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Hyderabad -> Chikmagalur -> Mysore -> Lepakshi -> Gandikota -> Ahobilam -> Hyderabad


Please forgive for not mentioning much about roads, I can say all roads are easily doable in this trip.

KMS: 2326.8



Kwid AMT


Members: 8 Adults and 1 Kid


Budget: [Ecosport + Kwid]


Fuel + Toll : 24,000

Hotel + Home Stay : 8,000

Before trip Grocery Shopping: 5,000

Extra: 4000 


Total : 41,000

Exactly what we spent from our pocket.


Let's start with the planning

It is December 2nd, everyone in my family vexed with lock down effect, So we decided to go for outing. But still Covid-19 is not completely disappeared. So we initially thought to go near by places for 2-3 days, because 8 months old daughter also with me.

But no one interested for short trip, they are asking for at least one week trip. But at the same time we are not ready to eat out and staying in hotels. So we bought camping tents from decathlon and bought a small HP cylinder for cooking. [We minimized hotel stay and completely avoided hotel food]



In my family, I am the only one who used camping tents, So I teached my family members to pitch the tents. So now we are ready with accommodation and food arrangements. We decided to start on Dec 18th, After one week My friend and his family also wants to join with us. Since they had their own cars, I don't have any problem.



December 18th, 2020

Hyderabad -> Doddaballapur

We started from Hyderabad around 10AM, Since we had a infant it is not possible to start early.





We prepared the lunch at home, So we halted on highway side to had home prepared lunch.



Around 5pm we reached Anantapur Iskon, we had darshan and took few photographs.





 My initial plan was to reach Halibedu by 19th 9AM. It is total 800 KM journey, So we decided to camp near Doddaballapur, So we pitched our tents in a local temple, Which had tap water and clean surroundings. We prepared the food at temple and had it.



December 19th, 2020


Doddaballapur -> Halibedu -> Belur -> Chikmagalur

We woke up early and done with nature things, and started from Doddaballapur to Halibedu.


We booked the KSTDC room in Halibedu for ladies fresh up. So after fresh up we went for temple darshan. We completed entire thing by 2PM, After that we prepared our lunch. After some rest we moved towards Belur temple.








we reached to Belur and had Darshan.








After that we moved to Chikmagalur town and stayed in I-Palace hotel, decent one, We booked 3 rooms with kitchen but they refused to cook inside due to Covid. But I requested them Since I had a daughter I can't eat outside, So silently they allowed us to cook inside.


From here onwards My friend's family also joined with us.


December 20th, 2020

Chikmagalur -> Forest


We prepared our breakfast and had it early and moved to Hirekolale Lake, we spent there for some good amount of time and took the pics of family and individual. 


My family:IMG-20201223-WA0152.jpg.eed73d698a0f40d2a75994b0ddc1fbec.jpg















It's lunch time, We had a beautiful lunch in middle of nature. of course we left no traces of trash.
















We went to Mullayangiri, On the way to it my brother car's silencer hit by a stone, due to that clamps got broken and it is touching the road, Just we are away from 200 meters from main road, But no signs of mechanic, So we stopped all our cars helped to fit it. 


Meanwhile my daughter enjoyed a lot while repairing the car silencer.


Reached to Mullayangiri, everyone enjoyed on their own. So no hurry, Since after this we don't have any plan.










Reached home stay and prepared dinner and had it with favorite barbeque along with vodka.


December 21st, 2020



Due to Covid situations, we are not roaming much, So just we covered famous places.

second day of Chikmagalur, we started towards baba budangiri. I am not explaining much about the place.





















We prepared the lunch near lake and had it, We returned to home stay after sunset. We packed everything, next day morning we are leaving the forest, My friend family going to mangulur and we are going to Mysore.


FewIMG20201222095928.jpg.a9ad684229cc032b93e0105e164c08e4.jpg pics from home stay. IMG-20201223-WA0057.jpg.70680b625c921323602109405775964c.jpg


December 22nd, 2020

Chikmagalur -> Mysore -> Bangalore


After a good bye, we started our journey towards Mysore.

We skipped the breakfast and decided to cook some where after crossing town.


1 PM

We prepared the food and started to Mysore after some rest.


Reached palace around 3.30 PM




After palace visit, started to Bangalore to stay in friend apartment. Reached Bangalore by 9PM. Took the complete rest. No cooking.. No Camping...


December 23rd, 2020

Bangalore -> Lepakshi -> Gandikota


We started our day after my office call, So we crossed city by 11AM, we had the breakfast in bangalore apartment and packed food for lunch.


Just before Lepakshi we stopped for lunch. [with some office work 🤣]







Visited the Temple.










By 5PM we finished Lepakshi and started towards Gandikota. This time we took the rural roads and faced lot of issues, We reached the spot by 11PM and pitched our tents for sleep.


December 24th, 2020

Gandikota -> Belum Caves -> Yaganti


Wow, we woke up early to witness the beauty of Gandikota and we captured some beautiful pics. 














