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A quick drive to Hidden Castle.

Place is located around 100 kilometers from Hyderabad.


Road condition:
4-lane with very few diversions. Once you hit the highway, You will reach the destination in an hour.


Food options on highway:
Enroute you can find Haritha food court.


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It is a well constructed resort. Architecture is very good.
Don't expect any luxury, it is more of an adventure kind of setup.
if you are in a big group, Place is a must visit.


Best time to visit?

Winter is the ideal time to visit.

They provide bunker beds where all the members can stay in a single room. (Upto 60 members)
It has air conditioning facility.
Washrooms are common for the people who are staying in group bunkers.



It costed us around 1500/- per head.
It includes dinner, accommodation and breakfast.
Our package is from 6PM till 10AM (next day)
We did not take any activities.


Castle entry




Accommodation corridors 


Entry lobby IMG_20190428_083847-01.jpeg

View from the castle


Adventure section






Night view 




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4 hours ago, Sridhar Tandra said:

Looks like a well maintained one considering the current weather conditions!


Place is well maintained, may be we can plan a quick getaway to this place. 
Group stay is very good. 
They also provide forest camping. 

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1 hour ago, sagar said:

Considering our drive meet 3 years ago to this place till now this place looks very well maintained. I think we should plan short meet to this place soon :) 


Since I was part of both the visits. I can say that it is well maintained. Infra planning itself have less maintenance plan. They have added many new facilities. 
Not an ideal place for couples. But for groups it is perfect (more than 20) 

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