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Hyderabad -> Chikmagalur -> Mysore -> Lepakshi -> Gandikota -> Ahobilam -> Hyderabad


Please forgive for not mentioning much about roads, I can say all roads are easily doable in this trip.

KMS: 2326.8



Kwid AMT


Members: 8 Adults and 1 Kid


Budget: [Ecosport + Kwid]


Fuel + Toll : 24,000

Hotel + Home Stay : 8,000

Before trip Grocery Shopping: 5,000

Extra: 4000 


Total : 41,000

Exactly what we spent from our pocket.


Let's start with the planning

It is December 2nd, everyone in my family vexed with lock down effect, So we decided to go for outing. But still Covid-19 is not completely disappeared. So we initially thought to go near by places for 2-3 days, because 8 months old daughter also with me.

But no one interested for short trip, they are asking for at least one week trip. But at the same time we are not ready to eat out and staying in hotels. So we bought camping tents from decathlon and bought a small HP cylinder for cooking. [We minimized hotel stay and completely avoided hotel food]



In my family, I am the only one who used camping tents, So I teached my family members to pitch the tents. So now we are ready with accommodation and food arrangements. We decided to start on Dec 18th, After one week My friend and his family also wants to join with us. Since they had their own cars, I don't have any problem.



December 18th, 2020

Hyderabad -> Doddaballapur

We started from Hyderabad around 10AM, Since we had a infant it is not possible to start early.





We prepared the lunch at home, So we halted on highway side to had home prepared lunch.



Around 5pm we reached Anantapur Iskon, we had darshan and took few photographs.





 My initial plan was to reach Halibedu by 19th 9AM. It is total 800 KM journey, So we decided to camp near Doddaballapur, So we pitched our tents in a local temple, Which had tap water and clean surroundings. We prepared the food at temple and had it.



December 19th, 2020


Doddaballapur -> Halibedu -> Belur -> Chikmagalur

We woke up early and done with nature things, and started from Doddaballapur to Halibedu.


We booked the KSTDC room in Halibedu for ladies fresh up. So after fresh up we went for temple darshan. We completed entire thing by 2PM, After that we prepared our lunch. After some rest we moved towards Belur temple.








we reached to Belur and had Darshan.








After that we moved to Chikmagalur town and stayed in I-Palace hotel, decent one, We booked 3 rooms with kitchen but they refused to cook inside due to Covid. But I requested them Since I had a daughter I can't eat outside, So silently they allowed us to cook inside.


From here onwards My friend's family also joined with us.


December 20th, 2020

Chikmagalur -> Forest


We prepared our breakfast and had it early and moved to Hirekolale Lake, we spent there for some good amount of time and took the pics of family and individual. 


My family:IMG-20201223-WA0152.jpg.eed73d698a0f40d2a75994b0ddc1fbec.jpg















It's lunch time, We had a beautiful lunch in middle of nature. of course we left no traces of trash.
















We went to Mullayangiri, On the way to it my brother car's silencer hit by a stone, due to that clamps got broken and it is touching the road, Just we are away from 200 meters from main road, But no signs of mechanic, So we stopped all our cars helped to fit it. 


Meanwhile my daughter enjoyed a lot while repairing the car silencer.


Reached to Mullayangiri, everyone enjoyed on their own. So no hurry, Since after this we don't have any plan.










Reached home stay and prepared dinner and had it with favorite barbeque along with vodka.


December 21st, 2020



Due to Covid situations, we are not roaming much, So just we covered famous places.

second day of Chikmagalur, we started towards baba budangiri. I am not explaining much about the place.





















We prepared the lunch near lake and had it, We returned to home stay after sunset. We packed everything, next day morning we are leaving the forest, My friend family going to mangulur and we are going to Mysore.


FewIMG20201222095928.jpg.a9ad684229cc032b93e0105e164c08e4.jpg pics from home stay. IMG-20201223-WA0057.jpg.70680b625c921323602109405775964c.jpg


December 22nd, 2020

Chikmagalur -> Mysore -> Bangalore


After a good bye, we started our journey towards Mysore.

