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Found 3 results

  1. Day1: 16-02-2024 Started from Hyderabad to Nellore, where my Paternal Uncle lives.. He is 98 year old. That was the main reason to plan my trip via Nellore, so that I can meet him and seek his Blessings. I started at Hyderabad early morning and reached Nellore by 2.00pm with a couple of stops for Tea and strectching.. In the evening visited Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple. The Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, also known as the Talpagiri Ranganathaswami Temple or the Ranganayakulu Temple, is an ancient temple in Nellore. It dates back to the 7th century CE and was founded by the kings of the Pallava dynasty, who ruled over this region for many centuries. In the 12th century CE, it was renovated and expanded by King Raja Mahendra Varma, who belonged to the Chola dynasty. There is a beautiful story behind the name “Talpagiri.” It is said that when Lord Sri Maha Vishnu came to Earth, he wanted to rest alongside his wife, Sridevi. He asked the serpent deity, Adisesha, to be his dwelling during their stay on Earth. Adisesha then transformed into a mountain at a special location, which we now call “Talpagiri Kshetram.” The name “Talpa” means the divine bed of Adisesha, which is where Lord Maha Vishnu rests. According to legend, the great Sage Kashyapa conducted a sacred ceremony called the Poundarika Yagna at this location on the day of Ekadasi. As a result, Lord Maha Vishnu appeared and blessed the sage. This is why Talpagiri Kshetram is considered a very special and holy place. The main deity worshipped at the temple is Lord Ranganatha, who is depicted lying on a serpent bed named Anantha. The Lord Ranganatha vigraha is a beautiful black stone sculpture that measures about 10 feet long. It features the goddess Sridevi sitting on the Lord’s chest, while Lord Brahma sits on a lotus that rises from the Lord’s navel. At the Lord’s feet, you’ll find smaller statues of Sridevi and Bhudevi. In front of the main deity, you’ll see the Utsava murtis, which are festival deities. There’s also a lovely sitting statue of the goddess Sridevi, known as Ranganayaka Devi. One unique thing about this temple is that the idols face west, towards the Penna River, which is different from most temples where the deity faces east.
  2. Via- Narktpally-Nalgonda-Miryalaguda-Dachepalli-Piduguralla-Addanki-Ongole (Bypass)-Kavali (Bypass)-Nellore (Bypass)- Naidupeta- Srikalahasti-Tirupati (Bypass)-Tirumala. The trip began on Saturday 09/01/2021 4:15 am from Hyderabad Kothapet. Taken- NH No 65:- Hyderabad ⇄ Vijayawada Up to Narkatpally. From there right turn to State Highway No 2or 167/A:- Narkatpally ⇄ Addanki Up to Addanki. From Addanki, Get on NH16 in Medaramatla(Flyover). Rest for 20 minutes. Continue on NH 16 towards Ongole-Kavali-Nellore-Naidupeta. Get on NH71:- Naidupeta-SrikalaHasti-Tirupati (One way road). Rest and Lunch for 40 minutes. Finally from Tirupati(Bypass) to Tirumala (Ghat Road). Reached Tirumala at 3:30 PM. Successfully done Dharshan on same day 9.00 PM. Whole night Rest. GOOD roads....... Next day Return journey(10/01/2021). Trip Started 8 am started from Tirumala to Tirupati. Reached to Srikalahasti 9:30 am. After Darshan back to NH 71:- Srikalahasti-Naidupeta (One-way road). Continued on NH 16 towards Naidupeta-Nellore-Kavali-Ongole-Medaramatla(Flyover). Lunch and rest 1hour in Dhaba... From there left turn to State Highway No 2or 167/A:- Addanki ⇄ Narkatpally Up to Narketpally. Tea Break 20minutes Taken left turn- NH No 65:- Hyderabad ⇄ Vijayawada Up to Hyderabad Kothapet... Reached home by 8.00 PM. The trip took km around 1215 total... Petrol Cost- 3000(Approx.)
  3. It was Dec of 2018, my wife had a full week plan in the Christmas to go to Calcutta to meet her family. We usually travel together, be it for a trip or a visit to our hometown, Calcutta. But this time it was impossible for me to get a leave sanction of a week or 10 days, due to my office commitments. Without any other choice she booked her flight to Calcutta during Christmas. At the same time I thought, I can get 4 days for a trip, 23rd to 26th , if I can manage 2 days leave. ( I have Saturday office). Since long, two of the many things of my bucket list were: 1) A solo road trip in my car 2) A visit to Hampi And this time I realised this is a perfect time to tick off both from my bucket list. And as we travel together, my wife was quite upset about my plan. But as a good friend, we never stopped each other for doing anything. So yes, finally I managed to get the leave sanctioned and this is the tale of my journey to tick off the two things at a go, “A solo road trip to Hampi!” There are lot of posts about Hampi in the internet; so, not posting about my stay details further. Hampi is having all sorts of hotels or stay options depending upon your budget & preferences. So just limiting my log to the route, photos I have taken and other small details. I usually do my research on the route rather than what Google is suggesting. Google was suggesting the route via Raichur but I took this route:- Hyderabad – Kurnool – Alur - Bellary – Kamalapur – Hampi. Took numerous breaks for photos, food or stretching, so I had to drive nearly 10 hours before I reach Hampi, else I could have reached much earlier. So let’s get started.. Cranked the engine at exact 6 AM:- Reached hill park restaurant, Jadcherla around 7.15 AM, to take the breakfast:- Location: https://goo.gl/maps/CYntB9cfixQ2 Around 10 o’clock reached Pullur toll plaza, near Kurnool:- Somewhere between Alur and Bellary:- There are plenty of options available once you enter the Bellary town. I avoid rice at lunch during drive. So, had a Masala Dosa at one of the food joints. I observed that, food options at Bellary are more on the opposite side of the road while going to Hampi from Hyderabad,. So in case you want to explore the town while going to Hampi, park your car on your side, cross the road & explore. Plenty of options are available. Finally around 4 O’clock in the evening I reached Hampi! Now, let some snaps taken in and around Hampi do the talking:- Next day morning, trekked all the way up to Anjana's Hill to experience this beautiful Sunrise:- Again let some pictures do some talking.. Day 3:- Near Tungabhdra River.. Evening of Day 3, once again I trekked all the way up to Matanga Hill to watch the Sunset, and the trek was quite tough than the Anajana’s Hill's.. But once I reached the top, the tough trek had paid off.. This view.. When you finally managed to get a selfie with the beautiful background, but someone photo-bombed it.. Found an interesting structure, once I get down from the top :- The famous Virupaksha Temple at dusk.. Had a lovely dinner at Mango Tree:- Location: https://goo.gl/maps/VsqAkovkBHz It was the last day and I had to head back to Hyderabad. So had my breakfast at my hotel before I started off around 8.30 in the morning:- Touched a magic figure in between.. 30000 & up!! Had a decent lunch at Food pyramid:- Location: https://goo.gl/maps/EiZQWDuuPeH2 Reached Home around 5 o’clock. “A solo road trip to Hampi!”, done & dusted!! Untill next time, much love, my love.. Cheers! Pralay
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