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It was 1 of August I was browsing TripAdvisor for resorts and planning my road trip to Bhandavgarh when I received a message in the WhatsApp group from @PrashantKMathur sir. I never miss his messages, and so this one. I was surprised and happy on seeing the message about the most loved SUV and most awaited drive from Ford. I immediately cancelled all my meet-up plans for the weekend.


Fast forward to 3 days, it was Sunday, the drive day. I woke up early in the morning, took my camouflaged rain jacket which I bought for the monsoon drive meet-up but never wore and begin driving towards Chevella. The traffic throughout the drive was almost nill and I could constantly maintain 60kmph enjoying the empty road, drizzle and my TDCi engine's roar.


The area is 70kms away from my house and I reached the venue by 10:00 AM starting at 8:15 AM with 20mins break waiting for my friend who never turned up. 


I was the first person apart for Team Ford. Was received really well by Vibrant Ford AGM and team where I get my car serviced and by Modi Ford team where I bought my car. 


20 minutes later after finishing all the formalities and coffee break I was into the huge and beautiful Off-roader the ENDEAVOUR. 

I was accompanied by Mr. Sarath Ford's off-road trainer and he took me for the first round. The track was really good with lush green trees surrounded and even more tricky due to continuous rain and drizzle the night before event. He explained me everything about the capabilities of the vehicle, different drive modes and showed me how it performed in 4low with ease and how it struggled in 4high.


The track and the experience was so good that I wanted to go on another round and he agreed for it.

Finished two rounds of the drive and the time was 11:00 AM when I met @Jag's. Few minutes of discussion with the trainer and AGM Vibrant Ford sales I was back into my car carrying all the memories and small souvenir (Ford Hat) from the trainer going back home. 

Off-road Track.20190804_105542-01.jpeg

These obstacles were really scary to see.








A small souvenir from the trainer (Ford Hat) on the music system.


He's the trainer Mr. Sarath. 


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3 hours ago, sagar said:

Must have been quite an experience.

Yes was really a good experience. Only disappointment is the water wading pool which they closed. The previous day due to continues rains Endeavour got stuck and still they were unable to move it. I love water wading and spilling water when it rains. 


3 hours ago, sagar said:

The venue looks like Mr. Ravinder reddy's farm track near Sania Mirzas Tennis academy.


It's Challa Farms. I don't know if it's the same. 


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On ‎8‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 4:58 PM, sagar said:

event by Vibrant Ford

No the event was organised by Ford India. Vibrant and Mody Ford participated inviting their customers. I don't know if Fortune Ford participated. 


Also I guess they have a target for inviting people. Mody Ford sales executive who met me on the way on their Endeavour TD car guided me to the location and asked me to write their event head name in the registration form along with Vibrant Ford's name. Dealers who participate bring their own Endeavour 4*4 for the event and they ensure people invited them get into their car. For example I was invited by Vibrant Ford, a person from Vibrant was along with me till my round was finished. They ensure that I go in their Endeavour not other dealer's. 


On ‎8‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 2:56 PM, ksa171983 said:

personal vehicles from other manufacturers allowed?

@ksa171983 there are chances if you know the Dealership event head well and if you're car is capable. There is another track their with slush and water wading pool which is doable for my Freestyle till the pool. Unfortunately the track was closed because of Endeavour getting stuck there the previous day and continues rains. Probably in dry season they may allow me to take my car. 


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