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Hyderabad - Pandharpur -Tuljapur trip with Parents on their Anniversary


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This is my first proper post after being member of this great group. Please feel free to suggest any correction or enhancements needed.


Total distance : 726Km

Vehicle : Wagon R 2019

Fuel CNG+Petrol

No of Days: 1.5 days

Single Driving.

Toll : 520/-


Route : BHEL (Lingampally --Humnabad - Basavakalyan -- Omerga -- Naldurg -- Solapur-pune bypass- Mohol -- Pandharpur 


Roads Naldurg are in awesome condition now, other than minor bad patches where flyovers are being constructed, you will find few speed breakers there. Beyond Naldurg, if driving at night, have to be careful about small potholes where construction is in progress but mostly road is complete upto Solapur. 

Day -1 

Started from Lingampally at 5PM in the evening. First break at 9PM for dinner @ Hotel Sai Prasad , just before Naldurg

Was back on road at 10PM, Reached Pandharpur at 12:30AM.

Checked into Hotel Balaji Lodging in front of Railway station. Very clean hotel. Parking for 3 or 4 cars available. I was lucky, got the place to park.




Got ready early for Darsan in Vitthal Rukmani temple. There are ample parking place around the temple. I found one big parking ground near Shivaji chowk. Had to walk 650mtrs for the temple. One can hire auto too. Vitthal Rukmani temple is very very famous in Maharastra but it was less crowded on that day, so we were able to finish darsan in couple of hours. Had breakfast and then went to Isckon temple which is on the other side of the chandrabhaga river. Nice place and there is a nice vegeterian restaurent available there.


Had Gujrati lunch at 35th Mahaprabhuji baithak pandharpur and then started towards Tuljapur at 1:15PM.


Route : Pandharpur -- Mohol -- Solapur ring road -- First major exit towards Tuljapur : Distance 114KM. Can be covered easily below 2 hrs.


Solapur to Tuljpur road is also toll road -- 60 rs one way


We reached Tuljapur around 3PM and immidiately went for Darsan in Tulja bhawani temple. Completed darsan around 4PM . Were back on the road around 5PM. Stopped for tea break before going out of Tuljapur. Stopped at hotel Sai Prasad for a break and had some snacks and tea. 


After than we directly stopped at Hotel Gujrat at 8:30PM just outskirts of Basavakalyan. Food was very good. Price is very cheap. Good washroom, although not very clean. Enough parking place. there is factory owned HP petrol pump there.


Started from there at 9:15PM and reached Home(Lingampally) at 11:45PM.  Distance :162KM


Parents were happy that they got blessings at these two famous temples on their 40th Anniversary i.e.22nd January, which makes me equally happy.


Will try to upload few pics soon in the coming post.


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Join our roadtrip WhatsApp group

14 minutes ago, PareshBhinde said:

This is my first proper post after being member of this great group

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience here on the forum so quickly @PareshBhinde. Information is really helpful for members planning their travel in the future. Appreciate it. Please share any pictures if possible :) 


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Very nice post Paresh.This route is very famous due to Shirdi travel....The WagonR mileage is awesome..... [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]

I am also starting to Nashik tomorrow early morning...and I will go via Tuljapur-Osmanabad-Beed. I hope the stretch between Omerga till Naldurg must have been improved since my last travel in March-2019.

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