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Hi Abdullah,


This can be done in one day for sure, but by the time you reach Ooty it will be night. I suggest you to stay in Mysuru for the night and start to Ooty next day early morning.

This way you can have good scenic view of Bandipur forest and try avoiding hairpin route, take the other route which cuts through forests if you are travelling with family.



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Hi @Abdullah baig, The above route mentioned by shiva is the best choice you've got.. But, As @sai86 was suggesting, I recommend you to take the road from mysuru to ooty during the daylight as the ghat section in that stretch is quite risky but if in case you start off early around 4 a.m. from Hyderabad, you will reach Ooty by the evening before day lights closes down.


Hence I suggest you to start early by 4:00 a.m. so that you would reach your destination by 6:00 p.m. Hope you have a safe drive.

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9 hours ago, Abdullah baig said:

please advice best route traveling from hyderabad to ooty


Route A
Hyderabad --> Bangalore --> Mysuru --> Bandipur --> Theppakadu (Take a left) ---> Ooty


Route B
Hyderabad --> Bangalore --> Mysuru --> Bandipur --> Theppakadu (Go straight) --> Guduluru --> Ooty


Route A : You will come across 36 hairpins curves which are fun to drive and risky when the vehicle is fully loaded. On this route you wont find any big trucks and bus.

Route B : Regular route, which is mostly followed by commercial bus and trucks.

I would suggest you to take Route A which is most fun to drive.

  • Hyderabad to Ooty is doable in a single day. 
  • If you want to enjoy Bandipur forest and explore some places en-route, take a break at Mysuru.
  • Start early in the morning from Mysuru and cover Bandipur forest safari.

Go through the following link for pictures:

Few pictures of Bandipur forest which is en-route to Ooty. 




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