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Hyderabad to Hampi, Heritage Drive after 3 Years of wait


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Hampi, Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami tour was indeed a three years dream ultimately became true in the first week of Jan, 2019. 


I took the same route as our ID group travelled in December, 2018. Hyderabad-Kurnool-Bellari-Hampi. 

Return I came from Badami-Lingsugur-Raichur-Desugur-Mahaboobnagar-Jadcharla-Hyderabad. 


I may not be able to put up all the story at one go. I will try to post it day wise.



Me and My Wife, My Mother's sister and uncle, Their Daughter and two 11 & 9 year old kids. (5+2)


Vehicle- Uncle's own Xylo


Day One-05-01-2019

With a little delay than we planed we started from Vanasthalipuram just before 6.00 AM with a cofee break at M Food Court before Jedcharla and reached Kurnool by 9.15 AM. 

We had Buffet Breakfast at Hotel Suraj Grand @ Rs.120/- Per head and the breakfast was very good. 


We started just before 10.00 AM from Kurnool and reached  Mayura Bhuvaneswari KSTDC Hotel at Kamalapura by 2.30 PM. 


My wife became sick by the time we reached the destination with three vomitings between Kodumur and Kamalapura. I was told its an infection in intestine and simple medication was told by our family doctor over phone. Every one was in anxiety and after medicationction she slept in the room forcing me to continue with visiting places. I was in a real dilemma not ready to leave her alone in that condition and other side My uncle, aunty, sister with two kids who came from Australia and depending on me for the tour. At one stage I thought of asking my uncle to go ahead by engaging a guide but my wife insisted me to go. As the distance of Vijaya Vittala Temple is close to the Hotel, We left hotel by 4.10 PM. 

We reached Tallari Gatta Gate by 4.25 and took a snap and proceeded to Battery car point.  


Due to paucity of time I could not stop over by Gajjela Mandapa. We saw all the ruins and places on drive in battery car. 


By 4.50 we reached the Vijaya Vittala Temple and after taking entry tickets, we engaged a guide out side the temple for Rs. 350/- 




Full team minus my wife ?






Full temple Left side view through Wide angle lens




Sun set time Right side of the Temple. 


By the time we saw the Vittala temple complex, it was 6 Pm and the time for closure of temple. When we came out we were told that the last battery car will depart from the temple at 6.30 PM so we did not went to Shiva Temple adjacent to Vittala Temple.  


We came out and wanted to see King's balance. Before that few clicks of Siva temple and Vittala Market.

My wife also called me and informed me that she is feeling better. 






Vishnu Temple on the way to King's Balance


King's Balance

Few other structures near by 




We returned in the last battery car and reached the Hotel by 7.15 PM. 


We had dinner at the same hotel and went to bed early. Food is good at the hotel but the service is very slow. Room service is not available. 


End of day One 


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47 minutes ago, sagar said:

Very well put up.. Fantastic pictures as always and waiting for more ?


Btw, which have you felt was better amongst the 2 and what was the drive time consumed for the both? 

Thank you @sagar actual drive time excluding breaks while going is 6.30 Hrs and return via Raichur is more than 9 Hrs. 

Edited by Shekar
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Day Two- 06-01-2019


We had engaged a guide for the day through tourism hotel @ Rs.1800/- per entire day.  We asked him to come to hotel before 8.30 AM and plan was to start by 8.30. He came by 8.00 but as usual serving breakfast took lot of time and we started from Hotel by 9.30 AM. My wife was feeling better and joined us. 


First place visited was Queen's bath




Next we stopped at Dasara Dibba and visited all nearby places like stepped well secrete chamber & assembly etc. 


















We saw royal enclosure from a distance and went next to Hazara Rama Temple 

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3 hours ago, sagar said:


That's pretty much a lot of time taken via Raichur. :( 

In fact we started at 12 noon from Badami and reached Hyderabad by 12 Midnight. Road up to Lingusur was better and after that bad patches and too many speed breakers. 

We took 1 hr lunch break and 1 hr plus for two tea breaks. No dinner. 

Edited by Shekar
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Next we went to Hazara Rama Temple. This is the first temple either working or ruin having sculptures on every stone including compound wall. I just imagined how it might have looked like 500 years back.  No further explanation is needed other than photos. 












From Hazara Rama we went to Zenana by paying entry fee. In the first week of Jan, the temperature is above 30 Deg and it was scorching. 

It was Sunday and lots of people were seen in the place. 


After some photo shoot at Lotus Mahal, we went further to see Elephant stable. 
























This is the musuem having small artifacts but beautiful. 


After visiting this place we went for lunch. 


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We had lunch at Hampi Paradise at Kamalapura very close to Mayura Bhuvaneswari. Food is good, ambiance is OK though not great. What I liked more is the quick service. 


