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  1. Day1: 16-02-2024 Started from Hyderabad to Nellore, where my Paternal Uncle lives.. He is 98 year old. That was the main reason to plan my trip via Nellore, so that I can meet him and seek his Blessings. I started at Hyderabad early morning and reached Nellore by 2.00pm with a couple of stops for Tea and strectching.. In the evening visited Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple. The Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, also known as the Talpagiri Ranganathaswami Temple or the Ranganayakulu Temple, is an ancient temple in Nellore. It dates back to the 7th century CE and was founded by the kings of the Pallava dynasty, who ruled over this region for many centuries. In the 12th century CE, it was renovated and expanded by King Raja Mahendra Varma, who belonged to the Chola dynasty. There is a beautiful story behind the name “Talpagiri.” It is said that when Lord Sri Maha Vishnu came to Earth, he wanted to rest alongside his wife, Sridevi. He asked the serpent deity, Adisesha, to be his dwelling during their stay on Earth. Adisesha then transformed into a mountain at a special location, which we now call “Talpagiri Kshetram.” The name “Talpa” means the divine bed of Adisesha, which is where Lord Maha Vishnu rests. According to legend, the great Sage Kashyapa conducted a sacred ceremony called the Poundarika Yagna at this location on the day of Ekadasi. As a result, Lord Maha Vishnu appeared and blessed the sage. This is why Talpagiri Kshetram is considered a very special and holy place. The main deity worshipped at the temple is Lord Ranganatha, who is depicted lying on a serpent bed named Anantha. The Lord Ranganatha vigraha is a beautiful black stone sculpture that measures about 10 feet long. It features the goddess Sridevi sitting on the Lord’s chest, while Lord Brahma sits on a lotus that rises from the Lord’s navel. At the Lord’s feet, you’ll find smaller statues of Sridevi and Bhudevi. In front of the main deity, you’ll see the Utsava murtis, which are festival deities. There’s also a lovely sitting statue of the goddess Sridevi, known as Ranganayaka Devi. One unique thing about this temple is that the idols face west, towards the Penna River, which is different from most temples where the deity faces east.
  2. I did a 12 day Solo Motorbike Trip (16th to 27th Feb) to some of the Temples of Tamil Nadu & lastly Bangaluru to meet a dear friend from my college days.. With Blessings of Devi's & Devata's my Trip went very well in all respects.. The Bike trip along with the visit to some of the Oldest & heritage Temples in Tamil Nadu was a great & memorable experience... This was the 1st time in my life that I have visited so many temples in a short span of 10 days... The following was my itinerary https://wanderlog.com/plan/epwkqyaiomougcgc/tamil-nadu-temples-ride/shared I shall be sharing in detail of all the places i visited durring the trip in the following days
  3. Hyderabad – Vellore(Golden temple) – Isha Center(Adiyogi) – Madurai(Meenakshi amma Temple) – Kanyakumari - Rameshwaram – Danushkodi – Arunachalam - Hyderabad Total Distance Covered: 3017 KMS Vehicle : Nissan Micra Fuel : Petrol Mileage: 21+ kmpl with 50% of A/C through journey(2 Adults and 1 kid). No. of Days: 7 From Dec 23rd to 29th 2022. Total Tolls: 3235/- [Fastag] Route expedition Via Google Maps ##This particular trip was on Hold from 2020 due to the COVID restriction 😉 Day 1: Route: Hyderabad(NH 44 and NH 40) - Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple(Vellore) Total distance covered on day 1 : 617 KMS Total Time: 11 hours 27 min with 3 breaks. Breakfast: Home made sandwich's as you wont be able to find any eat outs on NH 40. Lunch: At temple premises. It’s a holiday season so planned the trip way before and executed well with the support from my spouse and kid. Started at 2:30 Am on 23nd Dec from Hyderabad via NH44 and NH 40 from Kurnool. Its a pleasant to drive with fog on the roads and no road traffic at all. Enjoyed the drive through the scenic views. Reached Golden temple around 2:00 PM and checked into the hotel [Temple tower], booked via Goibibo.com After refreshing, had lunch and visited Golden temple. It took 3 hours for the darshan, very long walk within the temple. Very beautiful temple, maintained by private trust, its very neat and commercial as well 😉 Day 2 and 3: Golden Temple(Vellore) to Isha Center Total distance: 420+ kms (9+ hours) Stay: NKP Residency/Lodge(near to Isha center 6kms) Checked out from