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Hyderabad to Ananthagiri hills night camping

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It was in the last month (June) when I had gone out on a drive with my friends to Ananthagiri for the night camping. A huge thanks to the club members especially @ranger and @sagar and who have guided me in doing this short trip especially during the night.

We reached the temple sight in the Ananthagiri hills briefly around 6 30 pm.


Start point : Trimulgherry, Secundrabad

Base point : Sri Anantha Padmanabha swamy mandir

Car : Tata Indica Manza

Distance : 105 kms One-way (approximately)




We took the forest trail behind the temple. We had walked for about 6 kms (distance as shown by my Mi wrist band :P) and reached a flat area to camp ourselves. The weather was pretty warm and we felt that there would be no use to pitch our tents and we decided to lay over the tarp sheets which we carried to cover our tents if it rains.


We had our dinner that we carried along around 10 pm after settling down to rest. around 11 pm, our night forest trails started as we started to venture ourselves a little more deeper in the forest.

We found a lot of variety of insects, flora and fauna in that region.

I am sharing a few with you guys :)


We have spotted a wild spider during our forest trail.





This is the dung-beetle which partially feeds on it and also rolls it, tunnels it and dwells it. It can alone roll about 250 times of its own weight. We observed the rolling phenomenon for a while and it was interesting.



We spotted a scorpion enroute and examined it. Noticing the short tail segments, we confirmed that its a Female scorpion which is non-poisonous :) 





We approached a short water stream and found fish, snakes and crabs in that pond enroute.



We crawled deep into the bushes deeper and the scent of the air changed to a beastly wild animal odour. We were crossing a short water stream and found this fresh paw-print on the wet land.

Being suspicious about the habitats ahead of that point, we decided to retire. It was quite a thrilling experience and fun for the obvious reasons. We had learnt and experienced something new that night :D 



We walked back to our camp site by around 2 AM and played around with the camera to study the night sky.



We were 5 of us and none of us were professional photographers. One of my friend is an amateur who is still learning things online. We passed time experimenting with the lens, playing around and watching the beautiful night sky :) 



He was successful in capturing a hazy constellation in the sky and we retired for the sleep by 3 AM.



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3 hours of sleep and we woke up by 6 AM to a beautiful sun rise.



We had a beautiful start to our day with best view between nature. Enjoyed the sunrise on a fresh morning for about an hour relaxing on walking around to get some good clicks.



Our camping sight the next morning



We started our walk by 7 AM roughly through the same path we hiked the previous night.



Our hike through the deep forest bushes :) 



A few captures of the flora and fauna which grabbed out attention :) 













A beautiful view of the forest area from one of the view point en-route during our hike back to the base point.





We started our drive back to Secundrabad by 9 AM approximately.





It was an ultimate experience especially during the night camp and hike. It was just 5 of us and none around for at least 5 kms in radius and we had the best 'our own time'. A weekend well spent and a huge thanks to @Ranger and @sagar for helping us do this. Hoping to join you guys on a drive meet soon. :) Cheers!




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Nice report on your night camping at Ananthagiri forests @hsudhir. Looks like you had an amazing time and I'm sure you must have felt adventurous during your night trails into the forests. I guess the "Paw print" which you saw must be of Hynneas or Jackals. Good that you guys walked back unlike taking risk. Appreciate your smart move based on the wild animal skin odour. You should visit Tadoba soon :)

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On 6/27/2018 at 9:36 PM, hsudhir said:

We have spotted a wild spider during our forest trail.


Ananthagiri forest is filled with all sorts of spiders.

Never seen so many spiders in any forest.


I have done the forest exploration during day time.



I bet, it will be dam scary during night time.

I'm sure it must be very adventurous.

But make sure you take necessary precautions.  


On 6/27/2018 at 9:36 PM, hsudhir said:

reached a flat area to camp ourselves.


I remember this place.

It looks as if it is designed for camping.

I don't understand, why they wont allow camping officially. 


Pictures came out really well.

Nice work behind the camera. 

Keep posting.


Thank you for sharing.

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I have done the similar one about 5 years ago and trust me, it was one heck of an experience. We could do something more than this as we had reached early to that place. Trekked around the whole forest area and cooked there :)

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On 10/17/2018 at 4:53 PM, ishandua said:

Could you please brief about the safety measure to be taken also could you please tell that can we carry our own tents?


You need to take permission to legally camp in Ananthagiri hills.

Though some people camp without any issues.

As far as i know there are no safety issues over there. 



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On ‎6‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 7:23 PM, Guest KIRAN said:

who shall we go get the permission from and please reply ASAP we are going tomorrow

do they give permission easily,and do they take any money?


Offlate we have got to hear about a lot of news about frequent patrolling and restrictions at the view points. Now, I doubt if they would give you permissions to go into the woods.

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Guest Farhan


If anyone's out there please let me know if we can camp any where around ananthagiri hills by ourselves. I'm not a fan of huge crowds as in the private camping sites. 

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12 hours ago, Guest Farhan said:

If anyone's out there please let me know if we can camp any where around ananthagiri hills by ourselves. I'm not a fan of huge crowds as in the private camping sites. 


Camping alone is tricky. There will be an issue with safety concerns and cops(permissions)
Some times villagers report to cops in places like Vikarabad.

That is the reason usually, people prefer to camp in groups. 

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