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Hyderabad to Hamsaladeevi Beach - A hidden paradise, Andhra Pradesh
Hyderabad to Hamsaladeevi Beach - A hidden Paradise
After a long wait for the December trip, we kick started our vacation to the most beautiful Hamsaladeevi beach located in the Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh.
Usually many of them skip this place due to lack of accommodation, but you will find a decent stay in Vijayawada which is around 80 kms approximately from Hamsaladeevi. It is definitely worth travelling so far to see the beauty of this Sagara Sangamam, where river Krishna meets the Bay of Bengal.
We started at an early hour from Hyderabad and reached Vijayawada by 10 AM and checked into the OYO hotel. There are no food joints available at Hamsaladeevi beach so we packed the lunch from the hotel and headed out. Vijayawada to Hamsaladeevi drive took us 3 hours with some breaks.
Hamsaladeevi village is 24 kms away from Avanigadda and we reached Hamsaladeevi by 3 PM. After a long drive from Hyderabad, there was an adrenaline rush gushing out to see this most beautiful place and couldn't wait to snap the sandy beach and the 'river-beach' meeting point. This point is 2 km away from the beach (From Hamsaladeevi village, beach is 4 kms) and we drove our car on the beach side shore to the port to see the confluence.

Distance : 376 km
Ride: Honda City
Fuel : Petrol
Mileage : 15 kmpl
Hotel : OYO rooms (2000/- per night)
Best Route 2016
Hyderabad --> Suryapet --> Vijayawada -->Pedapulipaka --> Madduru --> Thotlavalluru --> Nimmagadda --> Avanigadda --> Nagayalanka --> Chodavaram --> Hamsaladeevi Beach
Note: Don't take any diversions from the mentioned route else you might end up between bad conditioned roads and longer distances as you pass 
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Hyderabad to Srisailam road trip and guide
Hyderabad to Srisailam Guide
Distance :
220 kilometers
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Hyderabad to vikarabad, Ananthagiri Hills and Kotepally dam road trip.
Vikarabad,Ananthagiri Hills
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Trip to Uttarakhand - 2021
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Gottam gutta - A place worth visiting
The covid19 pandemic is not over. We request travelers to follow SMS
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Exploring The Unexplored - Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (Hyderabad to Tadoba road trip)
It was the 15th day of January. While almost everyone was happy, celebrating the festival Sankranti, I was disappointed hearing the news on the ban of tourists to the Gudisa hills.
It was one of the most awaited trips of the year.
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Hyderabad to Bhogatha and Chitrakote. An unplanned drive!
I did not travelled for three months and the traveller in side me is thirsty.
Few plans to West Maharastra and Goa with friends did not materialised.
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Doing 400 kilometers/hr on streets?
Came across this video. I was always fascinated by the top speeds. Pushed most of my vehicles to their limits. 
This video is mind bending, stability at those speeds is insane. Never felt such an adrenaline watching a video. 
Cars that got overtaken? Should have shaken!

Drive safe and enjoy the experience through this video. 
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Hyderabad to Kalsubai Peak - The Everest of Maharashtra
Kalsubai Peak - The Everest of Maharashtra
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"Shaikpet Flyover" New Year Gift for Hyderabad Public
The second-longest flyover of Hyderabad, spread over 2.71 km at Shaikpet inaugurated by State Municipal Urban Development IT and Industries Minister K Taraka Rama Rao garu today.
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Hyderabad city speed limit issues?
Lot of debates/discussions going on Hyderabad city speed limits.
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Hyderabad to Munnar bike ride
Round Trip:

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Hyderabad new speed limits information
The speed limit in the city is 40KMPH, if it is beyond, the cameras will automatically generate challan. Thank you!