Near fort back side we stopped near a temple for bath and food preparation. We used our dress changing tent as shower room.



2 PM

Done with Gandikota and moved towards Belum caves.





5 PM

Reached Yaganti, Very peaceful location. We reached this place via Banaganapalli.












8 PM

We pitched our tents near to Ahobilam and prepared food, Just once re-capped our trip, and believe me no one is tired and everyone wants to go another trip soon.


December 25th, 2020

Ahobilam -> Hyderabad

We know one day is not enough to cover the Ahobilam, but this is our 8th day, So as per my mom sentiments we should reach the home on 8th day, otherwise we need to wait for 10th day.

So we woke up early, and started visiting temples one by one. we covered 5-6 temples.





















6 PM

Final episode of our trip, with lot of memories we started our journey towards Hyderabad. This trip will be remembered forever, Because this is my daughter's first trip in her life.


So we reached Hyderabad by 11.30 PM.


Travelled total 2327 KM in 8 days.






Happy Ending



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That is a nice plan and trip.


What precautions you took while camping?


Is camping safe in India! when we have ladies with us?

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13 hours ago, Guest Jai said:

That is a nice plan and trip.


What precautions you took while camping?


Is camping safe in India! when we have ladies with us?


Yeah, Let me explain this.

**These are purely my personal opinion from my experience.



  1. Usually I stop my driving before sunset, So that it will be easy to identify the camping site, Mostly I prefer Temples as camping sites. 
  2. I always carry two charging lights, We park our vehicles around the tents.


  1. When we are only boys, It is almost safe to camp anywhere.
  2. When we have ladies with us, Camping should be done in group, at-least > 5
  3. Yes, South India is safe for camping, [I did not camped in north, So no idea].
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    • By NareshReddy237
      ** Pre covid
      Note: I already posted same content in my personal blog at that time, Now posting in Trifod, might be useful for someone.
      Hyderabad -> Mysore -> Coorg -> Srirangapatna -> Lepakshi -> Hyderabad

      As usual, I am not mentioning much about roads & routes, Since it is straightforward, Just I followed the maps.
      KMS: 1900
      Car: Polo Diesel
      Members: 2 Adults
      Fuel + Toll : 10,000
      Stay : 15,000
      Food: 4000
      Extra: 3000 
      Total: 32,000
      Stay Details:

      Full Plan:

      Let's start with the planning
      I won't go anywhere in summer, not a fan of summer vacation, Because I strongly believe it is waste of time and money [in South], So we decided to for a road trip in June end. Searched for a lot of places, Finally decided to go for Coorg.
      June 23rd
      Hyderabad -> Bangalore
      We packed our bags and went to the office, Since we both are working it is not easy to get long leaves, So after finishing some work in the office we finished our lunch and hit the road around 1 PM

      We don't want our journey to be hectic, So we took a good amount of breaks. On day 1 we traveled 580 KM to reach Bangalore outskirt.

      Around 11.30 PM we reached the hotel, We are done with day 1. 
      June 24th
      Bangalore -> Mysore
      We woke up a little early and started to Mysore. We did not take any breaks since it is just a 180 KM journey, By 11 AM we reached Mysore and check into the hotel.
      1 PM
      We went to the Chamundi Hills and took some pics.






      4 PM
      Went to visit Mysore palace [Day light visit]



      7.30 PM
      Again went to the palace to witness the light show. Beautiful.. Don't miss it.

      June 25th
      Mysore -> Coorg
      We had breakfast in Mysore and started towards Palm Valley Resort, Coorg. This route is very scenic and beautiful. We took many breaks in the 90KM journey to take the pics, and it is worth it.




      3 PM
      We reached the resort, there we opted for buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, So no need to think about food. We went out to visit the surrounding areas. In-resort itself we took some photos. 




      After spending some beautiful time in nature, we went to the resort after sunset. Had the dinner and done with Day 3.
      June 26th
      Coorg -> Coorg
      11 AM
      Visited Madikeri Fort.

      1 PM
      Visited Raja's seat and surrounding areas.


      Toy Train.

      4 PM
      Went to Abbey waterfalls, Since it is monsoon, Waterfall is full force and beautiful.




      Yeah tired, enough for the day. Went to the resort to check in. Heritage Resort, Coorg. The best I can say.
      No need to visit any place in Coorg, after staying in this resort. It has that much beauty.










      We are done with Day 4, Just all my energy restored after seeing the beauty of the resort. Went to bed after having dinner in the resort.
      June 27th
      Coorg -> Srirangapatna-> Lepakshi
      I know staying in this resort is a best moment, So we don't want to waste any time, We tried to explore the resort as much as possible.






      We are done with the resort, we check out it with a lot of memories.
      11 AM
      Visited few places in Madikeri and moved for River rafting.


      12 PM
      We reached river rafting and there we met a family from Hyderabad, So we combinedly hired a boat for rafting.



