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Hyderabad to Koilsagar - Overnight BBQ camp under the stars - Report - April 22 '17

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Hyderabad to Koilsagar - Overnight BBQ camp under the stars - Report 


When: April 22nd 2017

Where: Koilsagar reservoir

Distance: 140 Kilometres


Objective :

A small gathering with all the 'India-drive men'  at the banks of the Koilsagar reservoir for an overnight camp besides Barbecue under the beautiful night skies to study the star trials.


Destination description:

Koilsagar is a reservoir which stretches across Peddavaagu (A minor tributary of river the Krishna). 
The western stretch of this picturesque reservoir is surrounded by hills making it a beautiful treat to eyes both during sunrise and sunset.



Hyderabad to Koilsagar route:
Hyderabad --> Jadcherla --> Devarkadra --> Koilsagar project



1) Hyundai Grand i10 - Sugandhar

2) Hyundai Grand i10 - Pinaki

3) Maruti Suzuki Swift - Anand
4) Hyundai i20 Elite - Ravi Teja
5) Hyundai i20 Elite - Jagadish

6) Hyundai i20 Elite - Chinmai
7) Volkswagen Polo - Ashwin
8) Volkswagen Polo - Raghunandan

9) Hyundai Accent Viva - Surya

10) Ford Figo Aspire - Bhargav

11) Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire - Vishu

12) Mahindra Thar - Ravi Teja

13) Maruti Suzuki Brezza - Srinivas
Ford Ecosport - Vinay

15) Ford Ecosport - Varun

16) Maruti Suzuki SX4 - Tej

17) Hyundai Verna - Madhavi
18) Hyundai Verna - Nishant
19) Hyundai Creta - Sagar
20) Mahindra XUV 500 - Rahul
21) Honda Civic - Saran
22) Honda Civic - Gowtham 
23) Toyota Corolla Altis - Praveen


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Around 2 PM all the 'India-drive men' started off from various prescribed start points to reach a re-group point at the 'M-Food court' at Jadcherla on the Kurnool highway which would be the only stop until we reached the destination.IDKOIL-18-01.jpeg 

And 'YES', we have always ensured that 'Road safety is everyone's responsibility' and we live up to that.



The head count of enthusiasts who have turned out to the drive meet were 60 in 21 cars and everyone made sure that all their got inked before the drive commenced by 3 45 PM.



One doesn't really have to introduce himself when they share a common topic in interest. Every enthusiast got busy getting involved into interesting discussions on travel and car culture.





Just when the sun started to move towards the west, the drive from the regroup point commenced around 4 PM



Ravi Teja, finally shuts down his long pending desire to join the team for a drive and glad he made it.



Arnav (the youngest member of the team) and Ravi, these 2 most cheerful souls never miss out to join the drive meet.



From the Kurnool highway, we took a diversion to the right into the rural which connects to the Mahbubnagar - Raichur highway at Devarakadra village.



Divert towards the right from the highway at Devarakadra towards Balsupalle which would take us to our destination.



The most significant 'India-drive' convoy never hits a miss during any drive meet which is quite evident.





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A huge convoy of 23 cars took an off-road towards the campsite close by the Koilsagar reservoir





Beautiful and barren. As we we got close to the camping site.



First glimpse of the Koilsagar project



All of us aligned our cars to park them through perfection and started to explore the place



A perfect dawn for all the efforts we took to reach there. All the cooking, star gazing, bonfire & games, camping and conversations by the lake side were all done at this beautiful landscape. 



All the cheerful souls got engaged in clicking some amazing pictures and losing themselves in the tranquility of nature





Koilsagar reservoir is one of the best places close to Hyderabad for 'Bird photography'



All that bird migration which happens during the sunset.



Capturing the majestic warm low light of the sunset at the Koilsagar dam



Grey Heron feeding on the banks of the reservoir during sunset





Captured a beautiful and clear sunset while it happened at the Koilsagar campsite. 




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While we enjoyed the dawn by the lake bed, all of us teamed up to gather the necessary material required for the Barbecue and bonfire simultaneously. 



As it got dark, all of us got involved into star gazing session. A huge shout to Mr. Dhiraj for his immense knowledge sharing session on star trails at night.