hotel@6AM and drive started Via NH 48, 44 and 544. Lot of constructions(Flyovers) are going on NH 44 highway at Krishnagiri, Salem areas.. with which our travelling time got increased from 7 to 9 hours. Finally reached Isha center after crossing Coimbatore traffic at 5.30PM. Here is the suspense, car was over heated and Heating core was burnt exactly at the isha entrance and needed to park the vehicle just beside the main entrance with security guards permission. Hrrrrrrrrrrr…………It was evening… fully crowded with the tourists and no help. Finally found a person inside Isha who is a vechile mechanic for Isha vechiles. With temporary fix car was ready to drive until my hotel. Had a tense evening but was peaceful after having Adiyogi darshan and the Night show(Spectacular show). Finally reached hotel at 10PM, Next days it was Sunday… and Christmas…. Nissan and other service centers were closed…decided to stay extra day at the same hotel. With some locals help, able to find a workshop which was open.. fixed the vehicle with in 30min just the temporary fix. Again visited Adiyoigi statue and had rest with good sleep overnight. Day 4: Isha Center – Madurai - Kanyakumari Total distance: 465+ kms (10+ hours) Stay: Shiva’s Residency Started towards Madurai via NH 81.. State highway 37.. NH 83 and NH 44. Beautiful mountain covered with Fog over them.. just mesmerising views until Madurai and the whole journey was very smooth without any issues. Meenakshi amman darshan took very long.. spent four hours in the queue line. 10:30AM to 2:40 PM. Meenakshi Ammatemple: Had launch on the way to Kanyakumari H 44, Very smooth road, no speed bumps nothing. Lot of lot of Wind mills at nagarcoil. very scenic. Reached Kanyakumari around 7 PM, checked into the hotel and went to the triveni sangamam place, Not allowed to beach during night. So returned back to hotel had dinner and rested for the day. Woke around 5am for the sunrise point, but due to the heavy rain.. missed it ☹ Sun was out with full swing around 8AM, went out to the triveni sangamam enjoyed the views, just water water water around You. Had a very good time around triveni sangamam, spent 3 hours enjoing the views and returned back to hotel. Missed the boating to budha’s museum due to the heavy rush. Queue line was about 1+ kms..so due to the time crunch had to leave it. Slowly moved towards Rameshwaram. Day 5 Kanyamumari to Rameshwaram Total distance: 310+ kms (9+ hours) Stay: Senthil murugan Hotel It was just 300+ kms to travel but it took us around 9 hours due to the single road after deviating from NH 44. Have to cross lot of small villages and lot of speed bumps which drastically reduced the speed and mileage of the car and increased the time to reach Rameshwaram. Only one hotel was there on the way, which rescued us from the hungry. Very minimal food options via this route. Before Rameshwaram, Pamban Bridge which is the connecting road/rail to rameshwaram. Two eyes are not enough to view such a beautiful place… wonderful thing happened here is the sunset view on the pamban bridge.. which is next level. Reached rameshwaram around 7 pm and had a very beautiful darshan of lord shiva. Spend some peaceful time at the beach.. relaxed ourself from all the stress from driving. Rameshwaram temple: Rameshwaram beach: Next day morning, around 7am started towards Danushkodi/Ram setu. Day 6: Rameshwaram – Danushkodi/Ram setu - Arunachalam Total distance: 440+ kms (9+ hours) Stay: Sarvesh Residency Started towards Danushkodi… Slowly entering onto the road… you can just see water on both of your sides.. Just water…One side of the sea is very calm and other side of the sea is with full waves. It’s once in a Lifetime experience. WOW… Danushkodi beach-Roadway: After spending 3+ hours over there, started towards Arunachalam. Roads were excellent with some road closures hear and there. Reached Arunachalam and checked into the hotel around 8pm and went to swamy darshanam after refreshing. Arunachalam: After darshananam.. roamed around the temple .. had dinner and went back to hotel. Day 7: Arunachalam - Hyderabad Total distance: 690+ kms (14+ hours) At morning 6am, started towards Hyderabad via Vellore.. NH 40 and NH 44. Very long journey but finally reached home safely. Many More to go............... 😍
  4. We are planning to visit important temples in Tamilnadu. We don't have any time constraint. Earlier we already visited Mahabalipuram & Arunachalam. So we decided to exclude these two from the plan. Please suggest a road map. We are planning to start on January 2nd.