We skipped the breakfast and decided to cook some where after crossing town.


1 PM

We prepared the food and started to Mysore after some rest.


Reached palace around 3.30 PM




After palace visit, started to Bangalore to stay in friend apartment. Reached Bangalore by 9PM. Took the complete rest. No cooking.. No Camping...


December 23rd, 2020

Bangalore -> Lepakshi -> Gandikota


We started our day after my office call, So we crossed city by 11AM, we had the breakfast in bangalore apartment and packed food for lunch.


Just before Lepakshi we stopped for lunch. [with some office work 🤣]







Visited the Temple.










By 5PM we finished Lepakshi and started towards Gandikota. This time we took the rural roads and faced lot of issues, We reached the spot by 11PM and pitched our tents for sleep.


December 24th, 2020

Gandikota -> Belum Caves -> Yaganti


Wow, we woke up early to witness the beauty of Gandikota and we captured some beautiful pics. 














Near fort back side we stopped near a temple for bath and food preparation. We used our dress changing tent as shower room.



2 PM

Done with Gandikota and moved towards Belum caves.





5 PM

Reached Yaganti, Very peaceful location. We reached this place via Banaganapalli.












8 PM

We pitched our tents near to Ahobilam and prepared food, Just once re-capped our trip, and believe me no one is tired and everyone wants to go another trip soon.


December 25th, 2020

Ahobilam -> Hyderabad

We know one day is not enough to cover the Ahobilam, but this is our 8th day, So as per my mom sentiments we should reach the home on 8th day, otherwise we need to wait for 10th day.

So we woke up early, and started visiting temples one by one. we covered 5-6 temples.





















6 PM

Final episode of our trip, with lot of memories we started our journey towards Hyderabad. This trip will be remembered forever, Because this is my daughter's first trip in her life.


So we reached Hyderabad by 11.30 PM.


Travelled total 2327 KM in 8 days.






Happy Ending



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Guest Jai

That is a nice plan and trip.


What precautions you took while camping?


Is camping safe in India! when we have ladies with us?

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13 hours ago, Guest Jai said:

That is a nice plan and trip.


What precautions you took while camping?


Is camping safe in India! when we have ladies with us?


Yeah, Let me explain this.

**These are purely my personal opinion from my experience.



  1. Usually I stop my driving before sunset, So that it will be easy to identify the camping site, Mostly I prefer Temples as camping sites. 
  2. I always carry two charging lights, We park our vehicles around the tents.


  1. When we are only boys, It is almost safe to camp anywhere.
  2. When we have ladies with us, Camping should be done in group, at-least > 5
  3. Yes, South India is safe for camping, [I did not camped in north, So no idea].
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    • By sagar
      Hyderabad to Koilsagar - Overnight BBQ camp under the stars - Report 
      When: April 22nd 2017
      Where: Koilsagar reservoir
      Distance: 140 Kilometres
      Objective :
      A small gathering with all the 'India-drive men'  at the banks of the Koilsagar reservoir for an overnight camp besides Barbecue under the beautiful night skies to study the star trials.
      Destination description:
      Koilsagar is a reservoir which stretches across Peddavaagu (A minor tributary of river the Krishna). 
      The western stretch of this picturesque reservoir is surrounded by hills making it a beautiful treat to eyes both during sunrise and sunset.

      Hyderabad to Koilsagar route:
      Hyderabad --> Jadcherla --> Devarkadra --> Koilsagar project