      2 PM
      Visited Golden temple



      We are done with the Coorg job, Now decided to go for Srirangapatna.
      5.30 PM
      Reached srirangapatna, Visited all Tippu's places, We hired a guide to show all place Since we are near to closing time. He showed the important places before they closed. We paid 300 for him.



      7 PM
      After sunset we started towards Lepakshi, It is a really hectic journey, W reached the Harita hotel at midnight at 2 AM, We are done with Day 5.
      June 27th
      Lepakshi -> Hyderabad
      11 AM
      Harita is just an average hotel, But we don't have any other options to stay there. So Morning we woke up a little late, After fresh up and having breakfast in Harita we went to visit Temple. It is totally empty, Hardly 5-6 tourists. 







      2 PM
      We are done with Lepakshi, we had lunch in the same town and started to Hyderabad.


      11.30 PM
      Reached home safely, and we are done with the trip and Day 6.
      We visited very limited places in Coorg, which are near to my interest and taste. Of course, remaining places I will visit another time.
      That is all.

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      Would like to know the best route for Lucknow to Hyderabad.
      I'll be the Single driver on the entire journey and the car is Swift.
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      Planning to start the journey by Morning 4 am.
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      Hyderabad to Koilsagar - Overnight BBQ camp under the stars - Report 
      When: April 22nd 2017
      Where: Koilsagar reservoir
      Distance: 140 Kilometres
      Objective :
      A small gathering with all the 'India-drive men'  at the banks of the Koilsagar reservoir for an overnight camp besides Barbecue under the beautiful night skies to study the star trials.
      Destination description:
      Koilsagar is a reservoir which stretches across Peddavaagu (A minor tributary of river the Krishna). 
      The western stretch of this picturesque reservoir is surrounded by hills making it a beautiful treat to eyes both during sunrise and sunset.

      Hyderabad to Koilsagar route:
      Hyderabad --> Jadcherla --> Devarkadra --> Koilsagar project


      1) Hyundai Grand i10 - Sugandhar
      2) Hyundai Grand i10 - Pinaki
      3) Maruti Suzuki Swift - Anand
      4) Hyundai i20 Elite - Ravi Teja
      5) Hyundai i20 Elite - Jagadish
      6) Hyundai i20 Elite - Chinmai
      7) Volkswagen Polo - Ashwin
      😎 Volkswagen Polo - Raghunandan
      9) Hyundai Accent Viva - Surya
      10) Ford Figo Aspire - Bhargav
      11) Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire - Vishu
      12) Mahindra Thar - Ravi Teja
      13) Maruti Suzuki Brezza - Srinivas
      14) Ford Ecosport - Vinay
      15) Ford Ecosport - Varun
      16) Maruti Suzuki SX4 - Tej
      17) Hyundai Verna - Madhavi
      18) Hyundai Verna - Nishant
      19) Hyundai Creta - Sagar
      20) Mahindra XUV 500 - Rahul
      21) Honda Civic - Saran
      22) Honda Civic - Gowtham 
      23) Toyota Corolla Altis - Praveen
    • By Ravitejagoud
      Places Travelled
      Hyderabad - Tirupati - Kanchipuram - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Dhanushkodi - Palani - Guruvayur - Coimbature - Bangalore - Lepakshi - Hyderabad
      No. of people 5 in Vitara Brezza
      Day 1: Hyderabad to Tirupati Day 2:Dharshan at Tirupati Day 3:Tirupati to kanchipuram Day 4:kanchipuram to madurai Day 5:Madurai to Rameshwaram and dhanushkodi Day 6: Dhanushkodi to gurvayur via palani Day 7: Gurvyaur to coimbatore Day 8: Coimbatore to hyderabad via bangalore and lepakshi  
      First trip of 2021 has became the best trip till now. Travelled around 3500kms. Planned to visit all the places of southern part but rain has ruined all our plans.
      Heavy rains in Tamilnadu.
      Best Moment: 
      Visiting my dream place "Dhanushkodi", The Last Road Of India. Everyone must visit, but not while raining. Goosebumps moment when we reach the destination. The sound of waves at one side, eyes full of happiness at another side, this is what everyone needs. 
      Road Conditions:
      Overall the road conditions was awesome with minimum potholes.
      A small suggestion: when you travel through some village, it is better to ask localities about the route than blindly believing on Google Maps. If Stuck in traffic by believing on GMaps.
      Diesel: 18000/-
      Food and beverages: 10000/-
      Room: 15000/-
      Toll Tax: 2100/- 
      The best food we ate was Dindigul Thalappakatti biryani.
      Funny Incident: 
      Bangalore has fined us for not wearing masks inside the car.
      we are not aware that we should wear mask in car while travelling with windows rolled up.
      We were by 250rs each. The fun is police where stopping only outside state cars, they aren't stopping Karnataka registered vehicles.
      We found few people travelling in KA registered vehicle, they are not wearing any masks. when we ask police to stop them, Cops answer Thum jhakey roko na ghadi ko". This is kind of discrimination which every traveler hates. 


















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