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Hyderabad to Kuntala waterfalls and the Sriram sagar Reservoir, Telangana


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Hyderabad to Sriram sagar Reservoir and Kuntala waterfalls (Highest waterfalls in Telangana)


Distance : 290 kilometers


Ride : Honda city


Road Condition : Very good 4- lane toll road and less traffic


Time : Can easily do it in a single day.



Hyderabad --> Kompally --> Kamareddy --> Nirmal --> Kuntala Waterfalls


A plan of doing a short road trip has been drawn a week before the monsoon started, did quite a bit of research and finalized on the Kuntala waterfalls which is said to be the highest waterfalls (147 Feet) in Telangana state.


Kuntala falls is definitely a recommended place for all the nature lovers. It is sited at a place named Kuntala in Adilabad district, Telangana which is around 300 kilometers from Hyderabad on a river called Kadem.


The best time to visit this place is during the rainy season and winter. Summer drives to this place can be avoided as the water flow down the tires is not much seen and also no good accommodation is available around this Kuntala waterfalls region.


So we started off early at 6 a.m. as we had planned to do the whole trip in a single day.


Hyderabad to Kuntala waterfalls road condition is excellent, with a 4-lane road and less traffic. We covered the distance in 5 hours flat which included a brunch break in between.


As we got close to the place, we diverted from the main road and took a right turn from the highway as we crossed a village named Neredgonda. Kuntala waterfalls is located at a distance of ~10 kilometers from the Highway.


We drove through the villages into the dense forest until we reached a dead end. There is a car parking facility available which costed us around 25/- rupees. We parked the car at a designated space and we almost got there.


As we walked ahead, we had to descend down around 400 steps and so we bought some food and water as there would be no food joints available down there.


It took us 20 minutes to descend down and we could finally sight the scenic beauty of the waterfalls. We went down further to reach the waterfalls.


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Brunch break at Malgudi Restaurant


Beautiful 4-lane road


Flawless road and no traffic






We took a right turn from the highway once crossed a village named Neredgonda.


Caution : But couldn't find anything except monkeys and peacocks.


First view of the waterfalls as we descended down




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We descended down around 400 steps to get the first sight of the falls.


Views started to getting better






Finally the beauty of the waterfalls hit our eyes





We moved a lot further down to get a full scaled view of waterfalls (Look at the people to scale the size of it)






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On our way back to Hyderabad, we had by stopped the Sriram sagar reservoir which is 60 kms from Kuntala


View of the beautiful Godavari at the reservoir



Boating is available but we did not opt for it due to time constrains


Dam Gates


Last click at the place by the sunset and we drove back to Hyderabad



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Now, it is the right season to visit kuntala waterfalls?

Visited it 5 years back during summer, it is bit disappointing.

Any information about accommodation in the surrounding areas.

My friend visited Kuntala waterfalls last week.

Going by his pictures water-flow is higher than the pictures posted by gowtham.

This is the right time to visit.You wont be disappointed for sure.

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I've gone on a drive for a friends marriage in Adilabad and checked out Kuntala en-route last week and the place looked absolutely dry with just a water pond. Climbing the stairs down the hill was quite an easy task but our return back to the base after a disappointing sight down there was a heavy on us. Avoid this completely during summers.


Few pictures of Kuntala during my visit last weekend






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Thanks a lot for updating us the present condition of Kuntala and I am really not surprised at this sight of having no water during this time of the year. Wait for another 2 to 3 months and this will completely be a different sight to your eyes for the next 5 months.


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54 minutes ago, balag said:

I've gone on a drive for a friends marriage in Adilabad and checked out Kuntala en-route

It is completely dry, never seen kuntala water falls in this state. 

August is the right time to visit. 


A glimpse of Kuntala during monsoon.

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9 hours ago, Sarat said:


Any one recently visited Kuntala? I'm planning for a trip to Kuntala and would like to know if the water levels are good to visit now?

Any precautions to be taken in specific now?



Water levels will be low in this season. It wont be bone dry but the flow will be on lower side. 

Limited food options in this section, carry water and snacks. 

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I have passed by the sriramsagar reservoir last week during my travel my friends place.. Couldn’t click any pictures but, noticed that the water levels were pretty decent infact more compared to the last years flow during this same season.. The reason could be the recent rains.. 

Do share your trip details and pictures once you finish up.. 😊

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