Post lunch we proceeded to Virupaksha  Temple direction without going to Hotel. Our guide skipped Underground Siva temple, Krishna Temple stating time is short. At the end of the day, I thought of having another day without guide to see all those small and big places we missed. 


First place we saw after lunch is Badavi Linga and Laxmi Narsimha temples. Development of circulating area is underway. 








Next we went to Sasivekula Ganesha. We did not went up on Hemakuta Hill. 




Next we went to Kadalekalu Ganesha before going further to Virupaksha Temple.










View from Kadalekalu Ganesha Temple. 


With request of our guide and we drove up to temple duly ignoring the police stating senior citizen. 


I had a different (better than what I saw now) vision of Virupaksha Temple. But the same neatness is not seen now. Lot foul smell is in the temple complex. We were told that temple is now taken over by ASI and they are dismantling additional constructions added later. We had a nice darshan and also saw the reverse gopuram image. kids took blessings of the temple elephant. 












shkarani at Virupaksha




Some one taking selfie with his ancestors. 






After visiting the Virupaksha Temple, while coming back, police person was again shouting on our guide, we simply did not look that side and went towards Coracle point. Time was about 4 PM and guide said bye bye. 


Uncle and Aunt said they will not come in Coracle and sat down near parking. We engaged a Coracle for 5 of us for 30 Minutes at Rs.350 each adult and Rs. 350 for both kids. One foreigner who was waiting alone also joined us. Kids enjoyed the ride very much. 




Pushkarani at Virupaksha








We went under the rocks. Clear photos are in mobile. I will try to upload later








When we came back from ride, the sun started descending fast. It was about 5.15 PM and we want to cover some of the places missed. 











After couple of clicks at Virupaksha Bazar, we stopped at Krishna Temple. It is really big and beautiful temple one must not miss to see. 














Sunset through pillars of Krishna Temple.


Krishna Bazar

It was fast getting dark but when we saw underground Siva temple, we thought we will see it. 


Sun about hide










Some ruins near under ground Siva Temple.


By 6.30 PM we were back to Hotel. We had dinner by 9 PM at the same hotel and called it a day deciding to start early in the morning to Aihole. 


End of Day two and Hampi drive. 


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11 hours ago, Ranger said:

Beautiful pictures, you captured some of the best views of Hampi.

Your pictures are very impressive, sharp and very neatly processed. 


All the images are captured in raw and processed later?

Can i know which wide angle lens you using? 

Thank you.

I am using Tokina 11-16 mm 2.8 lens 


Yes images are captured as RAW and processed using Light Room. But I am not expert in LR. I use crop, align and light adjustment mostly. 

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Day Three-07-01-2019


Morning we started by 7.00 AM from Hampi for Aihole. Initially we wanted to visit Tungabadra Dam but skipped it.We thought the roads will be bad and it is going to take long time to reach Aihole which is 140 Kms away. But to our surprise first few Kms is NH 67  Six lane road and later NH 50 Four lane road. Only in Karnataka i saw even 4 lane NH roads also have speed breakers. From Hungund to Aihole is two lane road 85% good. 


We had breakfast before Ilkal at Arun Family Restaurant abt 80 Kms from Kamalapura. Idli was bad, Puri and Dosa were OK. Toilets are average. 


We reached Aihole by 10.30 AM. We saw tourism restaurant nearby. Our initial thought was that Aihole is a small place and only important things to see are Durga Temple and Ladkhan Temple. Same time we were thinking Pattadkal is large place. But on reaching Aihole, we came to know that it is reverse and about 120 temples scattered in vast area including ona hill with 150 steps. Guide at Durga temple complex told us that it will take a full day to see all the temples. We have seen only couple of complexes as we are not planned for longer stay and it was too hot in January. 


Let some photos tell the story. 






Durga Temple


This is not a temple of goddess Durga but it is Durg means Fort temple. It is most decorated temple originally a Surya temple. Some clicks in the temple.
















Well near Durga Temple


A small temple nearby




Ladkhan Temple. Ladkhan made this temple as his residence for some time. 










About 12.15 we started from Durga Gudi Complex. Entry fee is only charges at this complex. ASI museum also available in the complex.


 Ambigere gudi Complex apposite to Durga Gudi Complex






Ravanaphadi a cave temple dedicated to Siva in Aihole




Mallikarjuna Temple complex


Some more temples in the village. Private houses are constructed adjoining them


Jain cave temple complex over the hills. We did not go there. 


Another Temple complex


Huchchapayana Matha Temple


By 1 PM we started towards Pattadakal which is 14 Kms away and the road is newly laid 2 lane smooth. All the temples here are in one complex. Pattadakal is very small place compared to Aihole. We have not found any stay options at both places. food options are very basic at Pattadakal and we skipped lunch.  

