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Mumbai to Kolkata by road - first week of July,2019


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I am planning to drive from Andheri Mumbai to Belgachia Kolkata within next week. I also planned for two night halts at Amravati and Sambalpur. My vehicle is i20, please suggest me safe & good hotels in those locations and latest road condition between Mumbai to Kolkata. Please suggest any other useful guidance you like to mention. My email agt.anjan@gmail.com & phone 8104295470...thanks - Anjan

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Andheri to Amravati route is not so great and pretty much time consuming. Plan to start very early in the morning from Andheri (around 4 AM).

Most of the roads are partial toll roads in this route.

Your Day 2 journey from Amravati to Sambalpur is better that Day 1 and few road works enroute. The road deteriorates after crossing Nagpur.

Day 3 route to be taken would be, Sambalpur - Cuttak - Balasore - Belgachia. Except for a few congestions after crossing Balasore, the road is otherwise good.


Hotel Up and Above, Hotel Radhey Inn in Amravati and Sheela towers and Grand SIBA in Sambalpur are good options for stay.


Do update us back on the latest road conditions once you are done with your trip. Have a safe trip.

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