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Hyderabad to Kolkata latest route update


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**Route update NH65/ NH16/ NH14**
Distance -1672 kms
Total time 26 hrs
Standstill time : 1 hr 17 min ( includes breaks + refueling )
Source : Hyderabad
Destination: Asansol
Vehicle - Duster AWD.
Start : Friday 9pm . Sept 2020
End - Saturday 11pm Sept 2020
Toll charges - 1600 ( Paytm fastag discounts )
Diesel - 119 litres
Average diesel rate at all states ~ 80
Road conditions -
(9pm - 1am ) Hyderabad to Vijaywada - nh65 , first 60 kms can get irritating if you drive during daylight and traffic. Post that tarmac is smooth and you can make up time.
( 1am -6 am) Vijaywada - Vizag - Post Tuni till southern Chilka - lots of diversions but they are in a better shape from what I had seen during the last Hyderabad - East Bhutan trip. 33kms before entering Vizag we took the Bypass , it was scenic and scarcely busy although we crossed it at 5:30am .
( 6am -2pm ) Vizag - Chilka - Bhubaneswar : Super scenic + great road. Chilka - Bhubaneswar : Major diversions but manageable with mild traffic from adjoining towns.
( 2pm - 6pm ) Bhubaneswar - Kharagpur : great road ,no issues but tarmac has major undulations , cars with lower GC will bottom out, saw a swift dzire break it's left fog lap. Just be careful. But majorly scenic.
( 6pm -11pm ) Kharagpur - Bishnupur - Raniganj -Asansol : Smooth tarmac, lots of towns / villages enroute, we did it at night, that saved a lot of time. Keep an eye for weak bridges. A brigde we used often for past few years was shattered by an overwhelmed river.
Passes and URLs -
Orissa - https://covid19.odisha.gov.in/ ( 1 pass )
WB- 8017845555 ( send a ping via whatsapp, then respond accordingly)
We were not stopped at any state border for checking passes in the 26 hours of driving.
Note: please research about the days of lockdown in AP/OD/WB, authorities are very strict.
Picture - A mandatory selfie with Kashfool. aka - Saccharum Spontaneum
Those who are planning to drive excercise caution and safety.
Have a happy and a safe trip.

Source : Aritra Ray
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Guest N N Dutta

Hi, how is the road experience from Hyderabad to Kolkata , if you can please help me with details including road side rest overs if any. 

I would be driving Honda Civic , with low road clearance , I need to understand the road condition .

Appreciate your help please 



N N Dutta 

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6 hours ago, Guest N N Dutta said:

I need to understand the road condition .

Roads are mixed. Overall Civic can manage without any issues. 

6 hours ago, Guest N N Dutta said:

if you can please help me with details including road side rest overs


Facilities are limited once you cross Vizag. 
Fuel stations/Busy dhabas/Toll gates are safe places for power naps. 
Make sure place is busy. 

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