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Day Light Projector Fog Lamps or Yellow Bumper Lights


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Recently I got my Ford Freestyle headlights upgraded to bi-xenon projector lights for better visibility and safe driving. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/indiadrive/931263420545568/?comment_id=931280210543889&reply_comment_id=931293200542590&notif_id=1566809833764757&notif_t=group_comment_mention)


Though I’m very much satisfied with the output compared to the stock lights, there are two areas where I’m still not satisfied. 


1) Visibility in pitch dark areas & when the oncoming traffic is on headlights

2) Driving in harsh weather conditions such as rain and fog.


The solution given for the first and second point right from the seller, installer to fellow Freestyle users was to upgrade to iPH bi-projector fog lights of 4700k range which are surprisingly powerful than the existing projector headlights. Though initially I was convinced, now I’m sceptical over how the day light projectors would perform during harsh weather conditions. 


Last week on on my way to Vijayawada from Hyderabad after having a delicious lunch at Bharateeyam organic restaurant, paritala. There was a heavy rain fall during which I missed the visibility my stock yellow lights offered. Also during my visit to Maredumilli on Friday, there was a heavy rain and the visibility was low. I turned on my headlights so that the oncoming traffic could see my car but all my way I was very much sceptical on how useful are those white headlights during fog and rainy conditions and how visible are they. Thankfully the journey was safe and enjoyable and thanks to my yellow stock fog lamps which were really visible to the oncoming traffic compared to the white headlights. 


Now comes the question, what should I take? I have in my mind Hella Rallye 1000 bumper lights which satisfies the point 2 but I don’t know how useful are they in satisfying point 1. Also my question is, how effectively yellow and white lights will perform together if at all I take bumper lights or yellow projector fog lights? Request suggestions from experts that solves both my problems since this vehicle is for both city and long drives. My budget is between 7-8k and both the lights are coming in that budget. Any alternatives, please suggest here. TIA. 

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1 hour ago, sagar said:

Good one @SK01. Congratulations. Please share a few pictures and details on the forum too.. so that non facebook users would be able to access through :) 

Shared this on the FB group too. What suggestion would you give @sagar? Which lights would you suggest me to go with? 

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1 minute ago, RajG said:

I would suggest you to try LED fog lamps from AliExpress. 
They are cheap and work well. One of friends swift has them. Performance is good. 

Thanks for the suggestion @RajG. But what I heard from few of my friends in the WhatsApp is that Projectors and LEDs combination doesn’t go well. 


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5 minutes ago, SK01 said:

WhatsApp is that Projectors and LEDs combination doesn’t go well. 


I am not sure about that combination. 

Then only option is to go with projectors in the fog lamps. 
Buy them from AliExpress, you can get the setup at the good pricing. 


Can you share some night pictures of your projectors? 


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