      1) Hyundai Grand i10 - Sugandhar
      2) Hyundai Grand i10 - Pinaki
      3) Maruti Suzuki Swift - Anand
      4) Hyundai i20 Elite - Ravi Teja
      5) Hyundai i20 Elite - Jagadish
      6) Hyundai i20 Elite - Chinmai
      7) Volkswagen Polo - Ashwin
      😎 Volkswagen Polo - Raghunandan
      9) Hyundai Accent Viva - Surya
      10) Ford Figo Aspire - Bhargav
      11) Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire - Vishu
      12) Mahindra Thar - Ravi Teja
      13) Maruti Suzuki Brezza - Srinivas
      14) Ford Ecosport - Vinay
      15) Ford Ecosport - Varun
      16) Maruti Suzuki SX4 - Tej
      17) Hyundai Verna - Madhavi
      18) Hyundai Verna - Nishant
      19) Hyundai Creta - Sagar
      20) Mahindra XUV 500 - Rahul
      21) Honda Civic - Saran
      22) Honda Civic - Gowtham 
      23) Toyota Corolla Altis - Praveen
    • By Ravitejagoud
      Places Travelled
      Hyderabad - Tirupati - Kanchipuram - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Dhanushkodi - Palani - Guruvayur - Coimbature - Bangalore - Lepakshi - Hyderabad
      No. of people 5 in Vitara Brezza
      Day 1: Hyderabad to Tirupati Day 2:Dharshan at Tirupati Day 3:Tirupati to kanchipuram Day 4:kanchipuram to madurai Day 5:Madurai to Rameshwaram and dhanushkodi Day 6: Dhanushkodi to gurvayur via palani Day 7: Gurvyaur to coimbatore Day 8: Coimbatore to hyderabad via bangalore and lepakshi  
      First trip of 2021 has became the best trip till now. Travelled around 3500kms. Planned to visit all the places of southern part but rain has ruined all our plans.
      Heavy rains in Tamilnadu.
      Best Moment: 
      Visiting my dream place "Dhanushkodi", The Last Road Of India. Everyone must visit, but not while raining. Goosebumps moment when we reach the destination. The sound of waves at one side, eyes full of happiness at another side, this is what everyone needs. 
      Road Conditions:
      Overall the road conditions was awesome with minimum potholes.
      A small suggestion: when you travel through some village, it is better to ask localities about the route than blindly believing on Google Maps. If Stuck in traffic by believing on GMaps.
      Diesel: 18000/-
      Food and beverages: 10000/-
      Room: 15000/-
      Toll Tax: 2100/- 
      The best food we ate was Dindigul Thalappakatti biryani.
      Funny Incident: 
      Bangalore has fined us for not wearing masks inside the car.
      we are not aware that we should wear mask in car while travelling with windows rolled up.
      We were by 250rs each. The fun is police where stopping only outside state cars, they aren't stopping Karnataka registered vehicles.
      We found few people travelling in KA registered vehicle, they are not wearing any masks. when we ask police to stop them, Cops answer Thum jhakey roko na ghadi ko". This is kind of discrimination which every traveler hates. 


















    • By santosh
      Hyderabad > Pune > Lonavala > Mahabaleswar >  Pune > Hyderabad:
      Total round Trip
      ~1800 km
      17 kmpl
      Road Condition
      PFB Break up of roads. Overall Excellent.
      Drive time
      12 hrs from Hyd > Pune Hinjewadi (Including ~1.5 hour pitstops).
      Stayed in Holiday Inn Hinjewadi for 1 night, 2 nights in Diwatel grande resort Lonavala, 1 night in Treebo mahabaleswar, 3 nights in Novotel Pune. All the above hotels prices are dynamic. I recommend staying at above all hotels except holiday inn & Treebo which aren’t up to the mark. Prices are dynamically changing based on dates & availability.
      Myself, My wife and my 1-year old kid.
       25th Dec 2020 – 2nd Jan 2021 early morning
      Places Covered
      Pune, Lonavala, Mahabaleswar
      Pune Mumbai expressway @ Khandala Valley Point:


      Round Trip Stats:

      Followed below mentioned route To & From Hyd <> Pune:       
      Hyderabad > Humnabad > Solapur > Pune (NH 65).
      a.       Road from Hyderabad > Humnabad > MH Border is NHAI and its excellent. Couple of NHAI tolls each 90 INR.
      b.       Road from MH Border > Solapur is good with few stretches with road widening/bad patches/diversions/amidst rustic towns (unlike standard NHAI flyovers or bypasses). This stretch has couple of Tolls if I recall correctly.
      c.       Road from Solapur > Pune is excellent with 4 NHAI Tolls each around 70 INR.
      d.       Traffic is medium all along from Hyd outskirts till Pune outskirts.
      Key Take Aways on road conditions:
      a.       Excellent roads overall except for MH Border > Solapur (this is also good but not excellent).
      b.       Following google maps and no issues at all
      c.       Quite a few highway dhabas/restaurants around Solapur and other cities on Solapur > Pune stretch. I dint pay a visit to any of them as we packed lunch for day one.
      d.       Quiet a few fully loaded double trailer tractors on NHAI and few morons are coming in wrong route with full liberty. Hence please be mindful about these folks.
      e.       Heads-up about the toll lane you are taking if you don’t have a fastag. It’s painful if we enter wrong lane now. Left most lane of tollgates are basically cash ones now.
      How it started:
      It’s December last week and that is all enough for planning a road trip. We thought of few places in south india (Wayanad, Chikmaglur etc.,) along with Pune and ended up going Pune for below reasons:
      a.       It’s easily accessible from Hyderabad (given I’ve my kid with me).
      b.       Pune has pretty good accommodation options and we are looking for safe accommodation's during Covid times.
      We were bit skeptical about our trip after MH Govt started coming up with new travel restrictions & guidelines before Dec 31st but finally it was just night curfew without any road travel ban for Telangana vehicles. I didn't even undergo any vehicle paper check, temperate check etc., neither at state borders nor in MH cities. I've witnessed at least 90% of people putting on masks in Pune and I really appreciate this.
      Day wise Itinerary:
      Day 1, Hyd > Pune (All about Drive):
      a.       We've started at 6 am on 25th Dec 2020 Friday from Hyd and reached Pune by 5 PM including 1-2-hour pitstops.
      b.       Had Breakfast at Udipi @muthangi ORR exit. We packed lunch so we didn’t really halt anywhere.
      c.       Checked in @Holiday Inn Hinjewadi Pune. I wouldn’t recommend this hotel personally as we have other better options in same budget. Problem with hotel was I dint really like the food and the way they managed restaurant (Overcrowded). There was no self-service as part of corona precautions but that created more mess and turned out to be actual trouble maker. 
      Day 2, Pune > Lonavala (visited Kesar Sai Dam & Pawna Lake):
      a.       Did breakfast at in-house restaurant and started our journey by 11 am.
      b.       We have two roads to reach Lonavala, Mumbai – Pune expressway and NH48 which is used by locals & regular traffic. I skipped expressway as I had to visit few places on our way else we can stick to expressway if we wish to directly reach lonavala.
      c.       Visited Kesar Sai Dam - Can ignore this place if we are planning to Lonavala as we expect same picturesque in other lakes in Lonavala. Few KM’s stretch before reaching this place is also not good.
      d.       Took a glance at Vissapur Fort, Lohagad Fort enroute Pawna Lake. It’s ghat road to reach these destinations and one would love to drive here. Didn’t really trek to any of these forts to avoid exertion with a kid. Ended up at final destination Pawna   lake and it was good spot to spend some quality time. Handful of tourists at the spot.
      e.       There is camping available at this lake and bachelors/group can try that out.
      f.        Checked in @Diwatel Grande Resort Lonavala and I recommend this hotel.
      g.       Had Dinner at in-house restaurant and food was good.
      Vissapur Fort (please note that I don't have all plain pictures hence had to upload few with my baby, excuse me on this):
      If you carefully observe the hill behind me, you can see tourists (more like miniatures) standing on the edge of the cliff  

      Pawna Lake:

      Enroute Pawna Lake:

      This is how it's inside tunnel during Sunny day @ 10 AM:

      Day 3, Lonavala Sightseeing (Khandala, Lonavala valley points, Bhor dam, lions & tigers points):
      a.       We woke up around 6 AM and waited for day light and then started to check out Khandala and Lonavala Valley points on Pune-Mumbai expressway. After witnessing the beautiful roads between foggy hills, we returned to hotel.
      b.       Started our day after having sumptuous breakfast at in-house restaurant in the hotel.
      c.       Started to Bhor dam around 10 AM and reached dam within few mins. We found a spot to spend time leisurely here. Private car Parking fee is 100 INR.
      d.       Headed to Lions point and tigers point from Bhor dam. Views are splendid from both the points. Good thing about these 2 points is that it doesn’t involve any trekking. Just park the car and view the valley.
      e.       Had lunch at Lions point with some food we packed and fritters we bought at the stalls as there are no proper restaurants.
      f.        Returned to hotel and we tried to discover a lake very close to our hotel and it was very peaceful. Tourists were handful at this lake, and we can easily camp if we wanted to. Too many lakes around Pune & Lonavala.
      g.       Called it off a day and finished Dinner at in-house restaurant.
      Lonavala Valley Point:

      Bhor Dam:

      Day 4, Lonavala > Mahabaleswar (Lingmala Waterfall, Venna lake):
      a.       Checked out hotel after having breakfast and Started to Mahabaleswar around 9AM. Took the spectacular Mumbai-Pune expressway and I clocked ~120 KMPH easily.
      b.       Paid toll around 200 INR and got off expressway after reaching Pune outskirts. Took Pune Bangalore NH48 road till WAI Junction and this road is good except few patches with diversions and road widening. Took a right turn to Mahabaleswar – Pachgani road at WAI Junction and after crossing WAI town, road is all across ghats. Followed google maps all the way and no issues in reaching destination.
      c.       One major tunnel on NH48 “Katraj Tunnel” which is nearly 1KM.
      d.       Checked in @Treebo hotel and finished off lunch at some random roadside restaurant.
      e.       Post lunch visited to a waterfall close by hotel. Bit of trekking downhill to reach the fall. It was a small water fall but very peaceful and not crowded at all.
      f.        Headed to Pawna lake and this place was heavily crowded for boating enthusiasts and seemed like most happening spot of Mahabaleswar. There are many roadside stalls for street food and other amusement options. Lot of horses to take a ride in whatever speed we wish 😊
      g.       Temperatures were low in Mahabaleswar when compared to Lonavala, Pune.
      h.       Had to pay couple of 100 INR at panchgani and mahabaleswar entrance for respective municipalities.
      Venna Lake :


      Treebo Cottage Mahabaleswar:

      NH48 (Can't picture how this would look like when it's pouring) :

      Day 5, Mahabaleswar > Pune:
      a.       Checked out hotel at 11 AM and reached Kates point and Arthurs point. Kates point was wonderful and one of the best viewpoints I’ve ever witnessed.
      b.       Had lunch and started my drive to Pune around 3PM.
      c.       Reached Pune by 8 PM with some pitstops/bio-breaks.
      Kates Point (not the best picture):


      Mahabaleswar hotspots:

      Day 6, 7, 8 –Novotel (new year celebrations and bidding bye to awful 2020 )
      a.       We spent our time leisurely at hotel and Goofing around Pune streets.
      b.       Been to FC road for shopping, Dagdushet temple and Shaniwar wada palace.
      Kolhapuri Pomfret @ The Square Novotel:

      In Room Dine-in is now trending due to Covid  :



      Last Day of Trip (Pune > Hyderabad):
      We checked out from hotel and started to Hyderabad at 2 pm after having lunch. Followed the same route back home and we are sad that our trip ended so soon  . Reached home by 2am next day. Had Dinner @ Dhaba few KM's before reaching Solapur and couldn't recall the name but it was decent, very big with some kids play arena as well.
      Key take aways on overall trip:
      1) Dec is good to travel this places but I bet it would be excellent to visit these places when it's pouring @monsoons, can't picture how magnificent it would look like and how it feels to drive across lush green hills.
      2) Mahabaleswar wasn't in my plan actually and we added it on the fly when we were in Lonavala. If we had Mahabaleswar in our plan, we would have followed bit different itinerary, may be directly going to mahabaleswar from Hyderabad and then going to pune, lonavala from here. We had Lavasa, Bhatgar Dam etc., places but skipped those and added Mahabaleswar on the fly.
      3) I personally felt, Mahabaleswar has a lot to offer and a must visit place.
      4) There are many places around Pune and time would never be enough to cover those.
      5) One doesn't need these many days to do this trip but I had time so I spent them leisurely.
      Hope this helps!!
      Please let me know for any queries. Happy Road Tripping.
      Below are few other pictures:
      Lions Point (not the best picture):