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9 hours ago, Shekar said:

 We have not found any stay options at both places. food options are very basic at Pattadakal and we skipped lunch.  


Great photologue sir, Keep it coming. Badami is the only place where a few stay options are available which are close to Pattadakal and Aihole. The Heritage Resort is the place where we have stayed during our visit to Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal.

The Heritage resort in Badami was very good. Both stay and Food were absolutely good.  

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10 hours ago, Shekar said:

120 temples scattered in vast area including on a hill with 150 steps.



During our trip, we good opportunity to visit only few places.


10 hours ago, Shekar said:

But to our surprise first few Kms is NH 67  Six lane road and later NH 50 Four lane road.


Even, I was expecting the roads to be bad.


Except for speed bumps, Karnataka govt. has laid decent roads around most of the tourist destinations.

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Continue with Day Three at Pattadakal


The sun was shining though not in a favorable angle, the Pattadakal complex is photographer's delight. We engaged a guide at Rs.350 at the main entry. There is an entry fee for person and camera. 


After a click from view point we proceeded to see each style of temple architecture. We were told that there used to be dwelling over these temples before ASI took over and unearthed this beauty. 





Out of all these temples only Virupaksha temple is complete and active temple. 


We left Pattadakal at 3.30 PM and reached Badami by 4.00 PM. 22 Kms road is between these two is also newly laid and butter smooth. We had made advance booking in Mayura Chalukya KSTDC hotel at Badami and the rooms are very good. Food is also good but same slow service here too. 


After fresh up we thought of visiting Bhoothnath Temple complex so that we can visit cave temples in the morning and start early from Badami for return journey. Google is showing only 2 kms distance from hotel. we inquired at reception about the place and they said it will be open up to 5.30 PM only. We were out of rooms by 4.30 and wanted to have tea before start and ordered the same in the restaurant. Even after waiting for about 25 min they did not served the tea and after shouting on the restaurant manager we left the place. while boarding the car the waiter brought tea and bill. after firing him again we finished our tea and went ahead for Bhoothnath temple.


Google was showing a right turn and at that location road is occupied by vendors. When we moved ahead google asked us to make a U turn. we took U turn and stopped at the place where it is showing a turn and asked the locals for the route to Bhoothnath. They said the route is correct but every Monday the road is closed for weekly market. They also suggested to hire a auto riksha and they will take us from other small roads to Bhoothnath. Instead of engaging an auto we took the same road what he was telling and it lead us to Badami Caves. 


The road ended at the Caves and we parked the car at 5.30 PM. Security guard there said the caves will be closed for visitors by 6.00 PM. There is an entry fee for visiting the caves and camera fee too. After couple of minutes dilemma we decided to visit part of the caves as we came all the way up to here. If some thing is missed we can see in the morning. 


After purchasing entry tickets, we thought of visiting last cave first so that we need not climb again tomorrow. We went up to last cave (number 4). Aunti who have knee pain stopped at first cave and uncle came up to 3rd cave with multiple breaks (He is at 69 and underwent 2 open heart surgeries). Lots of crowds are seen even on a working day. We took some photos but they were not so good compared to next day's clicks. I gathered information online that  the caves will be open from 9 AM to 6 PM. But we came to know that they are open 6 to 6. at 6.15 we left the place and went to Banashankari Temple which is about 5 Kms from Badami.  Came back to Hotel by 7.15 PM and after dinner in same hotel went to bed.  


Road leading to Badami caves is narrow and half of it is closed for laying cement road. Limited parking space is available at the base of caves. 



Cave 4




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Returned from Himachal Trip. (Supposed to be Spiti Trip)


Let me complete the Hampi trip log so that I can go to next log. 


Day Four 08-01-2019. 


We were all ready by 6.30 AM and reached Badami caves in less than 10 Minutes. Uncle and Aunt remained in the hotel. We were the first visitors  at the place. Security person asked us to wait for some time till sunlight comes over the caves. But we said we will go up to 3rd cave first and come back to 1st in the last and went up. It was so pleasant though little chilled. Kids enjoyed the maximum. We had spent nearly two hours and left the place when other visitors started coming in. 


It was beyond our imagination, how much time and pain they might have taken to create these caves so beautifully.   




We reached the hotel by 8.30 and after breakfast we started again to Bhoothnath temple complex along with Uncle and aunt. As soon as we came on to main road, there was a police block and they informed us there is a bandh by labor unions. When we requested, they allowed us to go to Bhoothnath temple side. The way to the complex is too narrow and Archaeological Museum on the way after a narrow stone gate way. There is a parking lot at beginning of the complex (little far from main temple.  



Water level in the lake is less than half  and it must be beautiful when  water is touching the temple.  Beyond the Bhoothnath temple also some sculptures and a small temple are available. after spending half an hour we returned to hotel to start back to Hyderabad. 




