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Vikarabad, Ananthagiri hills, off road trails - Exploration drive

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It was during the first week of September Mr. Vishu had shared a beautiful location at Vikarabad.

My first question to Vishu was, "Can you please share the location?"
He shared the location in no time.


Saran and I have decided to explore the place the next morning.
We took out our CIVICs and drove down to Vikarabad.

It took us some time to find the location as the google maps has not been so accurate in such a remote area.

Just then when we had reached there, we realised that the place turned out to be much more beautiful than expected.

It was pretty tough to explore the place in our low GC vechiles. (Hatch and sedans)




We drove around for a bit and decided to come back the next weekend in Creta and EcoSport.


We finalized the plan and few of our members turned out their interest towards this place.
Soon we were a group of 10 members.

We have decided to take only cars having high ground clearance.


As we all live in different parts of the city, Meetup point was finalized at the TSPA junction.


Ecosport and Duster arrived the spot by 5:15 AM. Soon Creta joined in, we waited for the Thar and another Ecosport.


We had an early morning tea and discussed about road trips and cars.
Ecosport and Thar arrived by 6:15 AM.

Without wasting time, we started gunning towards Vikarabad.


Road condition from Hyderabad to Vikarabad is not so great. Single lane, filled with potholes.

Driving the Duster on the same road showed us the difference between Duster and Civic on the roads filled with potholes.

Duster was literally gliding over the potholes. I would say it has the best suspension under the 30 lakh segment of cars.

We reached Vikarabad by 7:30 AM

We missed a few lanes and after couple of u-turns we finally found the correct route.
We reached the location by 8:00 AM.




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And those twins had some real good morning exercise on this off road track until they reached this first pit-stop.



This energetic soul would never get tired sitting behind the lens. Cheers @Omik. Way to go..!


Creta has powered through a few tough bits despite front-wheel drive.



We drove along the unpaved paths on the terrain watching through the slush and boulders which came along our way



Thar was the only 4X4 amongst the cars which could make it to the drive.



The Duster has always been up for any sudden drive planned. Cheers @Vinithreddy



All those cheerful petrolheads who have been responsible for bringing in more and more fun to every drive we do.



And @Charan9 could finally make it to the drive in his new Ecosport :ph34r:.



They have been the 'Chip and Dale' of the drive meet that dayxD.



All the cars drove within their ability to explore this unseen beautiful site so close to Hyderabad.



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If you're looking to scratch an off-road itch, This place is one unexplored venue to try.:)







This group of men always carry an adrenaline-pumping when we call up for a drive :)







Ashwin and Saran had some fun time sitting on the hood of the Thar while it drove the terrain. Risky!:ph34r:



From the nosediving across a decent decline into a ditch to crossing a muddy water pool, The Thar has excelled not surprising us anytime. 



Few of the us have been new to doing this but, none have backed out to throttle down to this paradise.





Thar was having most of the fun capturing all the terrains in the surroundings.


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We spent for about 2 hours exploring the place in bits.







Ravi surely had the best time off-roading all through the place leaving no path unpaved.



We hiked up a small ascent to reach the top and get a panoramic sight of the whole place. 



And when it's about time, we had started back home.









The after effects has showed off in return.





That hurled up to the end of our early morning short exploration drive meet at Vikarabad. Cheers! :D



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4 hours ago, varunc said:

It was a superb morning drive and the weather was awesome such a peaceful place so close to the city


3 hours ago, Charan9 said:

That was a very nice drive. Loved the beautiful nature and ya the weather condition was great. Thank you Admins for that beautiful location.


Yeah, Weather was perfect for our drive.
In summer, this place is better avoided. I think we should drive again before monsoon ending.
Hope our tracks will stay there.


4 minutes ago, driveking said:

Brezza is missing in the list

Yeah, next time we should pool Brezza.


5 minutes ago, driveking said:

Which car performed well, obviously leaving THAR aside

THAR performed flawlessly as expected.

Rest of the cars performed same.

Personally, I would give little edge(Suspension comfort) to Duster in those terrains, AWD Duster would have been in the different league. 

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On ‎29‎-‎12‎-‎2017 at 5:26 PM, Swastik Rout said:

Hi, I've been to Ananthagiri hills twice, but haven't seen such beauty over there. I am glad to see such surreal landscapes. Would you please put up the same location so that we could carry on. Thank you.:D


Hi Swastik
Welcome on board.

This route is not available in google maps, even If we share the GPS co-ordinates it has multiple routes and will leave you confused.
I will try to explain the route.


  • From the Vikarabad Junction, take a right turn. We usually take left turn for the temple route.
  • Once you take right,  Take the first left(big road) near a circle. Road name : Ramaiahguda.
  • Once you travel few kilometers, take a right turn towards the point GPS
  • Don't take another route suggested by Google maps, which is away from town.
  • Once you reach the given GPS point, start searching for a trail towards your left.

Let me know, If you have any queries regarding the place.  



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On ‎06‎-‎01‎-‎2018 at 8:03 PM, Swastik Rout said:

Thanks a lot Ranger for your warm welcome. Thank you for the directions and GPS, looking forward to the place very soon. :) 


Start early in the morning.
Reach the destination by 6 AM, this place is fantastic during the Sunrise.
Avoid this place post 11 AM. 

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On 1/6/2018 at 8:03 PM, Swastik Rout said:

looking forward to the place very soon.


Please add some pictures to this post when you are done with the trip.
Even I'm planning to visit this place.
Not sure If the greenery is still there.


Ranger, On which month did you guys visit this place?

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