      Mahabaleswar - Panchagani Ghat road:

      Inside random tunnel:

      Enroute Mahabaleswar - WAI Junction:

      Katraj Tunnel extending around 1 KM @ NH 48 Pune Bangalore Highway:

      Enroute Khandala & Lonavala Valley Points:

      Tunnel Ahead 700M:

    • By JRD
      Planned a road trip (Bike Ride - RE Classic) from Hyderabad - > Bangalore -> Coimbatore -> Ooty;
      What am I trying to find?
      1. A good conditioned, beautiful route for my ride.
      2. Best views & places.
      Bike: RE Classic 350
      Start Date: December 22nd- 2020
      End Date: December 28th-2020
      Planned Stops (Which I can change based on your valuable suggestions): Bangalore (Max 6 Hours Stay at Hotel) -> Coimbatore -> Ooty.
      Please suggest. 
      Janaki Rajesh Duvvuri.
    • By SK01
      Total Distance Travelled: 160kms up & down.
      Time Taken: 7.5 hrs.
      Road Condition: Excellent.
      Vehicle: Ford Freestyle Titanium 1.5 TDCi.
      Route: Gannavaram – Prakasam Barrage – Gollapudi – Lanco Circle – Kondapalli village – Lanco Circle – VGA – HYD NH – Kondapalli forest ghat – Kondapalli fort – HYD – VGA NH – Mulapadu village – Mulapadu Butterfly Park.

      It was the 28th day of August. More than 6 months locked in our homes. Yes, the lockdown has been lifted. But the virus is till there.
      Three visits to my hometown, Rajahmahendravaram / Dowaleswaram and Ramachandrapuram but the itch to explore a place and drive to a beautiful forest where I and my Ford always love spending time was still there.

      I was at Vijayawada, the city my father is currently working as a DGM at AAI. Never been to any nearby place but always heard about the place Kondapalli. Though visiting my all-time favorite Maredumilli forest, Pamuleru Vagu the 3rd time was my initial plan, couldn’t convince my parents since we were planning to Hyderabad very soon.  So, What next? Just a quick check on the route from VGA-Kondapalli opening Google Maps and checking the best viewpoint using Google Earth.  
      The next day, it was 29th of August.
      Gannavaram – Kondapalli village – Kondapalli fort via Kondapalli forest.

      We had a delicious lunch at home in Gannavaram, checked my newly fitted Hella Comet 500 and a gentle press on the push start button depressing the clutch, my Ford 1.5 TDCi roared to life.
      It took us 2hrs to reach Kondapalli village which is 45kms away from my house at Gannavaram. It was 3.07PM and we quickly stopped at Kondapalli toys store to gift a nice Kondapalli toy to our family doc and did a quick shopping for our newly renovated house at Hyderabad.

      While my parents were busy shopping at the store, I had a quick look inside the store, wondered at the beauty of our native Telugu artisans work and then it was time for me to have a look at the Gmaps for further planning.
      A short drive to the other side of the hill, we in no time entered Kondapalli Forest ghat. What a feeling! Driving on the ghats after almost a year. Maredumilli being the last.

      It’s a 6.9km drive through the forest ghat road and it took us almost 20mins to reach to the Fort after a good drive on the extremely narrow and scenic ghat road. The road condition was excellent. Doordarshan TV towers situated at the top of the hill is a major advantage and the only reason for the best road condition.
      We spent a good 1.5hrs time at Kondapalli forest. While my parents were busy exploring the fort,

      I was double busy exploring the forest and clicking some beautiful pictures of my mile muncher Ford

      and enjoying the views

      sipping a chilled sprite in the hot afternoon. 

