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Google maps, share live location, follow me and follow the leader.


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Google maps has launched the live location sharing feature.

Share your location with friends and family. They can share with you, too.

Advantage of using 'Google maps live location sharing'.

  • Continuous reliable tracking.
  • Following the leader, you can share your location to multiple users.
  • No need to install unreliable Apps.
  • No separate credentials required.
  • No security issues.


How to use google live location sharing feature?


1) Click on the options (3 horizontal bars) and click on the 'Share location'.



2) Click on the "GET STARTED" button.



3) Select the following options ranging from 1 hour to unlimited time period.



4) YES, you need to turn ON your location services and keep it ON until sharing is finished.



5) You can share your location link in multiple messaging services.



6) For instance, I have selected 'whatsApp' and shared my live location with a friend of mine.



Similarly, your family and friends can share their location with you. 

Happy road tripping. 

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18 hours ago, sai86 said:

Looks like this is not completely rolled out in India, I am unable to get SHARE LOCATION option.

BTW: I tried after updating the app.

Android or IOS?
Working fine on my Andriod mobile.
Did you turn on Location sharing?

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