust gas.

If you have space, I would personally suggest you to sleep in open space and avoid car, unless it is must!


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8 minutes ago, etoor said:
Sure no problem at all in my opinion..
Condition is the engine should be in on position, the only thing is it drinks a lot of fuel [emoji4]


I thought u will definitely ask me.. why the engine should be in On position :)


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2 minutes ago, suniljgbl said:

Is it that danger, if i used for 1-2 hrs. ?

As Uday suggested precautions are must.

Avoid closed parking at any cost.  Open areas are safe, If your exhaust is in good shape without any cracks and modifications.

Carbon monoxide gas (car exhaust output) is odour and tasteless, we would not known that we are being poisoned.

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14 minutes ago, suniljgbl said:

Can you guys throw some light on car exhaust gas.
My car is just 20 months old. Hope it wont be an issue.


Carbon monoxide is released from car exhaust (smoke out let) both in old and new cars.



It could be called the “suicide gas”: each year thousands of people deliberately inhale it, usually in the exhaust fumes of their own cars.

But carbon monoxide (CO) has also caused more accidental deaths than any other poison in history – not just because it’s deadly, but because it slips under the radar of the human senses: you can’t see, smell or taste it, and it doesn’t irritate the skin or mucous membranes.

And it’s fast-acting. By the time you notice symptoms of poisoning, it’s often too late

Source : link




5 minutes ago, etoor said:

Generally all cars are designed in a way. Where exhaust cannot enter into the car.
And all ACs have filters.
Exhaust is rear side and the ac inlet Will be in the front.

Absolutely right.


But when you park in closed parking, exhaust fumes are sucked into AC. 
Parking in open space is always safer, when the car is idling for the longer periods. 

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43 minutes ago, suniljgbl said:

In this case, it is even danger when we use it on drive

Not a problem, when you drive.
Problem is when you stay in closed areas, where the exhaust gas has no place to escape.

While driving we move ahead, leaving them in open air. 

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11 minutes ago, suniljgbl said:

So a open place other than cellar would be fine.

Yes, It is fine as long as there is good air circulation.

Some cellars are too closed (under ground), avoid excess idling in them. 

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If the mechanical functions of the car are not up to standard, the chances of a leakage of the car’s exhaust into the vehicle’s cabin while a person is snoozing could increase the risk of suffocation as it would decrease the oxygen level inside the car.

More information in below link..


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