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Trip Explanation and Experience  

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Via- Narktpally-Nalgonda-Miryalaguda-Dachepalli-Piduguralla-Addanki-Ongole (Bypass)-Kavali (Bypass)-Nellore (Bypass)- Naidupeta- Srikalahasti-Tirupati (Bypass)-Tirumala.

The trip began on Saturday 09/01/2021 4:15 am from Hyderabad Kothapet.

Taken- NH No 65:- Hyderabad ⇄ Vijayawada Up to Narkatpally.
From there right turn to State Highway No 2or 167/A:- Narkatpally ⇄ Addanki Up to Addanki.
From Addanki, Get on NH16 in Medaramatla(Flyover).
Rest for 20 minutes.
Continue on NH 16 towards Ongole-Kavali-Nellore-Naidupeta.
Get on NH71:- Naidupeta-SrikalaHasti-Tirupati (One way road).
Rest and Lunch for 40 minutes.
Finally from Tirupati(Bypass) to Tirumala (Ghat Road).
Reached Tirumala at 3:30 PM.

Successfully done Dharshan on same day 9.00 PM.

Whole night Rest.
GOOD roads.......

Next day Return journey(10/01/2021).

Trip Started 8 am started from Tirumala to Tirupati.
Reached to Srikalahasti 9:30 am. After Darshan back to NH 71:- Srikalahasti-Naidupeta (One-way road). Continued on NH 16 towards Naidupeta-Nellore-Kavali-Ongole-Medaramatla(Flyover).
Lunch and rest 1hour in Dhaba...
From there left turn to State Highway No 2or 167/A:- Addanki ⇄ Narkatpally Up to Narketpally.
Tea Break 20minutes
Taken left turn- NH No 65:- Hyderabad ⇄ Vijayawada Up to Hyderabad Kothapet...

Reached home by 8.00 PM.

The trip took km around 1215 total... Petrol Cost- 3000(Approx.)

photo_2021-01-20 13.13.23.jpeg


photo_2021-01-20 13.13.36.jpeg

photo_2021-01-20 13.13.38.jpeg

photo_2021-01-20 13.13.40.jpeg

photo_2021-01-20 13.13.42.jpeg

photo_2021-01-20 13.13.44.jpeg



photo_2021-01-20 13.13.48.jpeg

photo_2021-01-20 13.13.49.jpeg

photo_2021-01-20 13.13.51.jpeg

photo_2021-01-20 13.13.52.jpeg



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Thank you for  the Valuable note.

16 hours ago, sagar said:

@Raviteja0397 That’s a gutsy ride what you’ve done which very few choose to do. And more importantly, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. The information you have shared is very much valuable. Hoping to see more interesting stories as such from your experience. Cheers!


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