  5. We got our new car in Aug 2018, decided to go for a long drive during dasara holidays. So we planned for a 3 day trip to Anantapur, lepakshi and madhavaraya temple gorantla. Day:1 Distance : 366 KM Travel time : 6 hours approx Started on Sunday afternoon around 1:30 PM, we took the NH44 towards jadcherla, karnool. Reached around 7:30 to Anantapur with tea break and dinner break nearby Anantapur (Hotel Mayura) . We stayed at Hotel Serena as we saw some good reviews about the place, and its close proximity to NH. Hotel was good as we expected. Day: 2 Distance: 255 KM We began our journey to Lepakshi temple around 8 am after had a delicious breakfast filled with yummy idlis and hot wadas at Ramaiah Idly Centre, which seems to be famous food joint known especially for Idlis in Anantapur. Reached Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi around 10 PM. Temple is maintained so clean and neatly, found parking place near by the entrance. Around 2 hours we spent in the temple admiring the marvellous sculptures of Vijayanagara architecture. Being the holidays season temple had good amount of visitors, though we had a pleasant darshan. Temple has a small garden and washroom facilities. This is a must visit temple if you like visiting historical places filled with beautiful sculptures and grand architecture. Few pictures take using my mobile. hope you like them.
  6. Total Trip Distance: 588 Kms - Home to Karimnagar: 166 kms - Karimnagar to Vemulawada: 36 kms (one way) - Karimnagar to Dharmapuri: 80 kms (one way) Vehicle: Hired a XUV 5OO from Revv Self drive cars (Couldn’t take my own car (SX4) as its tyres are not in a great condition, I don’t plan to get them changed as I am planning for a new car in the next two months – and this is the precise reason why I am not joining the drives planned in this forum. Hopeful to get my new car in the next couple of months and be a part of the India-drive motorcade J) Travelers: My family of 5 adults (3 senior citizens) and 1 child Routes taken: Onwards journey: (Rajiv rahadari – 4 lane highway with two tolls Rs 50 and Rs 51 single way) Hyderabad -> Shamirpet -> Duddeda -> Siddipet (by pass) -> Karimnagar Karimnagar to Vemulawada: Karimnagar -> Siricilla road -> Vemulawada Karimnagar to Dharmapuri : (NH563/NH63) Karimnagar -> Kondagattu -> Jagitial (by pass) -> Dharmapuri A big thanks to gowtham for suggesting this road. Return journey: (Rajiv rahadari) Karimnagar -> Siddipet (by pass) -> Duddeda -> Shamirpet -> Hyderabad Day 01: Started leisurely at 10 AM from home and it took us one hour to reach shamirpet due to moderate / heavy traffic around Jubilee Bus Station – Bolarum stretch. Got onto Rajiv rahadari and from there it was a breeze. Didn’t consciously cross 110 Kmph as my little one was playing in the car and wanted to avoid sudden breaking. Took a tea break at 11:45 AM for 20 mins. The four lane road was excellent all throughout barring some small stretches where the road expansion is in progress (nothing major though). Finally reached Hotel Swetha (thanks again to gowtham for suggesting the place) in Karimnagar around 01:15 PM. Checked in, had lunch and took an afternoon nap. Left the hotel at 5PM for Vemulawada. Took the Siricilla road and reached the temple by 6 PM. This road ranges from good to average (no major bad or worse stretches). One can easily cruise around 80-90 kmph. The only thing to watch out for is the TSRTC bus drivers trying to overtake other vehicles and local auto / tempos are always erratic on the road. Had a great darshan and started back around 7 PM. Reached Karimnagar around 8:10 PM and my family