Cheers to the whole crew for their active participation in marinating the food for barbecue and setting up the grill. All that team effort and co-ordination between the members is one reason for a fun filled and an eventful night. 



All the crew members started to pitch their own tents before they got set to hit their sac



Post barbecue and dinner, we have had a ball of time at the bonfire playing random games.



A glimpse of the campsite under the stars





You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars. You would love this pic if don't fail to spot a shooting star



Milky way: One fact about our galactic home. We looked at the stars through out the night and got lost.

The meteor shower in that night was quite exciting every time we spotted a shooting star or a meteorite in the sky. 



Staying alive throughout the night and experimenting with the lights and camera under the clear night sky was so much fun and a big shout to the person Mr. Omkar who was responsible in capturing all these wonderful moments throughout the event and sharing his sac of information on camera usage with the members. 



Another beautiful click of the Milkway galaxy and the campsite



All in all, It has been an epic of a night with an impeccable session of knowledge sharing on night photography by Mr.Omkar. Team India-drive thanks you for the immense support and active participation through time, talent and expertise throughout the event. Cheers!




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After a fun filled tiring night, all the 'India-drive men' woke up to an early morning trek up the hill besides the Koilsagar reservoir to watch the Sunrise.



The trek up the hill was pretty good involving a lot of co-ordination among the members



We have traversed through the thorny bushes exploring the place to reach the top of the hill



Even the little one was so energetic and enthusiastic with no looking back while trekking up the hill.



Our simple rule to ascend up the hill until we find a flat area rest under the sky has been accomplished n there we go.



Majestic view of the Koilsagar reservoir from the top of the hill. If you can spot our cars parked, thats the arial view of our campsite





Sometime spent on the top of the hill, we descended down to reach our campsite before the drive was set back home 



Before I wind-up, 'India-drive' once again would like to thank each and every member who have attended this drive and making this meet a grand success. Your support and participation throughout the event in co-ordination and knowledge sharing has been commendable and well appreciated. Looking forward to see you guys in the next drive meet.



Team 'India-Drive'.


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Planning for the road trip started almost a month ago.
We started an exclusive 'WhatsApp' group and the interested members started to add up.

Our initial plan was to limit to 30 members, but the number went up to 60 within two days.

So we decided to extend limit to 60 members. And for the members who have reached us after we crossed the limit of 60, there is always a next time to be responsive before the slots fill up.


It has been the largest 'India-Drive' meet so far and one of the best over night camping experience.

To travel with 21 cars, a lot of planning was required, as we decided to go in a convoy.
We know that our driving style won't match up with each other and it would be difficult for us to track each and everyone.

We decided to create group leads. The group lead's task was to keep the speeds in check and follow the safe driving techniques. And so, we divided the convoy into small groups.


During India-Drive meetups, safety is always our top priority.

We would like to thank Saran, Ravi and Varun for coordinating and helping us in dealing with their team members.

Special thanks to Dheeraj and his team. Who helped India-Drive in camping and Trekking.

We would also like to thank Bhargav, Ramesh and Surya who skipped astronomy session and worked hard in marinating the food.

Prem and his team, you guys worked hard to capture the overhead shots. We are eagerly waiting for the footage.

Omkar, Srinivas and Ashwin you guys had unlimited energy, It was fun listening to your conversations throughout the night.

Omakar your photography sessions were very helpful and your pictures were too good, Excellent work.

Sruthi and Maddy your kids add a festive flare to the group.

India-drive would like to thank each and every 
member who contributed and helped us in making this drive successful.

A small photo log from my side:

Group discussion about the camp site.


Once the place was clinched, we moved ahead in a groove.



To avoid getting stuck, we moved ahead cautiously. (Waterlogged soil)





The black mamba as we call it



The best looker?



New kid on the block



Hyundai engineers discuss on Verna's suspension.:D



Drone operators, they worked hard throughout the off-road drive.



We started falling in line as finish line fell insight.


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No matter what happens in your life, nothing beats a good drive with like minded enthusiasts.



The explorers



Sometimes, a perfect sunrise is all you need.



Brothers for life.



