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A Mini Travelogue, Hyderabad to Suryalanka Beach.

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This was a trip long pending. Finally found time to tick it off my bucket list in February, 2018 ( 4th and 5th ).

Travellers- 5 including my  1 year old daughter.

Drive- Swift VXI.

Stay- APTDC Suryalanka Beach Resort. Booked it a month in advance to avoid last minute rush. 2700/- per cottage excl. taxes.


Started at 5.45 am on Sunday, 4th Feb. from Hyderabad. Went via Vanasthalipuram and reached Suryapet at around 8.30 AM  for the best highway restaurant on Hyd-Vjwd highway. 7 Highway restaurant.


Hit the road in an hour after a filling heavy breakfast. The upkeep of this place is fantastic with clean washrooms and well maintained parking.


Were in Vijayawada by 12.30 Pm and here were stuck for atleast an hour asking directions, searching Google Maps and Rerouting due to the ongoing Flyover Construction on the Highway.

Vowed not to return through Vijayawada.

Anyway, were out of here by 1.30 and reached the resort by 2.30 pm.


Its a well maintained Govt. property with a very strategic,scenic location. The beach is just 100 meters away from the cottage and is family friendly too.

Restaurant is okay and serves most of the stuff listed on the menu.








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Evening was spent in relaxing, strolling on the beach, clicking pics and watching India-South Africa ODI.

One thing to be noted, the water supplied in the washroom of the resort is sea water. Use with caution. 


Next morning, got up early to catch the sunrise and what better way to relax on a Monday morning than to walk on the beach with your loved ones. The whole place was so serene and tranquil with not a soul in sight. 


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So it was. Had Breakfast followed by more pics. Then checked out.


Hit the highway and as promised to myself,  took a different route via Narsaraopet and joined the national highway after suryapet. 


Had a Late lunch at Viveraa Hotel.




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From there on a it was a straight drive till home via ORR as wanted to avoid evening traffic at Vanasthalipuram, Dilsukhnagar.


That just concludes a small well deserved break from Hyderabad.

Trip Stats: 

Total Distance- 758 Kms

Mileage 20.2 KMPL .Acc. to MID.

Tolls Paid. 600-700 but seriously, I don't remember as I have a FASTAG and it automatically debits once i cross the dedicated lane for it.




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Thank you. The road conditions were good while coming back. We came via narsaraopet, piduguralla, chilkaluripet, miryalguda. It goes through towns but manageable. Only grouse is there are no good family friendly eating options on this route. That's why had a late lunch at viveraa.

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13 hours ago, RedCruiser said:

Thank you. The road conditions were good while coming back. We came via narsaraopet, piduguralla, chilkaluripet, miryalguda. It goes through towns but manageable. Only grouse is there are no good family friendly eating options on this route. That's why had a late lunch at viveraa.

Oh got it! so you took Guntur - Piduguralla - Miriyalguda - Narketpally route! Yeah, this route will go through villages!

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@RedCruiser I had such painful experience in oct on way to Chirala. We mistakenly took Vijaywada road and went on circling around. Asking was of no help either. The road and the constructions with traffic all around, it was hopeless. It is always great to go through Nangolda, Miriyalguda, Piduguralla . The roads are amazing and so very smooth and quick. 


Let me quickly write up a post on Chirala too :)

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Good writeup, Redcruiser.

For Suryalanka and Chirala it is better to avoid Vijayawada route.
NAM is the best option.

On 4/2/2018 at 10:10 PM, RedCruiser said:

Only grouse is there are no good family friendly eating options on this route.

Even we faced this issue on NAM expressway.

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10 hours ago, RedCruiser said:

@Pinaki. Just read your travelogue. Now that was a quick one.:D. Yeah surely, narsaraopet-piduguralla route is scenic but eating options are few. The same scenario was repeated to us in Vijayawada. Had no clue and wasted precious time in asking for directions.

@RedCruiser at Miriyalduga , we stopped and had lunch at Vishnavi Hotel.  It was pretty decent.  In summer one can stop for Lassi at this restaurant. The glass is so tall, it will fill up for long. 

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10 minutes ago, RedCruiser said:

Its too good and you have the whole beach for yourself especially on early mornings

Agree on this point.
Early mornings it is less crowded. 
We were there last weekend for the sunrise. Cool breeze + Sunrise made it worth visiting. 
After 7AM crowd starts picking up. 

It is overcrowded during weekends. 
Between Suryalanka and Chirala. I would prefer Chirala beach resorts. 


Few pictures taken from mobile.




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On ‎4‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 12:00 AM, shiva said:

Many of my office colleagues are planning to Chirala during summer vacation. 
Sea Breeze is booked full on weekends. :(


Bookings at this resort have to be done atleast a month before your trip is planned. It is almost full most of the time especially during the weekends.

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