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Hyderabad to Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir: A short drive gateway


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After unlock 4.0 we started exploring options for travel, which should be short one and safe.

Got info about Kondapochamma reservoir and decided to explore it.


Initial plan was to catch sunrise. But home's chief minister and leader of opposition (my son, they rules the house) objected this.

So started around 8 in the morning from Miyapur.


Kondapochamma entry:
It has two entries, main entry and secondary entry.

Some times main entry is closed, no need to disappoint. There is one more entry from the back side.
Drive a little further ahead you can find another entry, but the road is patchy.  

  1. Kondapocharamma First Entry point location details(High crowd) :  https://goo.gl/maps/N1e4tAC9bmYTB4fu8
  2. Kondapocharamma Second Entry point location details (Medium crowd)https://goo.gl/maps/Ca3L4CuGkEc95s8E7
  3. Kondapocharamma Third Entry point location details (Less crowd😞https://goo.gl/maps/AaRAWCpYnqos3Avg8


Road condition from Hyderabad to Kondapochamma:

Roads are excellent till reservoir ( just 2 to 3 km of bad road near to it). Distance is around 65 km.


Time spent at Kondapochamma:

It is good location for relaxation and photography. We spend around 2 hours there, took breakfast and return back by 2PM in afternoon.


Best time to visit Kondapochamma:

Note: Best time to explore is early morning or late evening.


Food availability at Kondapochamma:

Carry own food and water, you will find nothing around it.


Avoid Kondapochamma on weekends:

Avoid Kondapochamma during weekends, it is usually overcrowded.
If you plan on weekend, start early in the morning from Hyderabad. 
Crowd picks up post 10AM.


Some of the important facts about Kondapochamma sagar reservoir:

  • It is part of multi-stage lift Irrigation of Kaleshwaram
  • Plan is to make Godavari river live through out the year over a streach of 274 kilometers to make farming efficient.
  • It is around 15 kilometers in area
  • Costed around 1700 crores, water is spread around 17 sqkms
  • Maximum depth is around 600M
  • Provides irrigation to around 2,85,000 acres through canals


Mandatory selfie with the steed


















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  • Gowtham changed the title to Hyderabad to Kondapochamma Sager Reservoir short drive gateway
  • Gowtham changed the title to Hyderabad to Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir: A short drive gateway

Very informative post @mit1682.. Thank you for sharing. I have paid my visit a few weeks ago when the weather itched for a long drive.. Though I failed to reach the top because of the crowd, it was a lovely evening. Could you share the co-ordinaries of an other entry that you had mentioned..? 

Sharing a few pictures of my visit.. 


Long traffic queues all along.. 😊














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Nice post. Thanks for all helpful informations.


I have visited this place recently. Its a nice place surrounded with greenery. Luckily the place was peace with very less visitors. because I have seen lot of crowd in most of the posts.


I have created a youtube video on this journey. Here it is 




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