There are only few weekends left before the kids leave to school and some fathers use them wisely.



There is nothing like enjoying the sunset with your loved ones.



Friends, bonfire, BBQ and camping. What more is needed?



Collect moments and not things. A happy family!



Next time we shall buy a signal jammer :D



Not all classrooms have four walls. Oorjitha testing her photographic skills.



They never miss a trip, they give us insights about how to travel with kids.



Group discussion: I still wonder, what they always discuss.



Capturing the sunset.



Sturdy THAR!



Happiness is BBQ with friends.DSC_0220-01.jpeg


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View of the camp sight in the morning.



Early morning camp fire.


We dismantled our tents before we got set for the trek.



Morning walk, enjoying the view.





Half awake?

Ravi exploring the place in his THAR. Beautiful sight!



We started the trek around 7 AM.



Narrow passages.



Numerous quick breaks in between.



BURN AND EARN, we burned enough calories  to get this beautiful view.



View of the camp sight from the hill top.



Car wiki.



Top of the hill.



Happy couples.




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Fields around the camp sight.


Korean twins, We had a tough time in differentiating between three i20's



The man and


The machine



Cars we drive tell a lot about us, one of the best driver's car.



The two most fun and energetic guys of the group. PC : Girish


Favourite click of the drive.

After the trek we hit the reservoir for a chiller, later drove to the M- Food court for breakfast.








The END ~



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Thank you each and everyone for making this drive an awesome and fun filled one.  
It was such a successful event and pleasure to meet everyone in person.

It was one stress free trip. Apparently we had a great fun from drive till food. Indeed, We made new friends..and this was absolutely one of the best meet ups.

Two selfies from my side:




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Wonderful drive..great moments captured in the best way!

Kudos to the admins..60 known and not so known people coming together as a group and having great time without any single/small hiccup is no easy job.


You guys rock!!

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@sagar Bro, the credit goes to you & other admins who chalked a wonderful plan to make sure that we visit "this" place and get "inspired" to take some photos. No matter how best your gear is or how skilled the person is, the "place" is the single important aspect,which decides your photography output. I should thank all those guys who have patiently lent their time & ears to my rookie chatter about the "game of rays"(photography). I hope to share that knowledge on what all I know, to you in coming meets. Hope that the "Dream" of the members to indulge in a self "Driven" path, to "Discover" the ultimate frontiers come true. Do not forget to buckle-up !! Stay safe!



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Amazing report with beautifully crafted pics and a fantastic video guys. Great work. Have not heard of this koilsagar before. Thanks a lot for sharing such useful information about this place.

Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive

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On 4/29/2017 at 3:46 PM, Omik said:

I hope to share that knowledge on what all I know, to you in coming meets.

We shall have a drive exclusively for the photography enthusiasts.
Hope to see you more on the up coming drive meets.

Need some information on buying the wide angle lens, we will discuss on the next meet.:D

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4 minutes ago, ravitejanani said:

Hoping to have more like this trips in future.


Defiantly, Next time we should put your THAR to test.


Any plans to upgrade the tires?

Due to lack of time, we couldn't get much time to interact. Hope, I will get a chance to drive it. :ph34r:

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Defiantly, Next time we should put your THAR to test.
Any plans to upgrade the tires?

Due to lack of time, we couldn't get much time to interact. Hope, I will get a chance to drive it. [emoji185]

I thought about tyres upgrade. Dealer told it will do more 10k easily.

Yeah we will go for an offroading next time.
I have tested it on that day. Both of the front wheels got stuck near the lake and I have pulled it back with the 4*4 wheel.(rear tyres)
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47 minutes ago, driveking said:

Which drone did you guys use?

DJI drone, it is on the expensive side. But the quality is good even in low light conditions.
These things have very less fly time. It will be dead withing 15 minutes of usage.

3 minutes ago, ravitejanani said:

I have pulled it back with the 4*4 wheel

Tough to get traction in water logged soil.
A good set of A/T (All terrain tires) can unleash the THAR.


4 minutes ago, ravitejanani said:

wheels got stuck near the lake

Creta front wheels got stuck, we pulled it out with human power, front wheels lost traction completely.

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