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Hyderabad to Goa, Doodhsagar, Dandeli and Hampi


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Hyderabad --> Belgaum -->Goa --> Doodhsagar --> Dandeli --> Hampi --> Hyderabad


Route Followed from Hyd to Goa:

Trip --> 2200 km

Drive -- > Swift Dzire

Fuel -- > Diesel

Mileage -- > 16 kmpl

Drive time --> 12 hrs (excluding breaks)


Road Condition : Over all two-lane road which is drivable.


Hotel : Stayed in belgaum for 1 night, 3 nights in Baaga, 1 night in palolem, 1 night near dandeli, 1 night in bellary.


Places Covered : North goa and south Goa, Dudhsagar water falls, Dandeli, Hampi


Hyderabad to Goa Route :

Hyderabad ---> Shadnagar-->parigi ---> Sedam ---> Gulbarga ---> Jewargi ---> Bijapur ---> Bagalkot ---> Belgaum ---> Chorla Ghat ---> Baaga


1) Road till Gulbarga is 2 way road which is good with 55 Rs Karnataka state Toll.

2) Road from Gulbarga to Bagalkot via bijapur is average 2 way road with less traffic.

3) Road from Bagalkot to Belgaum is decent 2 way road.

4) Road from Belgaum to Baaga Goa via chorla saquelim Bicholim Mapusa is great with INR 250 Toll .


Note: I took hyd --> Shadnagar road as I stay near LBNagar. You can take hyd-->chevelle-->parigi also based on your starting point.


Route Followed from Goa to HYD:


Baaga --> Panjim -->Palolem --> collem (doodhsagar) --> Mollem --> ganeshgudi --> Dandeli --> Hubli Dharwad --> Gadag --> Hosepete --> Hampi --> Bellary --> Kurnool --> Hyderabad.


1) Road from baaga to palolem is decent with city trafiic at some places.


2) Road from Palolem to Doodhsagar is very decent country side road with very less traffic. Road condition for Few Km's before we reach Collem is average.


3) Half the way from Collem to Gharli is good and other way is way too bad with potholes.


4) Road from Dandeli to Hubli Dharwad is 2 way road which is good enough to drive.


5) Road from Hubli to Hosepet is decent 2 way road with less traffic.


6) Road from Hosepet --> Bellary --> Guntakal is really bad with major potholes.


7) Needless to say about road from Gutty --> Hyderabad. (This is the only 4 way road which I’ve driven for distance in the entire trip)




a) Please expect the unexpected Speed breakers once you enter Karnataka.

b) Followed google map suggestions throughout our journey (Used Airtel 3g data which had great network and data speed all the way)


Our Trip starts here:


We've started at 6 am on 24th september 2015 saturday and reached belgaum by 6 pm including breaks. We have halted in belgaum (Anupam lodge) so that we can experience the scenic places of chorla ghat during day time.

Next day we started from belgaum and reached baaga by 12 PM.


Day 1 in goa:


1) Finding a room.

2) Baaga visit

3) Calungate visit

4) Anjuna beach visit


Day 2 in goa:


1) Majorda beach

2) Ashvem beach

3) Aarambol beach


Day 3 in goa:


1) Baaga, candolim again.

2) Sanquerim Beach visit.

3) Aaguda fort visit.


Day 4 in Palolem south goa:


1) Checked out room and headed to south goa palolem beach which is 90 km from baaga. Route followed Baaga--> Calugante--> panjim --> Margao --> Canacona (palolem beach), Its a straight road from panjim via margao which is good.

2) En route to palolem we have visited St. Franscis Church

3) Reached Palolem beach by 2PM. (Took a boat to visit butterfly island, monkey island) and we stayed in palolem beach that night.


Day 5 in Doodhsagar:


1) Headed to Doodhsagar from palolem. We followed the route which google maps suggested and the road is really good.

