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A long drive meet at the Nilgiris to rejoice the pre-monsoon showers. June 01 - 04 '17


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'Drive to the Nilgiris to rejoice the pre-monsoon showers' (01-06-2016)


After a splendid night camping & star gazing drive meet last month at Koilsagar, 'India-Drive' now invites you to camp between the Tea plantations on the hill top for those who believe in self exploration while allowing in-depth discovery of the destination.


Let us drive in a union spirit to rejoice the pre-monsoon showers and continue this year on a cheerful note. So come out, join the convoy with 'India-Drive' and hunt down to our own piece of paradise.


When: June 1st - June 4th 2017

Where: Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu 


Start point - Gachibowli (ORR)

End point - Kotagiri 

Start time - 4:00 a.m.

Total Distance - ~900 kms (one way)

Objective - A short drive to enjoy the sudden drop in temperature and thank the pre-monsoon showers.


Places to be covered:

1) Bandipur forest reserve

2) Ooty, Doddabetta (4th highest peak in South India) 

3) Kotagiri 

4) Coonoor


Early morning drive into the Bandipur forest reserve 



Beautiful Avalanche Lake, Ooty



Overlooking the picturesque sight of Ooty at Doddabetta peak.



Beautiful country side of the Kotagiri tea plantations.



Destination description:

  • Bandipur National Park is a forested reserve in the southern Indian state of Karnataka which is known for its small population of tigers. This was once a private hunting ground of the Maharajas of Mysore, the park also harbors Indian elephants, spotted deer, gaurs (bison), antelopes and numerous other native species.
  • Doddabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri hills at 8,650 feet. There is a reserved forest area around the peak which is 9 kms from Ooty, on the Ooty-Kotagiri Road in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. It is a popular tourist attraction with road access to the summit. It is the fourth highest peak in South India.
  • Coonoor is located at an altitude of 6,070 ft above sea level and is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiri hills after Ooty. It is an ideal base for a number of trekking expeditions leading into the Nilgiris.
  • Kotagiri is situated at an elevation of around 5,883 ft above sea level. It is supposed to have the best climate in Tamil Nadu.



Hyderabad (Gachibowli) --- Kurnool --- Bangalore --- Bandipur --- Ooty --- Kotagiri & Coonoor


Meet-up point : Gachibowli ORR entrance
Map location : https://goo.gl/maps/X5onups3Dxj


POC : 9849021091 / 9989745688




Day 1 (June 01 - 2017):


4:00 AM - We start from off from the meet-up point towards Mysore. 
8:00 AM - Stop by for breakfast at Kurnool. 
1:00 PM - We stop by for lunch before we enter the Bangalore city. 
6:00 PM - We reach Mysore to break down for the day. (We shall try to cover Nandi hills en-route as per the members interest)

Day 2 (June 02 - 2017):

7:00 AM: We start from Mysore post breakfast towards Bandipur. 
9:00 AM: Start exploring Bandipur National park and Do a forest safari. 
1:00 PM: We stop by for Lunch while exploring the country side of Ooty.
4:00 PM: We reach our destination (Camp site on the hill top between the Tea plantations in Kotagiri). 
We settle down for the day and explore the Nilgiris at Kotagiri and close down for the night besides some fun at the Bonfire.

Day 3 (June 03 - 2017):

9:00 AM: We explore the whole day around the Nilgiris i.e, Ooty, Conoor and Kotagiri (Off beat loacations)
8:00 PM: We close down early at the night for an early start the next day towards Hyderabad.

Day 4 (June 04 - 2017):

4:00 AM: We start early to escape the Bangalore city traffic and proceed towards Hyderabad.

Things to carry

  • Please do carry your own water bottles and snacks which could be sufficient for 3 days and 4 nights.
  • Trekking shoes, track pants, T-shirts, winter wear and a rain coat.
  • Toiletries, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Mosquito repellent cream and Glucose / Electrol (personal medical kit)
  • Camera kits and Telescopes if any star gazing enthusiasts or night photography enthusiasts.
  • Most importantly loads of energy and positive attitude.

Cost per head: 

3,500 INR  (Accommodation for one night at Mysore, 2 nights at Ooty)

We go dutch on the expenses at Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and misc.


***Note: Number of slots available are 16. 




Accepting to participate in this Drive, is an agreement that you have joined us voluntarily and you accept that organisers do not hold any responsibility for loss or damage of property (vehicle etc.). Also, you are responsible for your own safety and any act of negligence that endangers the safety of fellow passengers, guests or others.


Terms and Conditions:


1) Only cars are allowed.

2) No age/sex restrictions on joining the drive until the driver is licensed.

3) Your car must have all the necessary gear. (Spare tyre etc.).

4) You need to follow the designated convoy position and keep safe distance from the adjacent cars.

5) No compromise on safety at any time seat belts are a must!, always use indicators for lane change.

6) Kindly avoid 'free-play' and 'show-off' during the trip - follow the Marshal's instructions at all times.

7) Carry enough water / refreshments / drinks for self and passengers.

8) Driving members can bring up to 3 guests. We encourage families.

9) You are required to confirm compliance to the conditions for this trip before we can register your RSVP.

10) Acceptance of your RSVP is only notional, and the organizers reserve the right to select the final list of attendees.

11) The organizers do not hold any responsibility for loss or damage of property (vehicle, gear etc.).


If you are a long-drive enthusiast and visiting new places give you a high, YES, this group is just the one for you! Come join us and share your experience.