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Heaven is myth, Devkund is real. Devkund waterfall: A mysterious jungle trek
Heaven is myth, Devkund is real
Devkund waterfall: A mysterious jungle trek
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Waterfalls in Telangana
List of best waterfalls to visit in Telangana
Kuntala waterfalls Bogatha waterfalls Mitte waterfalls Pittaguda waterfalls Yellama Kunta waterfalls Savathula Gundam waterfalls Pochera waterfalls Gayathri waterfalls Pedda Gundam waterfalls

Fantastic video of waterfalls by Telangana Tourism.
Video Credits :  Dulam Satya Narayana 
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57 Floors Appartment, Kokapet
Telangana govt gave approvals to 57 floors flat in Kokapet. 
So far this tallest in Hyderabad?
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Hyderabad to Pune, Lohagad, Lonavala and Matheran
Western Ghats exploration drive meet - Report
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Asia’s longest test track in India
India's own NATRAX High Speed track in Madhya Pradesh.
It is used for measuring the maximum speed capability of high-end cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Tesla and so forth which cannot be measured on any of the Indian test tracks.
Being centrally located in Madhya Pradesh, it is accessible to most of the major OEMs. 
Foreign OEMs will be looking at NATRAX HST for the development of prototype cars for Indian conditions .
At present, foreign OEMs go to their respective high speed track abroad for high speed test requirements.
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BMW Crash at Spiti Valley
BMW crashed in Spiti Valley during a night drive, Out of 4 passengers 1 died on the spot.
Avoid night driving in Himalayas. 








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COVID vaccine bot for Hyderabad
COVID vaccine bot which will check the vaccine availability in Hyderabad.

Click on the link check the vaccine availability group.

It should be the fastest bot since it is restricted it only for people in Hyderabad.

Highest latency is close to 16 minutes. Planning to cut it down further by adding more servers depending on users. 
Vaccine availability is categorised based on age and vaccine type. 
All the locations across Hyderabad are covered. 
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Hyderabad to Chikmagalur road trip
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Hyderabad to Gottamgutta, A short weekend getaway..
Distance: 120 kms.  Road condition: Excellent (upto Zaheerabad) You divert from the highway towards Chincholi forest reserve near the Mahindra factory exit. The road is a single lane road and through the farms. 
  We started from Miyapur around 7 AM in 3 cars. Packed all the food and water. 
Note: Be sure to carry your shoes as there would be a short trek to reach the banks of the lake. 
I will let the pictures do the talking.   The road towards the Chincholi forest after getting down the NH 65

The weather was good as the sun shone gently on us that morning

The entry gate of the Chincholi forest was very welcome

Though it was a mud track beyond the gate, the drive was smooth and fun.

The track will is pretty narrow to just fit in 1 car at a time

Our first pit stop was a small temple enroute amidst the Chincholi forest


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Hyderabad Weekend Getaways under 200 kilometers
Weekend getaways
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Road trip in Electric Vehicle, San Francisco to Los Angeles
Sharing a road trip experience in Tesla, will be update this log on daily basis(Three days trip). 
This is not a leisure travel, We had to go on a work trip from SF to LA.
I will be sharing road trip experience in EV with Pros and Cons when compared with ICE cars.

Car Specifications:
Range: 600 kilometers per charge (EPA) 0-100: 3.8 Seconds Top speed is limited to 250km/hr  Supports upto Level-3 charging : 250KW/hr Will be sharing more information on Tesla Super chargers in the upcoming posts  
A day before the trip
Road trips in electric cars need some planning when compared to traditional(ICE) cars. 
STEP 1: 
You can use Tesla website to plan your trip, Select the car that you are planning to take on a drive Check out the website for fun : https://www.tesla.com/trips SF to LA has close to 10+ Tesla super chargers(Distance : 600+ kilometers)
STEP 2: 
Calculate total charging time required, you can check Tesla website to understand your trip plan Total charging time required on a 616 kilometers trip is 55 minutes Details given above are in ideal conditions: 90% charge before you start, follow speed limits, no opposite wind, no cold weather(below 0C), no snow storm etc In real world, range varies, this is similar to our ARAI mileage Tesla calculates/displays range based on EPA(ARAI), add 15~20% range error All the Tesla Chargers are located close to some of the best food courts/restrooms  Total saving for the trip when compared with gas cars is 52$
If you have any queries comment below, will answer them.
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Ola mega electric factory, can produce 30 EV's per minute
Product capacity 20 lakhs two wheelers per year 500 Acers 10,000 jobs, you can apply here (https://olaelectric.com/) 10 production lines Will produce an EV every 2 seconds First Indian electric two-wheeler company to begin international exports
Key Specs:
100 kilometers per charge Top speed 100km/hr  
Check out the video:
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