We have to reach Collem village to visit doodhsagar water falls, park our car at collem and take a Jeep from there INR 400 per head. They have an association and only those guys will be taking us to doodhsagar in their jeeps. Other way to reach doodhsagar waterfall is trekking. Driver of the Jeep said us they also take people to doodhsagar on byk’s which will cost INR 750. However this facility was not available now.

2) Started in Jeep to Doodhsagar from Collem, which is total off roading in bolero. It took around 40 mins to reach doodhsagar. They give us 1 hour to spend at waterfalls after which we should board the jeep at doodhsagar and they will drop us at collem .

Note: Dont reach Collem village after 3PM to visit Doodhsagar because there will be no jeeps available at that time.


Day 6 in Dandeli, Hampi:


1) We started our journey from Collem --> Mollem --> Gharli --> Ganeshgudi --> Dandeli. This route has goa checkpost at mollem and Karnataka check post. Half way is Excellent 2 way ghat road. Other half to Gharli is full of major pot holes and ditches. We reached gharli by 7pm.

2) Headed to Dandeli next day morning Gharli à ganeshgudi à Dandeli. Road is okay amidst of thick forest. Our idea was to do river rafting @ dandeli. Visited Stanley guest house as suggested by sagar and unfortunately river rafting was not possible because of the low water flow, So we didn’t stay at Dandeli and headed our way to hampi via Hubli-Dharwad. Road from Dandeli to Hubli is good which is amidst forests. Road from Hubli to Hosepete is decent 2 way Karnataka road with low traffic.

3) Been to Hampi and stayed at bellary that night. Headed to Hyderabad next day morning. Had a Bavarchi Biryani @ Hyderabad and watched kanche telugu film. Trip ends here.


Overall the worst road which i had expereinced is from Mollem --> Karnataka check post --> Gharli and Hosepet --> Bellary --> Guntakal. Apart from this most of the roads are Driveable.


If you are travelling from hyd --> Goa, Please take the Up Route via gulbarga-->bagalkote which is decent enought to drive. Best road in the up journey is from Belgaum --> Chorla ghat. Road was excellent. You can take the same road while you return back unless you have someother places to cover.

Hope this helps.


Please let me know for any queries. Happy Road Tripping :)


Below are Some Pics:

While we are travelling in Bolero from Collem to Doodhsagar. Dint captured it correctly, Opposite blurred vehicle is also a bolero, its all terrain. 


On our way from Belgaum to Goa via chorla. Road remains same Till Chorla. Be careful while driving as its ghat road. Stay in your lane always. [




The Church


We have walk for a mile after we get down from the Jeep. Below are the photos caputured in Doodhsagar while we are walking. 


Doodhsagar :) :) 






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Thanks a lot. I was the only driver all 8 days.

Your post really helped us a lot while we were in goa. I'd have never known about palolem if it wasn't for your post. Palolem beach was very class, I liked it personally and also the islands.

Information is spot on.

Karnataka is full of unexpected speed breakers. It brings down the average a lot especially when driving low slung sedans.

Edited by sagar
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Yeah. That's the only regret in our entire trip. We skipped few things in Goa to do Rafting but then we got to know this...

May be we need to wait till next rainy season.

But you have done an amazing road trip.:clap:

Hope some day we get a 4-lane road all the way till Goa.How are hotels in Belgaum?

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Sam said:
Hey...planning for a road trip to Goa next month..what about the route via karwar???...has anyone travelled in that route??


I did Hyderabad to Gokarna, route is average, most of the road is single lane.But traffic is slightly less when compared to other state highways.

There are many speed breakers in Karnataka which kills the average. :angry:


Best route is Hyderabad - Shamshabad - Mahbubnagar - Makthal - Deosugur - Raichur - Sindhanur - Gangavathi - Hubli - Idgundi - Gokarna.


Till Idgundi it is the same route.


Any specific reason why you want to go via Karwar?


For more information on Goa you can search for "Go Goa Gone"

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