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Hyderbad to Bhopal route information


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I have to travel from Hyderabad to Bhopal next week via Nagpur and Betul with my family. I am planning on covering the entire stretch in a day.


I am specially concerned about the security of the entire stretch during this pandemic, particularly Betul to Bhopal part.


Also, do I need to get pass for the travel? Now that inter-state movements are allowed, as per the authorities here at Hyderabad we don’t need any passes anymore. However, will get it if required


Any advice will be very helpful.




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Here is what I can tell you about the part of my recent trip which overlaps with your route:


Hyderabad to Nagpur (27th July 2020)


Nagpur to Betul (28th July 2020)


I hope others will provide information about the rest of your trip (Betul to Bhopal).
I left the Bhopal route at Betul and headed to Dewas via Chicholi > Timarni > Harda > Khategaon > Kannod > Chapda > Double Chowki > Bangarda > Lasudia.

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