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Road condition from Hyderabad to Bhopal


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I am planning to drive to Bhopal from Hyderabad with family. Has anyone traveled recently by road? Can we do it in one day, if we start at 5 am from Hyderabad ? How is the road condition from Hyderabad to Nagpur and from Nagpur to Bhopal.



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17 hours ago, Abhijain said:


I am planning to drive to Bhopal from Hyderabad with family. Has anyone traveled recently by road? Can we do it in one day, if we start at 5 am from Hyderabad ? How is the road condition from Hyderabad to Nagpur and from Nagpur to Bhopal.




Hi @Abhijain,

Hyderabad to Nagpur can be done easily in 8 to 9 hours for 500 kms with a break in between. The roads are excellent.

Beyond Nagpur, the roads are under construction which would take about 8 hours for 350 kms.


I would recommend you to break your travel into 2 days for a safer and tireless drive.

Or Plan your drive to start at 3 AM from Hyderabad and you might reach Bhopal by 8 or 9 PM.    (Avoid late night drives in this stretch after cross Nagpur)


Drive Safe and update us back once you are done with your drive. Cheers!

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On ‎7‎/‎20‎/‎2020 at 3:56 PM, Saurabh02 said:

Any security concerns?

Be sure to carry the interstate permits required.

Also, make sure that you start early and finish your trip during the day light.

Cautious about the road conditions after the Nagpur. Sudden potholes could surprise you.

Carry a tire inflator along.

Fuel up between regular intervals once it gets half done.

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On 7/27/2020 at 8:36 PM, sankalpk said:

Link to my post on another thread, containing latest updates on Hyderabad to Nagpur travel by road. Based on my trip today, 27th July 2020. hth


For Hyd to Nagpur I've posted above, for Nagpur to Bhopal I do not have much to say, except that the roads from Nagpur until the Indore exit at Betul from the National Highway are quite good. This is based on the Journey I did from Nagpur to almost Indore (Dewas) on 28th July 2020.


FUEL TIP: Diesel Prices in Maharashtra were cheaper by 2 rupees per litre, so I got my tank filled before crossing over to MP. Saved 60 Rupees.



There is road construction (main highway is under maintenance) going on near the Thermal Power Plant which you see when you are leaving Nagpur. You will have to use the service road for a few km before you can rejoin the highway. So please take care to not leave Nagpur at a crowded time, or your service road experience may consume more time.
Dug up road starts here and ends here.

From there until border crossing into MP things are OK. No particularly bad patch.


MP Border crossing is a free-for-all. The guy sitting at the "CAR" lane just lets you through. No questions, no need to stop even. Just slowing down, making eye contact, and being waved through is enough.


Once inside MP, the road is excellent. Fun to drive. You can easily go to speeds like 140 or so in many parts of the highway. I would still recommend being careful when the "GHAT STARTS" signs are seen. Even though the ghats are not really very complex at all, just some curves and you are through.


Until Betul, where I got off the nice road bound to Bhopal, onto NH47 towards Indore (which isn't 4 lane) things are great. You should not experience any trouble from the road.


FASTag: Very recommended. Do use. Makes things a breeze at almost all of the toll booths. I have a PayTM FASTag and it works great.
(The only place where I have found it to not work is the Hyderabad Airport car parking, which for some reason only supports ICICI FASTag)
TOLLS: There is one Toll Booth shortly after leaving Nagpur city limits where FASTag wasn't working and they charged me 85 Rupees in cash. Other than that, from Nagpur till the Indore exit near Betul I crossed 2 FASTag enabled Toll Booths which charged me 80 (Khambara Toll Plaza) and 85 (Milanpur Toll Plaza) Rupees respectively.

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