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Hello all this is my first travel story and I will try to keep it as minimal as possible with all the important info.


Trip distance : 450 Kilometers (one way)


Drive time : 9 hours (includes multiple breaks) 


Hyderabad to Maredumilli can be done in two different routes.


Route :1

Hyderabad --> Suryapet --> Khammam --> Kothagudem --> Bhadrachalam --> Chinturu --> Maredumilli



Hyderabad --> Suryapet --> Vijayawada --> Rajahmundry --> Rampachodavaram --> Maredumilli


My choice was Via Bhadrachalam. Most scenic of the both.

Hyderabad to Maredumilli : Take Route 1

Maredumilli to Hyderabad : Take Route 2


Road Condition :Route 1


Hyderabad to Suryapet : 4-lane, toll road

Suryapet to Bhadrachalam : 2-lane, average road

Bhadrachalam to Maredumilli : 2-lane, Most scenic road


Road Condition :Route 2


Hyderabad to Vijayawada : 4-lane, toll road

Vijayawada to Rajahmundry : 4-lane, toll road but poorly maintained, expect some potholes

Rajahmundry to Maredumilli : 2-lane, average and scenic road


Hotel details


We stayed in Vana Vihari cottages, our cottage name is Bison which is very decent for the price.


Costed us around 1300/- per day, rooms are very neat. Don't expect any luxury. Stay is pretty decent.


I see many members asking, If the place is safe for families. Yes the resort is absolutely safe.


Places to visit in Maredumilli

  • Amruthadhara waterfalls
  • Jalatharangini waterfalls
  • Nature Trails
  • Mothugudem waterfalls
  • Medicinal Plants Conservational Area
  • Coffee Plantation
  • Nandanavanam
  • Tribal Culture
  • Swarnadhara
  • Jungle Star Nature Camp Site
  • Madanakunj


Places to visit Rampachodavaram

  • Rampa Waterfalls
  • Temple of Lord Shiva
  • Bhupathipalem reservoir
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Jalatharangini waterfalls


Don't miss the famous Bamboo Chicken.


Views inside the Vana Vihari resort. Resort itself is located in the dense forest.


Some times visibility is very low due to the fog.


Some random picture of the waterfalls that we covered.



Forest trails that we took to explore deep.




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I had very less exceptions about Maredumilli, but this place has proved me that I am wrong.Next Day we drove back to Hyderabad via Vijayawada.It was an awesome drive. Long weekend well spent.


Visited Dhraksharamam Jyotirlingam


Couldn't capture the beauty of this place due to low light.


Deva nagari lipi on the walls of the temple



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uday said:
Excellent report
What is the best time to visit this place.Some people are suggesting Winter and some in monsoon?Any other hotels in Maredumilli apart from Vana Vihari?

It is equally good in both climatic conditions.I heard it is beautiful in winter specially early mornings.Temperatures go very low in Lamabasingi. Must visit place during winter.Regarding accommodations, Vana Vihari is the only safe option as of now.Price list of Vana Vihari resort



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Great travelogue with really good pictures... Awesome info about the hotels.. Any accommodations around Lambasingi ? Which is the best route to reach Lambasingi ?

It is tough to find accommodation at Lambasingi.

You need to stay at Maredumilli or Rajahmundry.

You can drive to Araku via Lambasingi.

Best plan is stay at Rajahmundry/Maredumilli and start early morning drive to Lambasingi and stay for the night at Aruku.

Route : Rajahmundry --> Narsipatnam --> Lambasingi --> Paderu --> Aruku

Distance : 250 kilometers

Drive time: 6 hours

Roads will be very average but you will get amazing views.

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Great travelogue and pictures.. This place seems like it could be perfect during any season for a drive. Is it a crowded place i mean is it commercialized? Any other stays apart from Vanavihar? Just wanted to know alternatives if vanavihar is fully booked.. TIA :)

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Guest Fathima


Nice write up nd very informative too.

We are planning for sometime mid Oct but is the trip baby friendly as we have a 11 month old daughter.

Any leads or info will be helpful.



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On 10/1/2017 at 2:12 PM, Guest Fathima said:


Any leads or info will be helpful.


Humidity is high.

You won't find any basic necessities in the forest.

You need plan well and carry all the required things related to the child.

Place is baby friendly you won't have any issues with food and washrooms as long as you book the accommodation in Forest.


I have visited this place last weekend. Adding few pictures.










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39 minutes ago, Sridhar Tandra said:

Pictures are too good Gowtham


13 minutes ago, Pinaki said:

Excellent. Simply loved it.


17 minutes ago, Vinith said:



6 minutes ago, uday said:

Awesome pictures.


Thank you :D



6 minutes ago, uday said:

How did you get those reflections? We need any filters?

No filters required,  reflections are perfect due to lack of wind.
Humidity is high.
Avoid this place in summer at any cost.

Best time to visit is in  Monsoon/Winter.

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1 hour ago, suhas said:



1 hour ago, Surya78 said:

Excellent pictures Gowtham.

Thank you :)


1 hour ago, Surya78 said:

Did you visit any waterfalls.


We have visited three water falls.

  • Rampa waterfalls
  • Amruthadara waterfalls
  • Jalatharingini waterfalls

We loved Rampa waterfalls, It is bit remote and away from regular tourists.
Water flow is very less, It will degrade further by December. 


We did not stay in the forest accommodation as most of them are full due to long weekend. 
We loved the Bamboo chicken and Bamboo biryani. Must try in Maredumilli.


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