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Shankarpally, Hyderabad weekend getaway

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  • Exploring the village side around shankarpally
  • When : August 15th
  • Where : Shankarpally
  • Why : In search of greenery
  • Distance : Gachibowli to Shankarpally : 30 kilometers
  • Purpose : Photography 


GPS Location :https://goo.gl/maps/6E5iUAuTHAm


Myself, Ravi, Ashwin and Omkar have decided to go an quick drive. 
We did some research on the locations that are near to Gachibowli and started around 4PM.
We took a short quick break at the movie towers and drove down till Shankarpally.

Road condition is average as a 4-lane drive way is under construction.


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We reached Shankarpally by 5 PM by taking longer routes and explored the interiors of these villages.



The approach road was very bad and we were disappointed. Once we reached the destination, We found the place with full of slush. Also, the road was very slippery.



We started searching for other approach roads and finally managed to find one.


Remember windows XP wallpaper?  :D



We stopped and checked the route by foot and proceeded further. Chances of getting stuck are very high at this place. Take at least two cars. 



Check out my front wheel :P





Taken from OnePlus 3T, Mobile cameras catching up?



Wide angle




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After driving around, You will get poor mans slick tires.



Omkar decided to scrape the mud due to less traction. As soon as we drove 100 meters ahead, the mud was back on to the tires.



Wide tires



Omkar wanted to go under those huge electric lines and we went in there to click some pictures.



Question from Ravi
Why can't they put a single wire instead of bunch of wires?
Answer from Omkar
Difference between a 2-lane and 6-lane road. Petrol-head?



Sun kissed.





Dreams are made of Nature





We started back home by 7 PM


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Question from Ravi
Why can't they put a single wire instead of bunch of wires?
Answer from Omkar
Difference between a 2-lane and 6-lane road. Petrol-head?

Innocence in me often makes me ask such questions!






This happened to be the first ever photoshoot for my car. Three years later, better late than never


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23 minutes ago, Saran said:

Nice place and great clicks @Gowtham


Thank you


18 minutes ago, sagar said:

This place looks entirely like a new location to me. I have been there during April this year and found just dried grass. Thanks to the monsoon rains. Great share @Ranger

Yeah , let me share you few pictures during summer.


18 minutes ago, Ravi said:

Innocence in me often makes me ask such questions!

Beautiful pictures Ravi
Innocence? We will discuss more on it, during Pune meetup.


Difference between summer and monsoon






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