We reached back to the Hotel little after 10 AM and were ready before 11 duly packing our bags on roof carrier. We found the air pressure in the left rear Tyre is less and stopped at the main road for check up. after filling the air we asked the boy to checkup for any puncture by pouring water over the Tyre. For our Bad Luck or Good luck one puncture was detected in the Tyre. The puncture shop does not have a jack and he tried to pull out the nail which punctured the Tyre in position but not succeeded. Finally Tyre was taken out and the puncture attended. Finally we have lost one hour and we started again at 12 noon. 


As soon as we came for a turn on main market, police stopped again and said road is blocked ahead by agitators and we can not go. We told them we have to go to Hyderabad and asked is there any alternative. He asked us to go back towards our hotel and there is a bypass to join the main road. We switched on the Google maps after turning towards our Hotel, it was showing some 7.5 Kms for diversion and we went up there only to be fount it is a wrong route. Google was asking us to take U turn and proceed to same route. We asked some local on the road and they said there is no other road. we came back to Hotel again and took small by lane proceeded in the back roads for couple of Kms and entered again on to the main road from where the road is clear. Further we lost another 30 Minutes and finally exited Badami town by 12.45 PM. 


The road is again through pattadakal and Aihole (by pass) which is new and good. Road up to Lingusur which is about 120 Kms from Badami is also mostly good with few speed bumps. We reached Lingusur at about 3 PM and stopped for Lunch.  Very close to the turning to Raichur we found a AC hotel with clean toilets and the food was good. We started from here at about 4.00 PM and our driving troubles started increasing as we progress. First up to Raichur By pass it was few bad patches and many speed bumps. From Raichur to Deosugur where we enter in to Telangana speed bumps. From Deosugur to Mahaboobnagar except 15 Kms before the MBNR, road widening work is in progress. Part of the road completed one side and none of the culverts were completed and multiple diversions and sudden end of good road had took the toll.  We reached Mahaboobnagar at about 9 PM and stopped twice for coffee but could not get. Finally had a cup of coffee near Shadnagar and reached Home by 12 Midnight. 


I might have missed some details but will try to share if any one needs. 

Thank you for reading. 


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2 hours ago, driveking said:

Excellent pictures Sir,

Fantastic details. 

Gone thorough the full post. 


You covered all the temple/architectures related places around Hyderabad in a single shot. 

I think your next destination will be Yaganti. 



Thank you @driveking for liking. I had visited Yaganti twice and latest being in 2016. 

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Amazing Travelogue. Your morning at the caves must have been super refreshing :) 

The way how we did it was the same how had to end up in your trip as mentioned :D .

Badami on Day - 1 and Day 2 included Pattadakal and Aihole followed by our journey back to Hyderabad. Great going @Shekar ..Waiting for your Spiti trip. How did it fare ? :) 

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12 hours ago, sagar said:

Amazing Travelogue. Your morning at the caves must have been super refreshing :) 

The way how we did it was the same how had to end up in your trip as mentioned :D .

Badami on Day - 1 and Day 2 included Pattadakal and Aihole followed by our journey back to Hyderabad. Great going @Shekar ..Waiting for your Spiti trip. How did it fare ? :) 

Thank you @sagar for your encouragement. 

My Spiti trip could not move beyond Shimla due heavy snow fall. I will post the story as early as possible. 

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9 hours ago, Shekar said:

My Spiti trip could not move beyond Shimla due heavy snow fall. I will post the story as early as possible. 


Yeah. I have seen this year's snowfall and it was very unusual when compared to the last year. Our last year's drive in December witnessed a little lesser snow when compared. We had reached the Indo-Tibetian border and wanted to proceed to white Spiti next but couldn't progress further due to unfavourable climatic conditions. 

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16 hours ago, Ipsmuk said:

Above information was too helpful.. we also went to Hampi on 2nd Feb and we followed your footsteps...journey was awesome...We booked through airbnb and stayed near Virupaksha


@Ipsmuk Hi, I am planning my trip to Hampi next Friday, The stays seem very expensive. Could you please share your stay details with price. Pictures of it would be more helpful. Thanks in advance :) 

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16 hours ago, Ipsmuk said:

Above information was too helpful.. we also went to Hampi on 2nd Feb and we followed your footsteps...journey was awesome...We booked through airbnb and stayed near Virupaksha


That's nice! :) Your travel story with more details and pictures could be more helpful for the members planning their travel in the future..

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2 hours ago, mayank said:


@Ipsmuk Hi, I am planning my trip to Hampi next Friday, The stays seem very expensive. Could you please share your stay details with price. Pictures of it would be more helpful. Thanks in advance :) 

We stayed at Mayura Bhuvaneswari, Kamalapur. KSTDC hotel. There is another KSTDC hotel at TB dam which is less expensive comparatively. 

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