Let's Dream.. Drive.. Discover!


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Hi guys, As we have already mentioned as the number of slots are limited to 16 slots for this trip, We are dividing the members between the confirmed list and the waiting list as per RSVP prioritized order. Members who RSVP further will have to add themselves to the waiting list.

***Note: The members from the waiting list will be moved to the confirmed list if we have any drop outs from the existing confirmed list of members and the being prior to the same order will follow further.


Confirmed List:

1) Sagar +2

2) Gowtham +1

3) Sruthi + 3     (@Sruthi)

4) Varun + 1    (@varunchetluri)  

5) Ashwin +1    (@Asher)
6) Kashyap+2   (@Kashyap)


Waiting List:

7) Raviteja+2                    (@Ravi)
8) Vamshi U K H+1          (@Omik)

9) Prabhu +3                    (@prabhum)  

10) Rakesh sharma +1     (@sharma)

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We have booked few more accommodations, here is the final list of members.


Confirmed List:

1) Sagar +2

2) Gowtham +1

3) Sruthi + 3

4) Varun + 1

5) Ashwin +1
6) Kashyap+2

7) Raviteja+2
8) Prabhu +3



If you guys know any interesting and offbeat locations in Ooty, please let us know.


Waiting for your inputs. ?

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On 5/17/2017 at 3:56 PM, Varsha. said:


Doddabeta peak

Nice place.

Some times it is over crowded.(commercial)


We will try to visit this place depending on the crowd.


Some off the beat locations in our list

1. Cairn Hill forest reserve.

2. Porthimund Lake

3. Avalanche lake

4. Pykar river

5. Upper Bhavani (permission required)



  •  Tranquilitea Gourmet 
  •  Rallia Dam



  •  Kodanad View Point


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One more week to go. :)

Things to do this weekend :

1. Check the wheel alignment and balancing.

2. Check the air pressure of your spare tire.
3. Check your brake pads. Cars that have driven more than 40k kilometers on stock brakes, need to be extra careful.
4. Move your umbrella or raincoat into the trunk.
5. Take out your winter wear and keep them ready.


How to drive in the hills?

1. Never overtake in the blind curves.
2. Always be considerate to heavy vehicles, fully loaded commercial vehicles are tough to maneuver in hills.

3. If there is any traffic jam, stick to your lane. Do not overtake from the wrong side and block the on coming traffic.
4. When you are driving down hill.

  • Break early, Judge your speed.
  • Give a way to vehicle driving up hill.
  • If the road is narrow, plan a passage point and slow down early.
  • In case of brake failure, use engine braking by shifting into second or first gear and engage handbrake.
  • Stay in the lowest gear possible, don't go beyond 2nd gear in steep sections.
  • Use horn when you are tackling with blind curves, you can use dipper during night. 

5. Driving up hill.

  • Stick to your lane. (left)
  • Don't ride the clutch, use clutch only to shift gears or while starting from zero on a steep section.
  • Don't shift early, keep your car in the lowest gear, which helps you to stay in the power band.


Motion sickness:

  • People suffering from motion sickness, try to sit in the front seat.
  • Keep you medication handy. (Avomine) 


Weather report of Ooty on June-2nd and June-3rd.

  • Rains are expected.
  • Fill your wiper washer.
  • Roads will be slippery, keep your speed in check.


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23 hours ago, Ranger said:

After a long time, still travelling countries? 


Slots are full as of now. We acceded the accommodation limit.
If there are any drop outs, we will let you know by this weekend. 

nah. No time for traveling :(

Time to get married :P


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  • 2 weeks later...

India-Drive would like to thank all our members who were part of this drive. 

Every member became more like an extended family for playing their parts, which increased the fun quotient.


Ooty being commercial, we faced few road blocks.
It is amazing to see how our members kept the spirits up.


You have wonderful energy. Hats off to you for that.

I never came across any person like you till date.


Praveen and Sruthi

You guys never miss a drive, You guys add lot of spice to the group.

Drives are definitely boring without you guys. 

Can never forget Jr. Arnav episodes with Kashyap.

Ravi Teja
True passion for road trips and Photography.

Me and my wife always had fun reading your WhatsApp messages. 

Prabhu, Ashwin and Satish (families) 

This is your first drive with us.

But we felt like we have known you guys from long back.


Prabhu and Bharathi you guys are too cool for your age. 

Had lots of fun discussing about cars with Ashwin.

Kashyap and Sr.Arnav aka Bittu aka Sugandhar

Had lot fun on those "cloud creation" discussions.

You are the most calm and composed person.


It is sad that you left us in the middle of the trip due to family emergency.

We are very great full to have you all as part of India-Drive family.

If time permits we shall meet for some breakfast drive.


Few teasers: Bandhipur forest




Tea factory in kotagiri


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Hey guys, it took us quite some time to recover from the exhaustion & trauma and get back to our senses and thank each and everyone of you for making this a road trip to remember. Every bit of the drive starting from the highways into the forests and cruising on to the ghats and falling in love with nature has been really worth. More importantly everyone of your support, enthusiasm and energy really did matter to us when a few things turned out aback at us. Thanks a lot for puling up your socks and keeping oneself so charged to explore more during the lows of this drive. Overall, it has been a commendable team work and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for being so active throughout and making this drive worth a memory in India-drive's sac. Cheers!


When the drive started....



When the drive commenced....



Hence Ooty!



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