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Hyderabad to Udhagamandalam (Ooty) Drive


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I have never planned road trips in advance however planning to do the Ooty Drive this month end taking a few additional days off during the long weekend.


I am planning the drive from Hyderabad to Ooty

Hyderabad--> Bengaluru --> Mysuru --> Ooty .


I am thinking of starting early morning and reaching Mysuru by evening to halt for the night.

Any suggestions on pit stops, hotels, sightseeing on way please..


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I started from Hyderabad around 11pm reached Bangalore 9.30 Am


We took some rest and started from Bangalore to Ooty same night at 9 pm.
We had pit stop at  3 Am after Mysore ring road near Indian oil petrol pump, slept for 3 hours.


We reached Bandipur tiger reserve, We went to safari in Bandipur it is one of the best place to see wild life.

Start early in the morning is the best mantra for long drives.


Read all the instructions and follow them you will see the instructions while you enter the Ghat road.

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From Bandhipur to Ooty road (36 hair pins) is very dangerous road i saw many accidents, always maintain low speed at curves, it took me around 1hr :20 mins from Bhandhipur to Ooty.

I used google maps and the route is 100% accurate.

During my drive, It was raining and climate is superb.
I will upload videos when I get time.


Spotting a wild cat is tough, but you can find plenty of elephants and deer.

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@sbhamidi I think, your plan is spot.. Hyderabad to Mysore 1 day, Night halt at Mysore and Mysore to Ooty the next day covering Bandipur national park enroute.

Early morning drive through the Bandipur reserve is beautiful and you will love it.

@hids2017 Was it raining harshly or is it a drizzle throughout ? could you please share any pictures of your road trip here and keep us updated.

I am planning to do it between June 1st and 4th.

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Bandhipur to Ooty has two route.

One route is for cars and small goods carriers, it is little tough to drive. It is called as 36 hairpins road.
Second route is a regular route which is considered as commercial route, trucks and tourists bus.

I would suggest you to take 36 hairpins route, it is fun to drive and has good views. But no proper place to stop the car.

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Let me mention a few places to eat at Ooty and you should try them :D

  • Shinkows  (Best Chinese)
  • Side-walk café (Best Pizzas)
  • Kings cliff - Earl's secret
  • Willy's Café (Mudpie)
  • ABAD - (Best biryani)
  • Wild acres (Cheese)
  • The Cullinarium (Good food and best pastries)
  • King star - (Best home made chocolates)
  • Sarvana bhavan, Roadside café, Kurunji - Are a few regular places to eat.

Don't forget to try 'Varkey' a native snack of Ooty which can be available in the bakeries (Indian bakery at Coonoor)

Also the most fresh carrots and peanuts are best at Ooty

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@sbhamidi I would recommend you to stay in Kotagiri or Coonoor for a more pleasant atmosphere. Ooty is all over crowded for the place it is and any place around 10 kms takes a drive time of 1 hour from there.. Sad to say that it has got exploited by the tourists.


I would like to put up a few pointer which everyone should follow:

  • Please do follow all the regulations while driving as this is the most risky road with sharp hairpin bends.
  • Plan your day perfectly considering the drive time of optimum 3 hours for 30 kms at worst.
  • Please do not fret at the garbage lying while on the way to ooty.
  • Please respect the local culture.
  • When you see wildlife, Do not honk at them or feed them.

Plan well and execute well. Make your trip to ooty a memorable one.

Safe and sound :) 

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@vivek Definitely, staying a 10 kms away from Ooty between so much commercial crowd would be the best tip I can give anyone. Kotagiri and Coonoor are a few places which can be preferred which are more peaceful and calm. The number of hotels are definitely less compared to ooty but u find good guesthouses or Bungalows or Homestays around this place.

@balag Great piece of information on the eateries mate.


Road towards Doddabetta peak, the road is a little spoilt and not as good as before. Too many pot holes en-route.

Avalanche lake, Emerald & red hills are a great excursion sites around ooty.

Also there are restrictions in going to parts of Avalanche & upper bhavani.

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