wanted to have a light dinner so we were looking for some south indian tiffins and as luck would have it we ended up in place called Sri Geetha hotel. This decision was a bad mistake – it was substandard food and sick ambience. When we started from Hotel Swetha in the evening, I missed checking out Hotel Prathima (which is like 400 m away from Hotel Swetha) due to traffic. And this costed us heavily. While returning from Sri Geetha when we saw Hotel Prathima with an hoarding highlighting 99 varieties of Dosa we all knew what we missed J. Went back to Hotel Swetha and retired for the day. Day 02: Was planning for an early start but could only manage to start around 9:15 AM from Hotel post breakfast. Took the NH563/NH63, it’s a decent two lane highway was able to do speeds of 100 – 110 kmph in some stretches. Had a scare near a village called Kalleda, I was cruzing at a speed of 90 kmph and spotted a 3 wheeler cargo auto trying to cross the highway. I honked and flashed my headlight to let him know that he should stop and let me go. He did stop for a moment and I thought he will wait and didn’t break but suddenly he decided he should cross before me. I honked again, he stopped again only to start again, left with no option I had to break hard and hoped ABS / EBD everything would work. And they did, I only had to get off the road to miss hitting him. I think there were only 5-8 inches gap between the vehicles during the crossing point, yes! it was a close shave. I first checked with my family if they were fine. Luckily my daughter was playing and hugging my wife when this happened so she didn’t get hurt. I got down absolutely furious and rushed towards the auto and what I saw completely baffled me. There were 4 people in that small auto cabin and the driver was not able to turn the handle neither break. He gave me sheepish smile and apologized profusely. I somehow controlled my anger and just reminded him that the scene now would have been completely different had he done this with a lorry or a bus. He again apologized. Finally reached Dharmapuri around 10:30 AM. Paid the ‘Panchayat entry’ toll of 50 bucks and was asked to head into a narrow lane that would lead to temple / parking. It was indeed a very narrow lane and was difficult to drive when another vehicle came in the opposite direction. To add to it there are open drains so one mistake and you can find your car wheels in the drain. Finally found a parking space for the XUV in those narrow lanes. Visited the temple had some special puja’s performed and started back around 12:00 PM for our next destination – ‘Kondagattu’ – the famous Hanuman hill shrine in Telangana. Kondagattu is around 47 kms from Dharmapuri and took me 45 mins to reach. Had a quick darshan and started back towards Karimnagar around 01:15 PM. Reached Hotel Swetha in next 40 mins and had a good lunch trying out some local (Telangana) non-veg food. Posted lunch rested for about 40 mins and started back around 4:30 PM. Reached Hyderabad around 6:45 PM and got stuck in the Bolarum – Secunderabad traffic. Finally reached home around 7:45 PM. Accommodation & Food info: - Places to stay: Hotel Swetha / Hotel Prathima - Places to eat: Hotel Swetha / Hotel Prathima / Hotel SilverOak - Food: My personal take is you get quite good non-veg food in these restaurants and vegetarians might be a little disappointed with the quality of food I couldn’t shoot many pics on this trip as my daughter was gunning for my phone as soon as I used it to click snaps. So to keep her tantrums in check decided not to use my phone a lot.
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