      It was 5.15 in the evening, it’s getting dark and we were already getting late to catch-up for our last leg of journey, drive through the Mulapadu forest road in the return leg to home. We hopped into our car after sipping hot tea and at a small shop near the fort  feeling sad looking at the beauty being littered by some people.
      Kondapalli fort - Mulapadu forest – Gannavaram via Mulapadu forest road.

      We started at 5.45 Pm at Kondapalli fort, a good downhill drive covering the entire 6.9kms but this time in 30mins avoiding all the idiotic bikers ricing on rice bikes and Activas, we reached the VGA-HYD NH with a small scratch on the rear right door caused by an old man speeding in his Dzire without even honking on a curve. “Be gentle on my curves” must be followed everywhere!

      We reached Mulapadu village and the time was already 6.15PM,

      seeing no chance of driving through the Mulapadu forest road to Gannavaram which was the original plan since it was already dark and the road was full of truck traffic, I settled for a few pictures near the Mulapadu Butterfly Park arch

      and Mulapadu forest entry, bought some beautiful plants in the nearby nursery, bid goodbye to the beautiful place looking at the forest road entry

      planning in my mind to execute the incomplete final leg of journey all alone, we drove back to Gannavaram. I know the story is incomplete unfortunately. But hopefully I’ll be back really soon with a part 2. Until then,
      Drive Safe, Stay Safe.

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    • Hyderabad to Chikmagalur road trip
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    • Hyderabad to Gottamgutta, A short weekend getaway..
      Distance: 120 kms.  Road condition: Excellent (upto Zaheerabad) You divert from the highway towards Chincholi forest reserve near the Mahindra factory exit. The road is a single lane road and through the farms. 
        We started from Miyapur around 7 AM in 3 cars. Packed all the food and water. 
      Note: Be sure to carry your shoes as there would be a short trek to reach the banks of the lake. 
      I will let the pictures do the talking.   The road towards the Chincholi forest after getting down the NH 65

      The weather was good as the sun shone gently on us that morning

      The entry gate of the Chincholi forest was very welcome

      Though it was a mud track beyond the gate, the drive was smooth and fun.

      The track will is pretty narrow to just fit in 1 car at a time

      Our first pit stop was a small temple enroute amidst the Chincholi forest


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    • Hyderabad Weekend Getaways under 200 kilometers
      Weekend getaways
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    • Road trip in Electric Vehicle, San Francisco to Los Angeles
      Sharing a road trip experience in Tesla, will be update this log on daily basis(Three days trip). 
      This is not a leisure travel, We had to go on a work trip from SF to LA.
      I will be sharing road trip experience in EV with Pros and Cons when compared with ICE cars.

      Car Specifications:
      Range: 600 kilometers per charge (EPA) 0-100: 3.8 Seconds Top speed is limited to 250km/hr  Supports upto Level-3 charging : 250KW/hr Will be sharing more information on Tesla Super chargers in the upcoming posts  
      A day before the trip
      Road trips in electric cars need some planning when compared to traditional(ICE) cars. 
      STEP 1: 
      You can use Tesla website to plan your trip, Select the car that you are planning to take on a drive Check out the website for fun : https://www.tesla.com/trips SF to LA has close to 10+ Tesla super chargers(Distance : 600+ kilometers)
      STEP 2: 
      Calculate total charging time required, you can check Tesla website to understand your trip plan Total charging time required on a 616 kilometers trip is 55 minutes Details given above are in ideal conditions: 90% charge before you start, follow speed limits, no opposite wind, no cold weather(below 0C), no snow storm etc In real world, range varies, this is similar to our ARAI mileage Tesla calculates/displays range based on EPA(ARAI), add 15~20% range error All the Tesla Chargers are located close to some of the best food courts/restrooms  Total saving for the trip when compared with gas cars is 52$
      If you have any queries comment below, will answer them.
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    • Ola mega electric factory, can produce 30 EV's per minute
      Product capacity 20 lakhs two wheelers per year 500 Acers 10,000 jobs, you can apply here (https://olaelectric.com/) 10 production lines Will produce an EV every 2 seconds First Indian electric two-wheeler company to begin international exports
      Key Specs:
      100 kilometers per charge Top speed 100km/hr  
      Check out the video:
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