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'Year end day drive' - Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar drive meet - Report

After a wonderful start of drive meetups this year, we're here again to celebrate our drive of the year 2016 together.


When: December 10th 2016

Where: Nagarjunasagar

Distance: ~180 kms

Start point : Gachibowli ORR

End point : Nagarjunakonda Island

Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar Route
Hyderabad --> Yacharam --> Mallepalli --> Nagarjuna sagar dam --> Nagarjunasagar

In layman terms it is straight road(Hyderabadi: Highway pakkad ke seedha jaavo :D). Once you hit the highway no diversions required.


Cover pic:




1) Hyundai i20 Elite

2) Ford Figo Aspire

3) Renault Duster

4) Hyundai Creta

5) Honda Civic (Black)

6) Honda Civic (Red)

7) Skoda Octavia

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Join our roadtrip WhatsApp group

Our last meet-up of the year 2016 was planned a just 2 weeks ahead of our meet up and our excitement towards meeting all the new India-Drive men started to prevail. Well, it had finally happened on a Saturday i.e. 10th December-2016 which turned out to be more fun than what we have anticipated. 



All the 7 cars who attended the meet have lined up for a short introductory session:)



We set our own pace towards the destination by not missing out on 'India-Drive's' convoy 



That's how you space up with the car ahead of yours :D


Those long curves are fun to drive. But overall road condition is average.



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We reached our first stop at the destination besides the Nagarjunasagar dam which seemed quite dry with no water around



We got involved with our principle photo-shoot at the pit-stop


Group picture.





We paced up towards our next stop before we headed for lunch i.e, Boating point towards the Nagarjunakonda Island





The roads throughout this place seemed quite good for a smooth drive



All the 7 cars besides the dam



Covering the entire convoy in frame is a tough job. Time to get a wide angle lens.




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On our way to the boating point, we stopped by for a short breather to get some clicks



The boating start point towards Nagarjunakonda Island



We had reached the Island which was on the other side of the dam when the shone bright on our heads :ph34r:







All set for a ride back towards our start point



And yes the water was in abundancexD








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A small photo-shoot during the boat ride


Lone ferry.


View of the dam from the ferry.





We were all set for a drive back to Hyderabad



Waiting for the rest of the members to regroup.



We had stopped by for a late lunch at the Siddartha hotel 



That's all folks.. See you again :) and looking forward for more this 2017 :D




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It's been a pleasure meeting you guys. Return drive was super fun. Car discussions, boring boat ride, high speed convoy, food hunt, chicken Biryani @5pm, special nimbu soda with seeds, tea breaks, photo shoots, night drive, vinit's gyan on new hidden feature in fiesta, saran car gyan session, kumsi selfie video, harshita joining the drive even though she visited the place recently and jagadesh keeping up with us despite being a new driver.


We missed the panchagani team. Hope to see you all in 2017.


Thank you guys for contributing and making the drive a success.

Drive video: Nagarjunasagar dam to Boating point.

Boating video : Nagarjunakonda

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