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Hyderabad to Coorg, 5 days road trip suggestions


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18 hours ago, Vamsi55 said:

November 2019


November is usually busy, it depends on the resort you are planning. 
I would suggest you to book in advance. 



Hyderabad > Bangalore > Mysuru
Hyderabad to Coorg is very hetic, split your plan.


Mysuru > Bandhipur > Coorg
Start early in the morning and visit Bandhipur forest safari.

Explore Coorg, commercial places. 

Day: 3 
1. Mandalapati Jeep ride (Don't miss it, Start early in the morning from Coorg)
2. Abbey waterfalls (on return)
3. Rajas seat (on return)

Day :4
Visit regular commercial places.

Drive back to Mysuru in the evening and visit Mysuru palace 


Day: 5
Mysuru to Hyderabad 

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Guest ilyas

Hello All,

Planning a trip from Hyderabad to Coorg with Family (2 children under 12 years). Appreciate any suggestions on best route and if can avoid entering Bangalore.

Also, to avoid continuous driving (have small car, Grand i10),any option for overnight stay outside/near Bangalore and continue to Coorg early morning.


Thank you

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Good information.

People from Hyderabad usually think that they can't paln coorg for a weekend trip. To prove that it's just a myth, we have visited Coorg in January 2021. We have started by 7:00PM 22nd January, 2021 and reached back to Hyderabad by 7:00Am on January 25th, 2021.


To go through my travel experience, please read my blog here: https://travelwithmanju.blogspot.com/2021/02/coorg-from-hyderabad-by-4-wheeler-from.html


Please like, share, subscribe and comment my blog.


If you have any doubts you can contact me through Instagram/Facebook: SKV_Manjari 

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